Sunday, March 25, 2012

Packing for Disney!

Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a great weekend!  I was busy running around all day yesterday getting things ready for our trip today.  Trips are so much fun, but take so much prep work!   A few weeks ago I received an email from a blog reader names Sandy (hi Sandy!!) asking me if I had any tips for what to wear to an amusement park.  We've gone to amusement parks several times with our kids over the years so I have a pretty good idea of what works best for me now.  I thought since I was headed to an amusement park myself this week now was the perfect time to answer her question.

 First off, I thought I'd share with you my packing list for our trip.  On travel days I just wear comfy clothes so no need to really plan ahead for that, but for the three days we spend at the parks, I want to make sure I'm ready to go. I've decided to try to pack light so I'm wearing the same boots and coat the whole time.  No need for multiples right?  There's also a possible glitch in the plan...or is there?  The forecast keeps changing it's mind.  Yesterday morning it said there was 60% chance of rain on Monday.  I checked again an hour ago and now it only says there's a 20% chance of rain.  What to believe?  Because I certainly don't want to be stuck in the rain unprepared, we will be packing the rain gear along with everything else.  Luckily the temperatures won't be too cold with highs in the 60's while we're there so at least we won't be freezing to death!

All that taken into account, here's what I have decided to pack:
Disneyland/California Adventure Vacation Packing List

Disneyland/California Adventure Vacation Packing List by jennifoundinmycloset featuring skinny fit jeans

(Click on the set to see a closer view)

I've pretty much worn all of these outfits before...tried and true is what I like to stick to when I know I'll be away from home.

So for trips to amusement parks I would follow these tips:

1. Number one rule is: NEVER wear anything super expensive.  Your brand new super expensive whatever it is...ya, leave it home.  So many things could go wrong to ruin something you're wearing...don't risk it.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.  I am all about wearing heels on a day-to-day basis.  I wear heels all the time....even to the park with my kids.  I'm THAT mom.  However, I refuse to wear any sort of heel at an amusement park.  Period.  I can't even imagine!  Every time I've been to an amusement park I've seen women walking around in 4 inch heels.  What the what?  WHY???  You also always want to wear shoes that you've worn before...DO NOT wear shoes for the first time at an amusement park.  You are asking for a blister or 2...or more.  Wear shoes you are comfortable in and won't be bothered by throughout the day.  I will often times wear open-toed flat sandals or my Toms in the summer, or flat boots if I'm going in the winter.  It's the most comfortable way to go.  I also always have bandaids in my purse in case someone happens to get a blister for some reason.  You just never know!

3. Wear materials that are washable and move easy.  I wear mostly cotton tops when I go to amusement parks.  I want to be able to wash it quickly if need be (if a child spills a drink on me or something).  I would never wear a nicer material top to Disneyland such as silk...there's too much risk involved!  Another tip I have is to wear darker colored bottoms such as a dark denim jeans.  As you can see above that's all I'm planning on bringing.  Just think about all the times you sit down somewhere when you're at an amusement park (rides, picnic tables to eat, benches to watch parades, etc)...if you have on dark bottoms it just helps hide every little mark that may get on your pants after sitting down over a hundred times in a day.

4. Layer, layer, layer!  When I go to an amusement park in the winter, it's all about layers.  We get to the park early in the morning when it's still chilly out, stay all day, and then don't go back to our hotel until around 9pm most nights.  You'll be hitting a range of temperatures throughout the day, and layering is how to attack that issue.  I almost always wear a tank or short-sleeved top under a cardigan when we go to an amusement park.  On this trip I will also be wearing a coat everyday.  I may feel like removing the coat at some points but that'll be ok because I'll still have a few layers on underneath to keep me warm.  In the summer months, of course, this tip is obsolete. =)

5. Don't wear jewelry that will get in the way.  I feel naked without wearing jewelry so I still wear it even if we go to an amusement park...I'm just more particular about what I wear.  I never wear any really nice, expensive jewelry (my Tiffany items) in case it happened to fall off or break. I also try not to wear bulky pieces...they will only annoy you and get in your way.  Long, chunky necklaces are a no-no!  Chances are they'll get tangled up in something at some point and may snap.  Stick to daintier pieces.

6. Wear bright colors.  I purposely chose to wear some brightly colored cardigans on this trip because I want my boys to be able to recognize me and notice me quickly in a crowd.  Every morning as we head to the park we'll have a quick discussion about the color of the cardigan mommy is wearing that day to help them recognize and remember.  Most likely I won't be wearing my coat during the majority of the day so this works out well.

So those are my tips for what I like to wear to an amusement park.  Overall I think people tend to dress down (a lot) when they spend the day at an amusement park because they are concerned about being comfortable.   I personally think you can still be comfortable while looking cute!   Sweats and tennis shoes may be comfy, but they're just not cute (outside the gym).  Just saying.  Chances are you'll be taking lots of pictures at a place like Disneyland so you might as well look cute for posterity's sake! =)

Well, I better go finish packing so we can hit the road.  Have a great week!  See you soon!


  1. Hi's Sandy! Thanks for your post with all of the great tips! Your outfits look great! I thiink part of my problem has been that we always go to Disney in Orlando in the middle of the summer....when its super hot! Have a great time and thanks again for sharing!!!