Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"WOW Me" Wednesday!!!

Hi all!

Welcome to "Wow Me" Wednesday! This will be my new feature post every Wednesday where I highlight five things that are making me say "WOW!" in a good way each week! Each item will typically be fashion related but you never know...I may throw a random something in every now and again if I feel the need. =) So here we are five things I'm "WOW'd" by this week:
"WOW Me" Wednesday-8/3/11

1. Flight of Fancy Blouse-$38 from Francesca's Collections

I tried this top on in person and fell in love with it. There is something about the way it falls that I adore. And who doesn't love a bow? It definitely needs a layer underneath because it is sheer, but paired with some skinny jeans, boots and layered jewelry it will be so cute for the fall!

2. Glitter-tip painted nails

So I'm not a hand model by any means, but I loved how my nails came out when I painted the tips using a fun glittery nail polish. I hardly ever paint my nails but I liked having a little bling to look down on throughout the day (besides the wedding ring, which of course I love too). I used cheap drug store Sally Hansen nail polish but think I might need to invest in something a little more expensive (which often translates to something higher quality) so it doesn't chip off so fast.

3. Tectonics Necklace-$118 from Anthropologie

How gorgeous is this necklace? It needs to be around my neck STAT! I love the longer length and the unique style. It would be super versatile and fun to spice up any outfit!

4. Pizzaro Skirt-$54 from Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple released their new "Inca Trail" line this morning and I immediately fell for this plum colored beauty. The tiered scallops are adorable and something very different than anything else I own. When I find unique pieces such as this I have a hard time passing it up so this fun skirt is on it's way to me. Hope it fits good!

5. BP Three Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan-$16.90 on sale at Nordstrom

I almost missed the boat on these fabulous cardigans! I've seen them on several fashion bloggers but never actually grabbed one for myself until a few weeks back. I now have a mini collection because I love them so much! The one color that has eluded me was the yellow "Daffodil" color. I'm hoping they'll restock for fall since they are BP's standard cardis. Hopefully! For now, however, they are a steal for just under $17 a piece. I took a size small in these cardigans...they run a tad small. Glad I could get in on the BP cardi action!!

So those are a few things that I've been WOW'd by this week. Anything catch your eye? Anything WOW'ing you right now that I must know about? DO tell!

Have a great day!


  1. Love the bp cardis too and have 3 colors but also wish I would have picked up more. They are awesome! I'm loving that first top with the bows on it, so cute!

  2. I have about 10 or so BP Cardigans. They are the best! They go with so many Anthro pieces and they are reasonably priced. I hope they bring back the Daffodil. I was able to snag one back in early Summer when they were on sale. What's wowing me is the Eastward Dress Coat and the Gameboard Dress. Thanks for sharing your "Wows." :)

  3. I stocked up and bought 6 of the BP cardis a while ago. I wish I would have gotten more -- because I missed out on a few colors, too. Right now I am loving Seychelles shoes (they just need to make more styles in a 5 or 5.5) and Chanel glossimers (a real splurge, but worth it). Thanks for sharing your faves :)

  4. Cute post, thank you for sharing!! I love the cardigan at the end... I could really stock up with a few fall coloured cardigans.

  5. I love those BP cardigans, too! I think I collected about 10 of them this year--some of the colors went on sale for $11.90 so I stocked up. They are like the less-expensive-cousin of the Jackie cardigan at J.Crew! I really hope that Nordstrom re-stocks them, but I haven't seen them online yet (except for the few that are on sale)... :(

  6. I love love love that necklace!

    I also love the BP cardigans. I bought a couple earlier this summer for like $10 each and they're great. I figured they would fall apart since they were so cheap, but they haven't!