Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mother Load of Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews--Finally!!!

Hi there!  I have been sitting on a TON of Anthro fitting room reviews for the past few months that I just haven't had the time to put together in a post so FINALLY I'm getting them posted.  

Here we go...enjoy!

Anthro trip to Roseville, CA store on 4/25/12:

Slanted Scoopneck-$78

I tried this on in an X-Small and the fit was perfect.  I like the diagonal stripes and the colors they used together, but as you can see in the picture, this top is super sheer!  I'm not quite sure what to think...I like it, but I don't due to the sheerness.  I'm not sure it would look as cute with something layered underneath it...I'd have to try it on to see.  For now it's a pass, but I'll reconsider at sale time.  For the right price, I could maybe make it work simply because it is so cute!

Sweet Tart Tunic-now on sale for $39.95

I had never noticed this cute tunic before seeing it on my friend after she bought it on sale.  It was a lounge wear item, and for some reason I often forget to check out the lounge section so I had never paid attention to it.  I tried this on in an X-Small and it was a good fit.  It is meant to have some volume on the bottom obviously, but there's not so much that I feel like I'm wearing a tutu or anything.  I love the pretty lemon-lime green's a color I didn't yet have in my closet!  The top does have sheer lace strips on the front so I will always wear a layer underneath to cover that.  Overall I really liked this tunic and for the sale price, it was a keeper.  Sitting pretty in my closet as we speak! =)

Ombre Breakers Cardigan-$78 (blue and yellow motifs) and Double Scoop Tee-$68 (green motif)

I tried this cardigan on in both the yellow and blue motifs, but decided that I like the blue motif better.  The yellow motif is not my favorite shade of yellow and due to how sheer the cardigan is, the color of whatever you're wearing under it will show through.  I thought the blue motif was bold enough to handle the sheer factor, but felt the yellow was too pale.  I tried this on in an X-Small and it was a good fit.  The cardigan is very cute and I like the length, but it is very sheer like I said, and not very substantial.  It's definitely NOT worth a full-price purchase in my opinion.  I'm wish listing the blue motif for sale.

While the cardigan was a semi-success, the top was a complete fail.  I tried this top on in an X-Small thinking it would fit good, but I was sorely mistaken.  It was HUGE!  There was no shape, the neckline was droopy and I had to take a picture super quick so it wouldn't fall back down and expose me.  If you're not well endowed up top, this top probably isn't for you (at least it wasn't for me).  Back to the rack.

The pretty green color of this tank is what caught my eye when I was walking around the store.  I love it!  I tried this on in an X-Small and that's what I would go with.  It fit great.  The length was perfect, hitting my below my hips on the side and a bit farther up in the middle.  It's a cute layering piece, for sure.  Wish listed for sale!

Glass Tiles Tank-$98

I tried this tank on in a size 2 and it was a pretty good fit.  The one downfall of the top was that the V-neck neckline was a little low.  I would have to be a little cautious about that while wearing it.  Other than that, I really liked this cute top.  The colors are great, the design is fun and on trend...not much to dislike!  For now I'll wish list this top and hold out for a sale.  I personally think that $98 is way too much for this tank.

Attila Tee-$68

I was excited to try this top on because I really liked it online.  The colors were so fun and thought maybe the top would be long enough to fit well, even with the band on the bottom.  WRONG.  It was all sorts of wrong on me.  I sized up to a size Small to get a better length on my long torso, but it didn't help matters.  The top was too poofy around my stomach area due to the tight waist band. It just doesn't do anything for my shape.  Pass.

I tried this lounge piece on in an X-Small and while the fit was good, the length on the shorter side is too short for my liking.  Going up in size would make it a tent on me, I fear.  The coral color is really pretty and the material is super comfy, but because of the length, this one is a pass for me.

I once again was drawn to this top because of the pretty color combination.  I liked the red on the pinkish/purple.  The tank falls longer on the side than in the middle, but the length is good all around.  I tried this on in an X-Small and it fit great.  Wish listed for sale.

I tried this cute top on in an X-Small and the fit was perfect.  I liked the way the material felt and it was a super comfy top.  It came in a few different colors but my favorites were this orange and the purple motifs.  I do wish it were a few inches longer, but it's not a deal breaker.  I especially liked that the neckline wasn't too undershirt needed!  Wish listed for sale.

I LOVED this top and can't wait for it to go on sale!  I tried this on in an X-Small and it was a perfect fit.  It's plenty long and the pattern is actually pretty different than I'm usually drawn to.  I'm also in love with the other motif which I tried on during another visit (see below) and plan to add both to my closet when they hit sale!

I tried this top on in an X-Small and the fit was great.  It does require a cami or top underneath due to the sheerness factor, as well as because the neckline dips a little low and the arm holes are on the big side (not huge, just a little wider than normal).  I absolutely love the sparkle factor of this top and the fact that it's fairly neutral and can be paired with multiple colors on bottom.  I ended up purchasing this top when it went on sale a few weeks ago!

 After all the hype over this dress (and all the other versions of it) I of course had to jump on the band wagon and try this one on as well.  I knew it was probably going to be a little short on me for my liking due to the 37.5" length listed online but figured I'd give it a go anyway.  I tried this on in a size Small and it was a pretty good fit.  The dress is meant to be fitted so it's a little tighter all around.  I love the colors of the dress and really like the design, but it's a tad too short and a bit too tight in the booty for what I'm comfortable with (it doesn't look super short but when you walk it rides up).  Perhaps a size up would afford the right amount of room all around?  It would probably be too big up top though.  I'd have to try to see I suppose.  For now however, it's a pass.  Cute dress though!!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of mint jeans for the past two seasons.  They have eluded me!  I saw these cute crops when I was at Anthro and figured even though they weren't totally mint (they're more limey-mint) I'd give them a try.  I tried on my normal Pilcro size 25, and quickly realized they were not happening.  I sized up to a size 26...much better.  I was worried I had gained weight or something, but my friend had the same experience with them being tight too in her normal size, so I felt better.  These definitely run small.  The size 26 was much bigger than the 25...borderline too big.  I need a 25 1/2.  I'm afraid they will stretch out and become even bigger.  While I like the cute color, the sizing issue has me concerned.  At first I thought it wasn't a big deal, but now I'm convinced it's a deal breaker.  Sadly, gonna have to pass on these.  I'd suggest you try these on in person before purchasing.

Anthro trip to Corte Madera, CA store on 5/25/12:

This top was love at first sight...seriously, LOVE!  I adore all the beautiful colors together, the fact that the neckline is not too low, the cross over at the bottom...all totally cute!  I love all the pairing possibilities as well...major plus.  I tried this on in both an X-Small and a Small and found the Small to be the better, more comfortable fit.  The X-Small fit, but was super body-hugging so I went with the Small.  The sleeves on this are a little too capped to be worn without something over it for my liking so I'll wear it with a cardigan.  Something to be aware of...every top has a different print.  No one top is like another, so picking out which one you want to purchase in person might be a good idea.  I passed on this top, reluctantly, on this trip to Anthro, but when I went back last week I couldn't pass again.  I brought this home at full price.  It will be well used!

I had high hopes for this darling tank as I loved the color both online and in person, but unfortunately, it tanked when it came to the length.  My long torso strikes again!  It says it's 25" long online, but I beg to differ.  I think it's much shorter.  Perhaps it shortens a lot when you tie it.  You have to tie it though, it's way too voluminous not too.  I tried this on in a size 2 and the fit was good, but it went back to the rack for the lack of length.  Sad.

I grabbed this top in an X-Small when I saw the length was long hanging on the rack, and the neckline was a little cowl-like.  When I tried it on, the fit was good, except I found the cowl to be kind of a bummer on me.  It easily droops down past the point of where I'd like it to.  I would have to wear a cami underneath to keep covered up.  Those who have a little more up top may not have this issue, but those who aren't as blessed probably will, as I did.  I love the colors and the tank is a really cute design/print, but for now this tank is wish listed for sale.  I really like it and would be willing to deal with the cami underneath, but not at full price.  Wish listed.

I tried this tank on in a size 2 and would like to try it on in a 0 before purchasing if I decide to in the future.  It was plenty roomy...very flowey.  I love the color and the cute floral dot design, but the major downfall of the top is that it's SUPER sheer, as you can see.  There is NO way you could wear this without something underneath.  Another layering piece required.  The price point is another issue.  While the top is silk, I still could never justify spending $128 on it.  No way.  In fact I don't even know that I would grab it at 1st cuts.  This would be a 2nd cut top on my list I think.  Wish listed for now for 2nd cut price, if it's still around.  

Why is the perfect striped shirt so hard to find?  Anyone else feel this way?  It really shouldn't be that difficult.  I thought this top might fit the bill, but it has major fit issues.  I tried it on in both an X-Small and a Small and both had their own problems.  The X-Small fit well throughout, but was way too short.  Like almost crop toppish.  The Small (pictured above) was WAY too boxy and roomy and was STILL too short.  Major fail.  All well.  Back to the rack.

When these tops found their way online I totally fell in love with them...both.  I absolutely love these types of tops...the lightweight, semi-sheer, colorful top, perfect for spring and summer, and even into fall.  They are semi-sheer so they'll need a layer underneath to cover up.  The sleeves are also very fluttery and I would wear a cardigan to keep covered all the way om my arms, but because these tops are GORGEOUS, I'm willing to overlook those downfalls.  I tried these tops on in X-Smalls and they fit perfect.  I can't decide which motif I like more...both are divine.  I'm really in trouble when they hit sale because I'm not sure how I'll decide which one to get.  I will be waiting for them to go on sale though, because I feel the price tag is too high at $88.  Both wish listed for sale...hopefully soon!!

One word...dislike.  I was not a fan of this tunic from the second I put it on.  On the hanger it looked like it had potential, but once on it was evident it wasn't gonna work for me.  I tried on the X-Small and while it fit, it just felt odd once on.  This tunic is also way over priced in my opinion.  The square neckline wasn't my favorite, the colors weren't my thing...just an overall no.  Back to the rack.

After seeing this top reviewed all over the web I couldn't wait to try it on.  I was drawn to the pretty pattern and mix of colors.  I also have a thing for asymmetric shirts this year which is funny because I really dislike unevenness, usually.  Apparently I'm over it when a top is this cute enough though, because I loved this!  I tried in on in an X-Small and it fit great.  The sleeves were a little on the short side so I would wear a cardi with it.  Also, the top section is semi-sheer, so be aware of that.  I was worried the lower of the two sides would be too long but it wasn't at all.  It was just long enough to make a statement but not too long that it got in your way.  I am hoping I can track this one down still when it goes on sale (it's already sold out online).  Wish listed!

I tried this top on in a size 2 (I think...I forgot to take a picture to be sure) and found it to be incredibly short.  I really liked everything else about the top so it's a little unfortunate.  The fit was good, the colors and polka dots are cute, but my long torso put an end to any chance of this top finding it's way into my closet.  Pass!

I had seen these tops online and hadn't thought much of them.  I thought they were a little loud, honestly.  When I saw them in the store I changed my whole tune.  I was immediately excited to try on the neutral motif (pictured on the left).  The green motif ended up not being my favorite.  There was just something about the neutral motif that I really loved.  I tried both motifs on in X-Smalls and the fit was good.  The neckline was as low as I would want it to be, but it's not too low.  The length was pretty good as well...not too short.  There was just something about the two prints that I loved together in the neutral different, yet they worked.  This top is nothing like anything I own, and for that reason I decided to treat myself to it on this particular shopping trip.  Full price and all.  No regrets. =)

I tried this tank on in both an X-Small and a Small and the X-Small was the clear winner.  It was a much better fit all around.  The Small was too loose and looked sloppy.  The colors of this tank are so amazing and just makes me happy!  I am grabbing this one as soon as it hits sale, for sure.  Another one to the wish list!

This top was one I was planning on adding to my closet eventually because I just loved the color and don't have much green in my closet.  However after trying it on, that plan was tossed aside.  I tried this on in both a size 0 and a 2 (the size 2 is pictured above) and both were way too short.  There was very little difference in the two sizes to be honest, so I'd say you could size down if you have a short torso and still be ok, but anyone with a long torso is going to be sorely disappointed by this one.  I know I was.  I was also perplexed by the way the pleating fell...very wavy and not straight at all.  It just seemed like it was poorly made and there was no attention to detail.  Pass.

AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie-$178 

I have been wanting to try these jeans on for quite some time but every store I go into has been sold out of my size.  Once again, sold out.  So I decided to try them on in a size up since they had those on hand.  I am wearing a size 26 in both the grey and coral motifs and they are definitely too big.  I would need my normal AG Stevie size 25.  I love these cute polka dot versions of the Stevies...they are my favorite brand of jean so any time they come up with something new I'm interested in trying it on.  I already have a pair of red and a pair of coral jeans so I have no need for anything like that but I would love to add the cute grey polka dot motif to my closet at some point if they're still around when they hit sale (which I doubt they will be but you never know).  Wish listed in grey!

This is my type of necklace.  I am in LOVE!  This is definitely a statement's large but amazing!  The mix of colors are amazing together and could be mixed and matched with so many things.  You could wear it to dress up a casual outfit or add it to a dress to make it even more special.  The length of this necklace is perfection as well.  Perfectly proportioned.  I am planning to hold out until it hits sale to pick this one up (unless I see it's selling out everywhere and online) as it's a little more pricey than your typical Anthro necklace.  The second it goes on sale though, this baby is mine! =)  Wish listed!

I was fully expecting to love this necklace like I do most of Anthro's chunky necklace offerings as of late, however I was not as big of a fan of it like I thought I would be once I got it on.  I felt that the necklace was too short, for starters.  It would have been much cuter about 2 inches lower.  Secondly, I wasn't crazy about the patterned beads on the necklace.  It was almost like they didn't go with the chunky beads as well as they could have.  I know that's being picky, but the necklace as a whole just didn't wow me.  Pass.
(Sound the alarm...I passed on a chunky Anthro necklace!) 

And finally, Anthro trip to Corte Madera, CA store on 6/14/12:

I was very excited to try this top on after seeing it online and was so happy to find it hanging in the store when I went last week.  When I tried it on however, I realized it just wasn't meant to be.  I tried this top on in an X-Small and it was pretty big. The neckline was way too low and could never work for me.  I'm so sad to be sized out of this one...for those who might be able to make it work though, it's adorable!!!  I could wear a cami underneath it I suppose but I just feel like it would take away from how cute the top is alone when you did that.  I do love the colors and the cute pleating...great details!  All well...can't win them all!

So this is the second motif of this top that I have now tried on.  I was only able to try this on in a size Small because that was the smallest they had in the store when I was there.  It was too big.  I would need an X-Small, like I did in the red motif (see top of this post).  I absolutely love this top.  The colors are fantastic together and the cute ruffle at the bottom is such fun detailing.  I would have brought this top home with me had it not been for the price.  I feel it's a bit much for basically a t-shirt with trim.  I'll be sure to add this to my cart as soon as it hits sale though..can't wait!

I think you'd all agree with me that the vibrant colors of this top are what attracted me instantly. You could literally see this top across the store!  I tried this top on in both the size 0 and the size 2 and would go with the size 0.  The size 2 is a great length but really looks like a tent on me from the side while the size 0 is a much better fit all throughout. Overall a fun top to add to any closet.  Wish listed for sale.

This looks like a cousin of the Bedecked Flounce Tee (this one is by Deletta though).  It fits pretty much the same as the other.  I tried this top on in both an X-Small and a Small and in the end decided the Small was the way to go.  The X-Small was too short through the torso.  There is a bit of flowiness to the Small on me but the top is meant to be a little loose so it doesn't look bad at all.   I love the pretty peachy/coral colors mixed in the design that starts on the sides and continues onto the back, and I REALLY like that this can be worn alone, no other layers required.  I ended up bringing this one home with me to help me get through the hot summer ahead.

I tried this top on in an X-Small and the fit was good.  The fit is loose, but not sloppy.  I love the turquoise color this comes's so pretty!  The neckline is just about as low as I would want.  I'm not sure what to do about the sheerness of the you wear a layer underneath to cover up?  It's the cute lace that I love so much!  But then I don't want anything poking out at the neck because it looks cute alone.  It's wish listed for now because I think it's so darn cute.  Just need to figure out how to wear it.

I have a thing for black and white (or cream in this case).  I just think it looks so clean, crisp and classic.  This tank is simply adorable and I love the longer length and endless pairing possibilities.  I tried this on in an XS and the fit was good.  There was some room left over but not so much that it looked sloppy.  The material on the back is different than the front...the back is more jersey and the front is thicker, not see through at all.  I think this would be a great sale purchase when the time comes...wish listed!

If you made it through all those you're a rock star.  I barely did!  

See anything you like?  Let me know!  

Hope these reviews help!


  1. I love the Sagebrush Striped Tank but it was a hot mess on me... armholes way too big and the chest overall too wide/loose. I'm a true XS and not usually sized out THIS badly.

    Do try on the Maia Column Dress in size S! I was surprised to find that the size S Pieced Column Dress worked for my 32A bust, and was a little less bodycon in the butt.

    1. I was surprised by how big the Sagebrush Striped Tank was up top...makes you wonder who's doing the designing! I actually tried the size small in the Maia Column...that's whay I have on in the pictures. I'd have to give the medium a try next.

  2. Jenni! lol at the insane number of reviews here! :) Love it and know how much work that was to put together, so thank you! So many pretty pieces and I think you chose really well. I have the Soca Flutter Blouse on my sale radar!

    1. I know, I had a ton to post! That'll teach me to get backed up! =)

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write all these reviews! I love that Maia Column dress, although it's disappointing that it rides up.

    1. I think it's just the nature of tighter moves when you do! Hope the reviews helped!

  4. wow, lots of new pretties to add to my wishlist! Love that twirled crepe tank, I'm a sucker for black and white stuff. And thanks so much for all these reviews, I know it takes a lot of time.

  5. Holy moly reviews! Thanks so much for posting these. So many new things I didn't notice on my own but now I'm intrigued. :) I did a charge/send last week for the bowman v-neck and the silk road mosaic tee and I'm hoping to have the same sucess when they arrive. Thanks again!

    1. Hope your charge send turns out to be a success all around!

  6. Wow, thanks for all the great reviews particularly since you are super busy right now with your upcoming move. Love your final choices. Your reviews are always so helpful, so THANK YOU!

    1. You're welcome! I have been wanting to get these posted for quite sometime so it feels good to get it crossed off the to-do list. Now, to pack! =)

  7. Thanks for the reviews, Jenni! You're a reviewing machine! lol

  8. These reviews are fantastic - thank you so much for all the time it took to put them together! I really love the lace lineage, Side Splashed and Devi tanks - and the Twirled Crepe tank wasn't something I noticed online but it's awesome! I will have to pop that one on my wishlist too! I tried the Mixed Bouquet top recently too and it is GORGEOUS - am really hoping the petite sizes will make it to markdown - you are so pretty in all these bright colors! Could not resist the Sagebrush for $20 this morning - definitely worth a shot! I have no idea how you narrow your wishlist down when everything looks amazing on you!!!

    1. Ok, you're too kind! So may pretties, for sure IT's hard to narrow down! You would look so cute in that Mixed Bouquet must get!

  9. Thanks for the reviews! What are those aqua pants you are wearing in the first photographs? I LOVE them!

    1. Thanks! The pants are the "Surf Pipe Blue" motif of the 1969 Lightweight Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans. Here is a link:

  10. Wow thank you for the reviews, you're right it's the MOTHERLOAD of Anthro tops :) I was wondering what top you were wearing with the mint Pilcro cropped denim. It's very cute and might be just what I'm looking for to replace a top that I can't seem to get my hands on. Don't you love the Corte Madera store? It's def a great Anthro store but I also like the outdoor mall.

    1. Glad I could help!
      The white short sleeved top I'm wearing with Pilcro jeans is the top I wore into the store that's the Hace Sol Peasant Top from Anthro. I bought it last summer. Here's a link to the info for it:
      Perhaps you might be able to find it on eBay?!! For size reference, I took an XS. It ran big. Good luck!

  11. LOVE all the reviews!!! thanks so much!

    I too have been on the hunt for some mint colored jeans; I finally found a pair at Delia's of all places! and for $20 to boot

    1. You're welcome!
      Oh, wow...Delia's huh? I've never bought anything from the denim really thin? Or thicker?

  12. Everything looked great, gah, how do you choose? I also bought the Bowman V-neck (though I bought an xs and now wonder if I should have tried on the small - I haven't worn it much because it's so tight in my belly I feel I have to suck it in, yuck) - I'd loooove to see some outfit ideas for it - even though it seems to match everything I've yet to wear it. Any ideas would be fabulous!

  13. Everything looks so great, gah, how do you choose? I also bought the Bowman V-neck (though I got the xsmall and now wondering if I should have tried the small - I haven't yet reached for it because I feel I have to suck it in!) - even though it has every color in it I can't seem to figure out how to wear it... outfit ideas would be fabulous!! Thanks for all the reviews... :)

  14. Motherload is right! Whew! I am so glad you coughed up for the Mosaic Road Tee -it's a fave of mine already. I loved the colorswatch tee, but the fit is HUGE. I had to take an XS, and I'm no XS. Didn't purchase yet...wishlisted. The Soca Flutter Blouse in neutral is high on my wishlist too. It's GORGE. Great reviews, as always!

  15. I just wandered over here from Modestly Me. I'm definitely adding you to my reader! I've got a long torso and love Anthro & JCrew, so your reviews are SO useful to me. My 3 kiddos are still quite young, so I think I can just let you do the trying-on for me! Haha