Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally...Anthro Fitting Room Reviews--Round 1

Happy Veterans Day everyone! We'll be enjoying our day off by visiting my family today. While my boys will get a little grandpa bonding time, my mom and I will be headed out to get a jump start on a little Christmas shopping! PS--Black Friday is in TWO WEEKS from today! Not that I'm excited or anything. =)

So I've finally got around to doing a little editing of all my fitting room review photos from my past two visits to Anthro. Some reviews will come from when I went to visit hubby down in Fresno last month, and others come from my girls night shopping trip to Roseville a few weeks ago. The quality of the photos from my Roseville trip are less than fab, I'm sorry to say. They stuck me in a closet of a dressing room and it had horrible lighting. Hope these help anyway!

Trace the Stars Blouse-$88 and Wispy Pointelle Cardi-$88 (red motif)

I went in looking for this cute was at the top of my lost of things to try on. I was IN LOVE the second I put it's so cute! I am wearing this in a size 2 and it fit perfect (maybe a tad big in the chest, but still doable...I'm just small chested). A size 0 would have been too tight through the shoulders and too short on my long torso so the 2 is the way I'll end up going. It hits perfectly right above my hips and has the tiniest bit of flare at the bottom. I paired it with this cropped, delicate cardi in red. I was most drawn to the red of all the colors offered in this cardigan. While it is very delicate and you'd have to be pretty careful not to rip or snag it, the reason I really like it is because it's so delicate. It gives it a textural look that other cardigans don't have. Overall I love this look. The top will be coming home with me at sale, if not before (we'll see if I can hold out) and the cardi is wish listed for sale.

Dots Within Blouse-now on sale for $59.95

This cute top hit sale this week and is now sold out online but I bet there are a few floating around the stores still. I had to go searching for one myself when it hit sale Tuesday morning because my size was already sold out. I didn't try this top on for a long time because I thought it would be too short on me by just looking at it on the hanger but I'm so glad I tried it on when I went to Anthro last time because I totally fell in love with it when I did! And it wasn't too short..yay! I tried this on in a size 2 and it fit great. It has a little bit of a loose feel to it but it doesn't billow out so much that you feel like it's too big. The green color is gorgeous and the cute polka dot pattern is both on trend and classic with a whimsical twist. Obviously I'm a arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon. =)

Della Top-$88

I had never seen this top online before trying it on in the store and I have to say, after I went online to see what it was called, I don't think I would have given it a second look based on the product shot at all. It looks much different on and in-person than it does online. I actually really liked this top and think it has a fun print and texture to it. It's semi-sheer so it definitely needs a layer underneath. I tried this on in a size Small and the fit was great. It would be super cute layered under a blazer! Wish listed.

Fractal Medallion Maxi-no on sale for $89.95

This item also went on sale this past week and I am definitely tempted! I saw this Maxi in Fresno and decided the blue motif was much more me after seeing both that and the red motif in person. I tried this on in an X-Small and it fit like a glove. It hugs in all the right spots and is super comfy. I know some people are concerned with the print landing in not-so-flattering spots on your body, but for the smaller-busted girl at least, it's not a problem up top. I am a fan of this cute dress and am waiting for 2nd cuts or maybe even a Black Friday deal on this if I can score one!

Looking Forward Top-$78 and AG Stevie Ankle Denim-$158 (Bone motif)

I have been making Polyvore sets with this top from the minute I saw it online...I have been so drawn to the gorgeous print and colors. Upon trying it on I knew it would be coming home with me for sure! It is a pretty light-weight top and needs a layer underneath to keep from being self-conscious, but beyond that this top is fabulous! And another layer in winter is no biggie anyways, right?! I tried this top on in an X-Small and it was the way to go. It's honestly too bad it didn't come in an XX-Small because that may have fit too...very small/petite girls may be sized out on this one depending on the shape of their upper bodies/shoulders/arms. While it is a little roomy, it's meant to be that way so it works. I couldn't wait to have this in my closet so I used some of my returns money to purchase this the night I tried it on. Love it!

These AG Stevies are a favorite of mine and I am trying my hardest to wait patiently for them to go on sale. I picked up the Sulfur Plum color a few weeks back when they went on sale but this color stayed full price. I am wearing a size 25 which is my normal AG Denim size and they fit perfectly. Wish listed for sale....hurry up already!!

Scully Pencil Skirt-$118

This skirt seems to be the cousin to the Layered Column Dress (sleeveless version) and the Tiered Stripes Dress (new winter-version). It's very cute and suprisingly, super flattering (not necessarily with the top I'm wearing with it but you get the idea). It hits below the knee and is fitted throughout. The stretchy-knit fabric is so comfortable that you forget you're wearing a skirt! Wish listed for sale!

Valparaiso Dress-$158

Hello gorgeous dress!!! I am head over heels in love with this dress. The color, the fit, the is perfection! It totally reminds me of something you'd see Kate Middleton wear, am I right? I saw this dress online the week before heading to the the store and was hoping it was there to try on..lucky me it was! I tried this on in a size 2 and that's what I would get. It hit right at the middle of me knee where I prefer. The front tie can be tied tighter or looser depending on how you like it which makes it great for girls of all sizes on top. The fabric is gorgeous and it just feels so luxe. This would be the perfect holiday party go-to dress. We will be attending my husband's work party in December and this MAY just be the dress I wear...we shall see. Wish listed!!!

Twin Tiered Top-now on sale for $49.95 and Pilcro Serif Cords-$88 (Dark orange motif)

This cute top is so fun and has such a unique pattern. It's the kind of top you look at and think Anthropologie. I tried this on in an X-Small (pictured) but felt like it was a little give, so I went with a size small instead (hope it fits ok). I love the cute layered adds even more interest to an already interesting top. The colors are fabulous and scream fall. I picked this up when it went on sale this week!

This is the first time I've tried on a pair of Pilcro cords and it was a learning experience. I normally wear a size 25 in Pilcro denim so I first tried these in a 25 as well. No-go...I could barely pull them over my hips, and once they were on they were very tight. I sized up to a size 26, which is what I'm wearing in the picture, and they were a better fit, however still a challenge to pull on. For those of you who don't know, these cords are a pull-on style (no zipper or button-fly). I'm not sure I'm sold on the pull-on style and still want to try on the AG Stevie Cords to see what the difference in fit is and compare. Thinking about these for now.

Glimmer Graph Shell-$158 (Ivory motif-although it looks white)

This is another item I was dying to try on after seeing it online and another that didn't disappoint! I tried this on in a size Small because that was the smallest size my store had. It was a bit big so I would definitely go with an X-Small. It is a slightly sheer top so you would need to wear something underneath (perhaps you wouldn't have to with the green motif since that's darker). This top is simply gorgeous...I love the fine details, the neckline, the overall would be such a fabulous layering piece and can totally be dressed up for the holidays. Overall I am in love, but just wish it wasn't so expensive. I will be stalking this one until it hits sale and then it will be mine! =) Wish listed for sale.

Tiered Stripes Dress-$188 (Purple Motif)

This dress is super cute and very comfortable. I tried this on in a size small and it was a great fit for me. The purple motif is a really pretty, rich, deep color and is great for winter. The main problem I have with with this dress is the length. It falls at a really unflattering spot on me since I have such short legs. My friend suggested I could have it shortened if I liked it enough...duh...great idea! So here's what it would look like a few inches shorter:

SO much better, right? We were both making mention of how it looked like a totally different dress when you shortened it. I'm still not sure if I prefer this dress or the Layered Column Dress but either way I go, I'll be getting it shortened to look better on my short legs. Wish Listed!

Trifecta Tee-$58-Brown motif

I was surprised by how much I liked this top. I tried it on in the only color the Fresno store had which was brown motif. I went with a size Small on this top and it fit well. The sleeves are obviously quite large, but I think they actually work quite well with the ruched design down the middle...kind of balances it out. I later tried this top on in orange and liked that color too...wish listed for sale!


  1. Thank you for posting all of these reviews! Our clothing style and body shape is so similar that it is so helpful when you do. :) You really scored with your picks- they all look lovely on you. My dots within blouse came yesterday as well. :) I'm having the same $$ dilemma with the medallion maxi and am hoping to snag it during black friday too... Love the Valparaiso dress on you.. the color is divine!

  2. All great finds, but my favorite is the Valpariaso dress, that is darling!
    Have fun shopping with your mom! I'm jealous- my mom is 2000 miles away.

  3. Wow, the Valparaiso dress looks amazing! What a great piece!

  4. I couldn't wait and went down to my Anthro store and scooped up the maxi when it went on sale! I love it! Thanks for all the reviews! I am really liking the Trace the Stars Blouse as well. You look great in everything!

  5. Wow, everything look great on you! I love the Valparaiso dress and the trace the stars blouse, will be looking for those on my next trip to anthro!

  6. You look beautiful in everything. I love that Glimmer Graph Shell. Your blog is great. I'll be sure to follow. I'd love it if you could check out my blog as well, and follow if you like. :)

  7. That Valparaiso Dress looks INSANE on you! Must buy. I would love to try it on next time I pop in. That green color looks amazing on you too. So glad the Trace the Stars top worked for you...alas my man-shoulders make this one a super tough fit for me. :( Glad you got some fitting room time in!

  8. Thanks for the reviews! I think that tiered stripes dress looks a-mazing on you! I'm dying for the dots within blouse, but haven't been able to track one down in my size :(

  9. I have the Looking Forward top on my the color but have yet to see it in person. My local store doesn't carry it. I am feeling more positive about it after your review. As previous commenters noted, the Valparaiso dress looks amazing on you...the color is great!

  10. Now I must try on the medallion dress. I was eyeing it online. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.