Monday, May 7, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

Hi everyone!  Another Monday morning has somehow rolled around already!  Did you have a good weekend?  My weekend was fabulous complete with family time, a date night out, a little Mexican food and these:

Love that boy of mine.  

On Friday night we took the family over to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, La Cabana, for some pre-Cinco de Mayo eats...YUM!  I am gonna miss that place when we move.  Hopefully Ohio knows how to do good Mexican food!  Saturday ended up being chore and errand running day...I got a ton done but didn't sit still until we got in the car that night to go out to dinner.  I was so ready for a break!  Here's what I wore:

What I Wore
Tank-Loft Factory Store
Eunice Cashmere Cardigan-Anthropologie
Rock Star Jeggings-Old Navy
Seychelles "Gypsy"
Drawing Room Necklace-Anthropologie (Spring 2012)
Sainte Chapelle Earrings-Anthropologie
Bracelet-J Crew Factory
Flower Bud Ring-J Crew

Love that ties everything together! 

We left the kiddos home and ate at this amazing Italian Restaurant called Prima where I had the best Risotto ever...seriously, so good!  After dinner we headed home and plopped ourselves down on the couch to watch the last few episodes of White Collar on Netflix.  How romantic, right?!  That's how we roll 11 years of marriage later.  =)

Today we went to church and just relaxed at home.  Just the way a Sunday should be.  

Off to prepare for the week ahead...only 5 more weeks of school...the countdown in on!

Have a great day!

PS--I need this in my life ASAP:

I'm dreaming of wearing it like this when we go to Arizona this summer:

Striped Terry Midi-Dress/J Crew Factory Jackie/Kulfi Strands Necklace

Summer perfection.  Hope the dress is a winner...can't wait to try it on!  Anyone have the chance to give it a go yet?


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend full of friends and good food and all things happy. The ruffled tank with the bright yellow cardi is so pretty! It's heating up here in Arizona (it hit 100 in Tucson a couple weeks ago!) so you'll appreciate a light, airy dress. What city are you going to be in? Have a great week!

    1. We are staying at a resort in Scottsdale for 4 days, but will be staying with family in Gilbert for a few weeks after that. I've done AZ in the summer before so I am trying to prepare myself for some HOT weather with light dresses and a few new swimsuits now!!

  2. Really cute outfit. I'm loving the tank top. It would be perfect for our family pictures coming up (colors are pinks, grays, purples, and blacks). Did you recently purchase it?

    1. Thanks! I did! I found it just last week at the factory store. It came in solid magenta and solid periwinkle, as well as a floral besides the one I got. I loved this one with the pops of pink though...thought it would be fun to pair with yellow, pink, black, grey, turquoise...lots of possibilities! And it's a nicer looking material so it's perfect for date nights...or family pictures! Hope that helps!

  3. Glad you guys had a great Friday night! Ooh, I saw that dress on the Anthro web site and adore it as well - I think you'd look fantastic in it!

  4. Ahh, thanks Lisa! I hope it's a winner!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Love love your outfit, and you're right - the necklace really does tie the whole thing together. so cute!

  6. Did you not just LOVE White Collar? That's probably our favorite series we watch together. I hate that they only show during the summer. Second fave is Burn Notice. If you haven't should get hooked on that one. Great, breezy dress you have your eye on. When will you be in AZ? That's my hometown...planning a trip there sometime this summer but don't know when yet.