Friday, December 2, 2011

My First Booties

Well, these may not be my very first pair of booties, but their certainly my first grown-up girl booties! I've been searching the web for a few months now for the perfect pair of booties. I've mentioned my search a few times here on my blog...who knew it could be so hard to find the perfect booties?! After ordering a few pairs and then returning them because I decided they just weren't the ones for me, I have finally found them. My perfect booties. And on sale no less!

And a side view of the booties:

-Bojagi Pullover-Anthropologie (Black Friday 50% off sale score)
-Pilcro Denim-Anthropologie (40% off sale score about a month ago)
-Boutique 9-"Darting Wedge"-Endless (33% off Black Friday sale score)-also carried at Anthro
-Earrings-Banana Republic
-Bracelet-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Forever 21

I really love that these booties can be worn casually or even a little more dressy. They are actually pretty comfortable for how tall they are...the platform has a lot to do with that. The color is a rich chocolate brown and I've noticed no two pairs are alike...each one has it's own shade of brown. I also noticed that not all sizes are created equal. I tried these on in a size 8 and an 8 1/2 while at Anthropologie on Black Friday and decided the 8 was the much better fit. The 8 1/2's almost felt huge! I ended up ordering these from Endless on Thanksgiving morning before I headed out Black Friday shopping so I hadn't tried them on yet. Because of that I ended up ordering them in both sizes as well. When they arrived I almost didn't even bother trying the 8 1/2's on because of my in-store try-on experience, but am so glad I did because the 8 1/2's fit my foot much better this time around. The 8's were super narrow in the toe-box. This is odd, seeing as how I have really narrow feet! In the end I stuck with the 8 1/2's and sent the size 8's back. Moral of the story...try multiple sizes on in person before buying! I definitely recommend these!

So Anthro surprised us with yet another sale on Tuesday...who would have known?!! I couldn't pass up these two pretties when I saw them sitting in the sale section. They were calling my name:

I've never had the chance to try on the top (but have admired it online ever since it came out) so it's a maybe as of now, but that coat....oh, that coat. LOVE! I tried it on last week on Black Friday and totally fell for it. At first the shoulders felt a little tight when I tried it on in an XS but after a few minutes of having it on it felt like it fit just fine. I tried on the small to compare and it was just too baggy through the bodice, so I ended up going with the X-Small, just in case anyone is wondering. This is another item that can be dressed up with a cute dress or dressed down with diverse!

Anyone get anything fun on sale this week? Do tell!

Alrighty, I'm off to go decorate my oldest son's bedroom door before heading to bed. He's turning 8 today! Party!

Hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. It took me forever to find the perfect pair of booties too. I kept buying and returning, constantly unsure. But then I found a pair recently that were low enough and comfortable enough for my workday. I really love the color of yours!

  2. So cute! Love them! I did cave with the sale on the Glinting Persica sweater dress. Looking forward to layering that pretty dress up this winter. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your son! I have a daughter and she is 3. How do they grow so fast???
    Love the outfit. You make me want to wear pants more!! Oh and those booties look great on you <3

    I was searching the pansy trench review and found your blog after Black Friday! Saw your BF outfit photo and I recognized you because I thought you and your friend looked fabulous when I saw you!!
    Next time if I ever see you, I will say hi!! (Do you go to the Anthro often??)

  4. Oh those shoes are awesome! I also can't wait to see how that blouse turns out :)

  5. Love the sweater coat! I have previous year (or two years ago?) version in the purple/brown colorway and love it. You will get a bunch of wear out of it I am sure. It is great with skirts etc too :)

  6. Beautiful booties and you wear them so well. Love them. I also like your two latest Anthro picks.