Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Falling for Fall

Fall is in the air! I've pulled out long sleeved cardigans, boots and even a coat so far this week. Son #2 even requested hot chocolate this afternoon to warm up. That being said, Mr Weatherman said it's suppose to be back in the 80's for just a few days next week. Seriously? As long as it's just a few days it's ok I suppose. Here's what I wore today to stay warm:

-Garden Rows Top-Anthropologie
-Merino Chiffon Placket Cardigan-J Crew
-Jeggings-American Eagle
-Miz Mooz Lacey T-Strap Pumps
-Sea Drop Earrings-Anthropologie
-Small Open Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Pree Brulee

Tricia tagged me today with a fun little Q & A so I thought I'd play along:

1. Favorite color?
My favorite color is either pink or red. I love them both!

2. Favorite animal?
None...I'm not an animal person at all. I promised my boys after we move next summer we will get a fish and I'm already regretting that statement!

3. Favorite number?
My favorite number is probably 3 or 7...3 because I have 3 kids and 7 because if I was ever on a sports team when I was a kid I wanted to be #7. I was never on a sports team though...I went the dancing/cheerleading route.

4. Favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink?
I'm a Jamba Juice such an addict that the people at my local store know me by name and what I typically order. It's bad. At home, I love Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade.

5. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, for sure. I have a twitter account but have never actually tweeted. In fact, I don't even remember my password to get on!

6. Your Passions?
I have a few passions...running is definitely one of them and has been for a while. I also really love shopping (duh), making girl time a priority (GNO's are the best), and of course spending time as a family. Love these boys of mine!

7. Your Wish list for this month?
Oh goodness, there are really too many things to list. Here's what I'm calling my "love list" right now, and trust me, there's many more things than just these that I'm loving at the moment. My list goes on and on and on....

Fall Love List

8. Favorite pattern?
I love polka dots!

9. Favorite day of the week?
Friday is my favorite day of the week right now. I love knowing that the next day is a day off. And if I have a date night planned with hubby or a GNO it's an added bonus!

10. Favorite flowers?
Gerber daisies are my favorites...I love brightly colored flowers!

The five people I tag (which you don't have to do it but it might be fun):

1. Kelly from "Fashion Fuel"
2. AppGal from "Musings on the Mountain"
3. Lisa from "Respect the Shoes"
4. Carolyn from "Dressed Up Mom"
5. M from "Shopping with M"

If anyone else wants to play along, feel free!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Super cute outfit! Love that red cardi and the shoes of course. The Q&A was lots of fun! We sound very similar on the pets issue. My son asked just tonight if we could get a rabbit and I told him it was doubtful...very doubtful:-)I guess I'll have to give in at some point also. He did have a couple African Tree Frogs for about a year and they were super easy pets...may do that again. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this outfit - you look so pretty in red! That top is so cute, how did I miss out on it??! And it was fun reading more about you. :)

  3. this was fun to read! i always love your outfits too. i may answer the questions even though i wasn't tagged! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  4. Oh I love your outfit!! You seriously always look adorable!! And I love reading more about you!

  5. I love the ruffles on your top, and the red cardi is darling!
    cute style!

  6. Fun q&a!! Thanks for tagging me...I'll put up my answers this weekend!!