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Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews-February edition

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Last weekend I was able to sneak away for a bit and do some returns at Anthropologie.  While I was there I tried on lots of fun new arrivals.  After my last trip to try things on I was less than impressed so I wasn't sure what to expect this time around, but I have to say I left much more excited by what I saw this time.  If you read my last post, you already know that I even brought a few items home with me. =)  Let's jump right's what I tried on:

With the Forever Hooked Cardi:

This is the Cinch & Flow Maxi and the second I put it on I fell in LOVE!  It hits perfectly everywhere, covers everything I want covered and is the perfect length.  I tried this on in an XS and it fit great.  Any bigger and it would have been too baggy on top for me.  It is a bit sheer so I plan to wear a long slip underneath but the comfort level is insane.  It's a fabulous dress for multiple seasons as it can be paired with flat sandals, wedge sandals, booties, cardigans, jackets...the possibilities are endless!  It was totally worth a full price purchase in my opinion.  Can't recommend this one enough!  

I tried the Split Surface belt on in a size Small and it fit good.  I'd say it runs TTS to a little small so you might want to try it on in person if you're unsure what size to go with.  I love the cork board look to this gives such a fun texture...and the color and shape are incredibly versatile.  I brought this number with me home as well as I'm afraid it will sell out before it hits sale.

I was super excited to try on this cardigan as the orange color really stuck out to me online.  I was not disappointed one's super cute and comfy.  I adore the sweet ruffle that lines the gives it a special little something extra.  I tried this on in an XS and it fit well.  This one is wish listed in multiple colors!

Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise-$88 (Coral motif) paired with the Split Surface Belt reviewed above

This is the striped version of the Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise and I love it just as much as the black motif.  It fits exactly the same as the black motif.  As you can see it looks great belted and has such a fun color combination.  I love the slight Chevron striped pattern on the bottom flattering!  I plan to pick this one up in the future for sure...a spring/summer must have!

I tried these both on in a size XS and they fit perfect.  After trying both motifs on I decided I prefer the red motif much more than the blue motif.  The pattern and colors would fit into my closet better I think.  I really liked the comfort factor of this tee as well as how long it was on my long torso.  It does have a cut out in the back that can be a little revealing so I'll just wear a cami or cap sleeve tee underneath to keep covered, but other than that this tee is perfection!  Red motif wish listed!!!

This was the surprise find of the day...I loved this cute top!  I'm not even sure what possessed me to try it on because I usually NEVER purchase any top that has a band on the bottom of it.  It's just not usually the most flattering look on me.   This is a miracle top however, because I not only thought it was flattering, but I fell in love with the overall shape, pattern and colors.  I adore the bit of lace that lines the's a fun, unexpected little something special.  I tried this on in a size X-Small and it fit perfect.  The band has some elastic stretch to it, and stays in place where you put it.  The sleeves are quite dolman-like but it looks great with the overall style of the top I think.  I also spied this top in a few solid colors that I'm interested in adding to my closet.  Wish listed for sure!!

 I tried this cute sweater on in a size XS and it was a good fit.  It is more of a cropped fit but still hit at the top of my hips.  For some reason after seeing the cardigan online I was under the impression that the design on the cardigan was more than just printed on, but that wasn't the case.  It is indeed just a printed design.  I was a little disappointed by that, but like it all the same.  The colors are great to mix and match with and I really like the striking navy trim down the front of each opening.  The price is a bit steep in my opinion, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye on it for when it hits sale.  Wish listed!

I love the shape and color of this top but was sad that it didn't work out for me.  The slant in the neckline just seemed to go too deep for my liking at didn't cover the way I like.  For those that aren't bothered by the deep slant, I say go for this cute top!  It was a good length and the weight of the top was good...not too thin, not too thick.  I tried this on in a Size Small and would say it fit well.  Sadly, it's a pass.

I ADORE this cute top!  I love the asymmetrical shape and the colors offered (especially this bright, sunny yellow). I tried this top on in an X-Small and thought it fit great.  The one complaint I do have about this top is that it is on the sheer side (it's considered a "lounge" piece).  I would have to find the right colored undergarments to wear under this yellow color for sure.  Going with the darker colors offered in this top would probably not present the same problem.  Regardless, I'm willing to figure it out and have wish listed this top in multiple colors, including the yellow.  It's so perfect for spring!

I was very disappointed in this top when I tried it on.  It is so shapeless and does nothing for my figure.  I'm wearing a size Small in these pictures, which is part of the problem.  I did try on the X-Small as well, and while it was a little more fitted (still not perfect) it was too short in the front for my liking.  The front and back lengths are different which creates a cute shape in theory, but it just misses the mark with how flowy it is overall.  Love the colors, hate the baggy shape.  Had the top had a little more weight to it, it may have fallen a little better.  It is pretty sheer and lightweight.  Sadly, I sent this one back to the rack.

I tried this top on in an X-Small.  I was hesitant to try it on at all as I feared it would be too low cut, and in the end I was right.  If you're not a super busty lady, this top just falls flat (literally).  I love all the Bailey 44 striped dresses this year, and clearly they were trying to capitalize on the trend with this top, but in my opinion it just doesn't work.  I think the striping is pretty harsh and almost too doesn't scream spring to me at all.  This seems like more of a winter piece.  Verdict?  Stick to only dresses with this pattern, Bailey 44.   Pass.

When I first saw this dress pop up online I really liked it.  I thought the red polka dots were adorable and the shape of the dress was very sweet.  I knew it would be way above my knees (which is how long I wear my dresses) so I thought maybe I could turn it into a tunic.  When I went to Anthro that day I even saw a mannequin in the window wearing this dress styled with skinny jeans!  When I tried it on however, my idea was crushed.  Holy hot mess!  I tried this dress on in a Size 0.  The overall fit was ok I'd say, but the design of the dress with the huge ruffle at the bottom just wasn't for me.  Even if I wanted to wear this as a "dress" without skinny jeans underneath, it would have been so short.  With the skinny jeans, it looked ridiculous on me.  Train wreck.  All well.  Not all of my grand ideas pan out, clearly! =)  Pass.

Here we have another train wreck all around.  I tried this cardigan on in a Size Small here and it was baggy and shapeless.  No go.  I actually ended up trying on a size X-Small later on and liked it much better so I'd say it runs a little big.  Once I had on the right size it was actually kind of cute so I'll wish list it for future consideration.  

I tried these jeans on in a Size 25 and a 26.  The ones pictured above are a 26.  The size 25's were way too tight at the waist/hips but fit better that the 26's in the legs (they were still sort of baggy though, honestly).  The 26's, as you can see, are way too baggy through the legs, and were actually a bit big in the waist.  I needed a 25 1/2 I guess!  I did really like the color of the jeans (and I now see AG came out with some neon orange ankle denim--LOVE!!) but overall these were no-go's on me.  If you have chicken legs like me, they'll be too baggy.  Pass.

This is a top that caught my eye as I was walking around the store.  I really like the bold black against the crisp white and of course a little lace never hurt anyone! =)  I tried this top on in an X-Small and it was plenty big.  It's meant to be a very flowy top so I think it works, but I would definitely size down if you are unsure what size what to get.  The top itself is very sheer so layering a cami or cap-sleeve top underneath is a must.  I really liked this top overall but feel it is way overpriced at almost $100.  Wish listed for sale time.

I tried this cardigan on in an X-Small and it was a good fit.  I like the cute cropped look and think it is super versatile.  When I tried this cardigan on it was still full price ($148).  I know it's cashmere but I just couldn't stomach it.  Now that it's on sale for $80 it's better, but still fully stocked online in all colors so I'm holding out for 2nd cuts.  The sweater is soft and cozy and comes in four cute colors.  I like the lilac and yellow especially but the red (which looks orange) is super cute too.  Wish listed in multiple colors for 2nd cuts.

I apparently have a thing for red polka dots because this is the second time around for this pattern in this set of try-ons.  Lucky for me, this cute dress worked out better than the first.  I LOVE this dress! It's so perfect for spring.  It's light and airy and the ruffle edge across the bottom is adorable.  I tried this on in a size 2 and it fit great.  I could maybe even size down to a size 0 in theory since it's a pull-on style dress, but I would lose some length, which I need, so I'd stick with a size 2.  It falls right above my knees in the front and passed my knees in the back (a long-short length dress).  I would most likely wear a slip extender just to get a few extra inches in the front.  I meant to try this on with a belt but was running out of time so I forgot, but it would be darling with the Split Surface Belt I bought that night.  Wish listed for sale time!

The color of this cardigan is AMAZING.  It is literally striking!  I tried this on in a size X-Small and it fit great.  It is of course a longer cardigan, which I don't own a ton of and honestly am not usually drawn to, but in this case I could not resist trying.  I think it looks really cute open or belted and would pair nicely with tons of colors (white, yellow, red, coral, turquoise to name a few).  My one complaint is that it is super sheer and you can see everything you're wearing underneath.  I also worry about the snag factor as the weave is a little bigger than some.  All that taken into consideration, I'm still wish listing it for sale time.  Love!

Upon seeing this top hanging on the rack in the store I thought it looked like a huge bag.  It looked so long and shapeless.  I figured I'd try it out harm.  I grabbed the neutral motif (pictured above) and the Blue motif to try, both in an X-Small and the neutral motif ended up being my favorite.  I really loved this top!  I was pleasantly surprised by the way it fell and fit.  It's the perfect easy, comfy, go-to top to pair with jeans (dark denim or colored) and sandals or flats.  It looks a bit sheer but I think you may be able to get away with wearing it without a cami, depending on the motif you get.  I will probably wear something underneath just to be safe.  We'll see.  I love it for spring and plan to add it to my closet at some point.  Wish listed.

This is another top I have really liked and wanted to try on since seeing it online for the first time.  I am drawn to this in the white and yellow, mainly, but tried it on in black because they didn't have yellow in my size.  I tried the white motif on in a size small and the black motif on in a size X-Small.  After comparing the two, I would go with the size small simply to get a few more inches in length.  As you can see above, the black one is just a bit shorter and doesn't look quite right.  The Size Small is indeed a little more flowy but the ties on the side help that issue.  I really like a clean, crisp white spring/summer shirt and this one fits the bill.  I would also really like to try the yellow version of this too though to see which I prefer.  Be warned that you'll need to wear a cami/tank underneath since the design has eyelet holes involved on the front of the shirt.  Wish listed for now.

This cute top was a surprise find for me as I don't EVER like light grey anything!  I really loved this cute top and the interesting design.  I tried this on in a size X-Small and a Small and the X-Small is the way I would go (pictured above).  The Small looked like a potato sack on me.  The X-Small definitely has some room as well, but it's made to not be perfectly fitted.  This may be the first light grey shirt I've ever tried on that doesn't completely wash me out so for that reason alone it's now on my wish list.  The pretty colors and print that peek out on the sides and onto the back of the top are beautiful and make an otherwise normal tee, much more special.  Liking it!!

Last but not least...some foot candy!!!

I tried these on in a size 9 and as you can see they are WAY too big on me.  I would need to size down to either an 8.5 or 8.  I wish I would have had the time to try on a few more sizes but they were already closed by the time I got around to putting these on my feet in the dressing room.  The yellow is a pretty color...a bright mustard.  I could see this being a great dressy option for skirts and dresses, and also be cute paired with skinny jeans.  Wish listed for sale! (Because one can never have enough yellow shoes). 

Alrighty...that's it! See anything you like?  Did I answer any questions you may have had?  Hope that helped!


  1. The Cerise Stamp dressed is SO cute.

  2. Thank you so much for doing reviews! It really helps! I love the revolved blooms blouse! So cute!

    1. SO glad I could help! I love seeing real life reviews from's super helpful to me too!

  3. The maxi dress is adorable on you! Seems to be great on so many people actually, and the yellow shoes are too cute.

  4. I LOVE that maxi and now it is on the top of my wishlist!! Do you think It would stretch over my expanding waist line? I also am loving Cerise Stamped Dress I love the dots!

  5. I love all of these dresses...that would have been tempting for me! It's so fun to watch you play dress-up...looks like you found some great pieces in your latest review.

  6. I totally went and bought the cinch and flow maxi in black on your recommendation, I love it! Be careful washing it, several reviews on mentioned it shrinking when hand washed.

    1. Yay! So glad you like it!! It's super comfy and works well for so many seasons! Thanks for the tip on washing it..I"ll be extra careful for sure! =)