Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

I always love seeing what people are into and loving so I thought I'd bring you my own version are a few of my "Friday Favorites":

Splendid Premium Sheen Cardigan
from Anthropologie

This was love at first sight...I can't wait to add this to my closet.  It's the perfect spring/summer cardi...a hint of metallic and a light-airy!!

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats-Touch of Fruit in the Middle-Raspberry
from Target

I couldn't find a product shot for the Raspberry version, but this is the Mixed Berry package looks very similar.  I picked the Raspberry version up last night at Target and can NOT stop eating it.  It's SOOOO good!  And it's healthy...bonus!  I'm not sure if these are available in all stores yet, so check your local Super Target for a guaranteed find.

White Collar
(on Netflix)

Hubby and I started watching season 1 of this show on Netflix this week and I am hooked.  I love the premise.  I was a huge Saved by the Bell and the old 90210 fan back in the day so I like seeing Tiffani Thiessen in the show, however I'm not entirely sure her acting skills have improved much over the years.  She's just a small part of the show so it's not that big of a deal, really.  The main actor plays his role of Neil exceptionally well.  I'm not usually impressed with shows from the USA Network, but this one is a keeper.

Spin Class
at my local 24 Hour Fitness

About two months ago I did something to really agrivate my right hip.  I'm still not quite sure what I did...if it was just wear and tear or if I pulled something, but I've finally determined that I need to take a break from my regular running schedule to let it try to heal.  I still run once a week, but in the place of the other two days, I decided to take up spin (or cycling...not sure which is the correct term, really).   Holy cow, is it a workout or what!  It's a whole different type of challenge than running is, which is kind of fun.  It's super high-intensity and exhausts me, but it's helped me stay in shape and keep my exercise routine going.  I was even happy to step on the scale this morning and see I had lost those extra few pounds I gained last week from eating too many churros, Dole Whip floats, popcorn and Icees at Disneyland.  Spin must work!  So the spinning will continue.  It's a great workout and is a fun, personal challenge.

GapFit gFast Gathered Capris and GapFit Featherweight Gathered Jacket
from Gap

Keeping with the whole working out theme, I am loving this cute workout look.  I am in DESPERATE need of some new workout gear and these two pieces are on my radar.  I've had great luck with Gap workout clothes in the past so I know it's good quality.  Hubby gave me some workout clothes for Valentines day (such a romantic, that husband of mine...actually I loved that he thought of that because I really wanted some) but they just didn't quite work out.  I returned it all and now have a $100 to spend on whatever I find.  These are both on sale online right now (not in-store though) but because I love a deal, I'm hoping Gap runs another promo soon so I can use that in addition to snatch these up.  

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mint Green Skinny Jean #4
from ASOS

I have a rainbow of denim in my closet, but for some reason I can't get this soft mint green color out of my head.  I found these for under $50 at ASOS this morning with a promo code so I figured I'd give them a try.  I've never tried anything from ASOS so I have no idea how their sizing is or anything.  Since they have free shipping and free returns I figured it was worth a shot.  If it's a complete fail I won't be out anything. Has anyone had experience with denim from ASOS?  What do you think?

Those are just a few things I'm loving right now.
How about you?
What do you have your eye on?

Happy Friday!



  1. I recently ordered from ASOS and found them to be true to size. Just last night I was pining over the "mirror floral" pencil skirt and the" fit and flare" midi skirt.

    I love the mint denim... good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I found a lot of cute things online at ASOS...could be a new go-to option! =)

  2. I love ASOS_ they have the best stuff - but their shipping does take a little longer than normal .

    Must try that cereal it sounds delish!

    1. I am wondering how long it will take to get here...I'm guessing it will be the same timetable as Boden. Hopefully it won't be too long! =)

  3. Jenni-what are you doing up at 3am?? (= I love those mint jeans and am on a hunt for those as well! I am addicted to spin class as well! I loved the old club mgr Kristina at 24 hr but she left for Vallejo. Her classes were INTENSE and always wait listed. See ya at the gym! Oh, try for gym clothes too...

    1. haha...I'm not up at 3am, no worries. I just scheduled the post to go live then. =) I never took a class from Kristina...I've been taking spin from Michelle and Kelly and like them both. Very different teaching styles. Oh ya, I forgot about Athleta! I'll try them...thanks for the idea!