Friday, February 17, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews-Catch up!!! (end of January)

Hi all!  I was looking through my photos and realized I never posted the last round of Anthro fitting room reviews I did for you to see so I guess I better get on that! I have plans to head to Anthro again this weekend to try on another round of clothes (yay!) so I wanted to get these up before I have another batch to post.  I didn't find as many must-have's during this particular trip to Anthropoligie.  I had two kiddos in tow with me so I was trying to go quick and focused only on tops and cardigans (with a raincoat thrown in there too).  I have to give a huge shout out to Apple for inventing iPod Touches. They are life savers and are super good at distracting my boys while I try things on! =)  Now, onto the reviews:

Ramona Henley-$68 (Tried on the Red and Turquoise motifs)

I tried this cute top on in two colors and two sizes.  First I tried on the Red motif in an X-Small, and second I tried on the Turquoise in a size small.  I found the X-Small to be the right fit for me.  While they were almost identical in length, the Small was just a bit baggier and sloppier on me.  This top was super comfy and I love the bright colors.  It definitely needs to be layered over something because of the deep crossover V-neck, but that's fine since the material is a little on the light-weight side and could use another layer to prevent it from looking so sheer.  I'm a fan of this top...wish listed for sale!

Bits of Jubilee Boatneck-$98

I was drawn to this top because I liked the yoked top with the cute design, and because it's got some sparkle to it.  It's different that your typical t-shirt.  Sadly though, this one just missed the mark for me.   I first tried in on in an X-Small and it was a crop top on me.  The one pictured is a size Small which was better, but still just a little too short.  The top needs to be about 2 inches longer for me to be comfortable wearing it without worrying about it revealing anything if I lifted my arms.  I liked the shimmery aspect of the shirt (not too shimmery, just enough) and I do like the way the top was made, but my long torso just isn't gonna work with it. Pass.

Cavendish Sweater-$148

Hello gorgeous! This was my favorite find of the day, by far.  I love the pretty colors and slight sparkle (almost like tinsel running through the weave) this sweater has.  It's neutral, yet has some color to it, and can be paired with so many different colors.  I tried this on in the smallest size it came in, a size small, and it worked great.  This type of open, cascading sweater often times does not work for me and my long torso, but for some reason I found this one to be ok.  It's very flattering even with the weight and bulk of the cascades down the front of it.  I didn't find it to be too overwhelming on my frame.  This is now sitting high on my wish list...patiently waiting for sale!!

Rain-Dotted Anorak-$168

I tried this on in a size 2 and it fit a little big.  A size 0 probably would have been a better fit.  There was more than enough room to spare in the size 2.  I tried this on thinking I'd really like it, but honestly I was underwhelmed.  It's just a blue coat with polka dots.  I like that it cinches in the middle giving your body a little shape, which often times is hard to do in a rain coat, but beyond that, it's nothing special in my mind.  I would never pay full price for it.  If you love it, I'd say go for it once it hits sale or second cut.  For me, however, it's a pass for now.

Wrap Around Blouse-$98 and Not Your Boyfriend's Cardigan-$118

I loved both of these pieces when they hit the website so I was excited to try them both on.  Once on, however, I was once again a little disappointed.  I tried the Wrap Around Blouse in a size 2 and the fit was good.  The neck was SOOO high on me though that I felt a little like I was being choked.  I know it's meant to be high, but wow, it's really high!  I've seen others review it and it looks really cute on them--high neck and all, but I just don't love it on me.  The material has a nice feel and I like the color and cute print, but due to the choking factor, it's a pass.  I tried the Not Your Boyfriend's Cardigan (by the way, what's with the name??) in both an X-Small and a Small and think I like the Small better because it's a little longer (I'm wearing a size Small in the picture above). I like the colors and design of the weave in the cardigan, but I'm struggling to figure out what I'd pair it with.  I'm on the fence about this one.  I want to love it.  I'll reconsider when it hits sale.

Another round of "I liked it online but....".  This top perplexes me a bit.  It claims to be 25.5" long online but I feel like it's more around the 23.5" length.  I wish it were about 2 inches longer on me!  I tried this on in both an X-Small (pictured above) and a Small and the X-Small won out.  The Small was SUPER boxy on me and very unflattering.  However, the length was better.  I love the bold print on this top but I think the high neck is throwing me off.  I wish it were more of a scoop neck as opposed to a crew neck look.  I again want to love this, but just find too many things wrong with it on me, so I'm afraid it's another pass.

Strung Symmetry Pullover-$58 (Red motif)

I tried this top on in a size X-Small and a Small.  The X-Small was another crop top so I immediately put on the size Small (pictured above).  Wow.  It was HUGE!  I mean, not just a little flowy...I felt like I was wearing a tent!  I tried holding out the shirt in the back in the second picture to show you how much fabric was there.  The fabric is lightweight and pretty'd need a top or cami underneath for sure.  I don't have much more to say about this one...big time pass.

Warmth & Respite Cardigan-$88 (Navy motif)

I tried this cute open cardigan on in an X-Small and it was a good fit.  A little over-sized in length  but not too bad.  I liked both colors offered but they only had an X-Small in the Navy so I grabbed that one.  It's a pretty long cardigan but doesn't feel too overwhelming when worn.  I like the cute ruffle across the bottom of the gives it a little something special to differentiate it from any other open cardigan out there.  I'm wish listing this one for sale time...not sure which I like better...both colors are cute!

I'll be honest, what peeked my curiosity in this top was the low price point.  How often do you see a starting price of $38 at Anthro?   Sad, I know.  I had high hopes for this cute top...I thought the ombre affect of the orange motif was kinda neat.  However, my long torso strikes again, along with a few other problems. The top itself was so stiff and boxy.  It didn't hang well because of it.  The seam on the front at the top stuck out because of the stiffness which was not only unflattering, but just plain weird looking.  The boatneck was rather large, and just didn't cover my shoulders the way I would have liked.  It was a hot mess all around on me which is a bummer.  It could have been so great!  All well.  Plenty more fish in the sea.  Pass.


  1. I really want to go shopping now.

  2. I love the cavendish cardi & the blooms top especially.

    1. I can't wait to add the Cavendish sweater to my's so pretty! I like the Blooms top as well but just wish it looked better on me. All well.

  3. Thanks! These reviews are great. The Titans Bloom top and Bits of Jubilee top have both been on my wishlist for a while now. I have not seen them in my local store. I think I'll pass on them....there are plenty more. Really curious to try Pyracantha top on.

    1. It's so hard to know if you're gonna like something without seeing it either in person or on someone else...I wish all the stores got everything!! =)

  4. Love the wrap around blouse :) such a cute top but too bad it felt too high on you :(