Monday, August 1, 2011

Floral Fun, my Shoe Wish List and a PSA

Another Monday is upon us!!! Hope you all had a great weekend...mine certainly wasn't long enough. It never is! To kick off the weekend on Friday afternoon I met up with "my girls" for lunch to say goodbye to two of our good friends who are moving away. So sad to say goodbye but so many great memories to file away! Afterwards I ran over to the mall really quick to pick something up for my son and popped into the Old Navy fitting rooms to snap a quick OOTD picture. I came home with a pair of $9 church pants for #3...mission accomplished.

Here's what I wore:

-Alstroemeria Tee-Anthropologie
-BP Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan-Nordstrom
-Artist Crop Jeans-American Eagle
-BP "Tee" Sandal-Nordstrom
-Earrings-Banana Republic
-Bardot Spiral Bangle-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Forever 21

So today I was browsing online a little and started looking at what! I have a serious love and slight addiction to shoes and cardigans. I'm sure you never would have guessed! =) I think I've narrowed down my long wish list of shoes to my favorite four:
Shoe Love

Platform high heels, $168
Platform high heels, $168
Steve madden shoes, $90
Seychelles platform wedge, $78

I'd love to see all four of these pairs take up residence in my closet soon, but of course money doesn't grown on trees so they'll have to remain on the wish list for now. Well, all but one. I happened to find the pair on the left on sale so they MAY be on their way to come live with me soon. Maybe. =) Aren't they the perfect fall color?! I wear sandals well into the fall months here in the bay area so they'll be a great season staple to have. I am excited to introduce a new color of shoes into my wardrobe! I was playing around on Polyvore and put this look together using the shoes:
Autumn Colors

Now to patiently wait for the rest of the items to hit sale!

I hope they fit ok...we'll see! I have returned so many things lately because they just aren't as cute on as I expected or the fit is just off...including THIS. I had high hopes but it just didn't work. All well. Onto to the next!

We are T-minus two weeks till school starts so summer vacation is almost over! Good and bad. I'm ready for a routine to start up again but once it starts I know I'll long for the lazy days of summer. The grass is always greener. This week we have a lot going starts for #2, Taekwondo continues for #1, we have plans to go to the $1 movies with friends, grandma is coming to visit for a day, #3's two-year old doctor appointment and I'm sure we'll try to squeeze in a trip to the pool or splash park at some point as well. I also need to make one last trip to Target to pick up a few things that a few certain somebodies already broke into and used before they could be taken to school. Kids!

I'm up late tonight because I am consumed with thinking about a situation my dear friend I grew up with is going through with his family right now. Matt and Ani are parents to two darling little girls. Their 6 month old daughter, Ruby Jane, is currently on the liver transplant list right now because she has something called Caroli's Disease/Syndrome. Her condition has worsened and ultimately the one thing that can cure her is getting a new liver. They received word tonight that they may have found a liver for her but it turns out it wasn't the right match for her...too big. My heart is breaking for them right now. Now they continue to wait. Their family has been through so much in the past six months and from afar they are such an example of strength and faith to so many, especially me. To learn more about their story you can read Ani's blog HERE. She continues to amaze me. So does little Ruby Jane...that girl has some fight in her! Through this ordeal Ani has become an advocate for organ donation and in honor of little Ruby Jane I would like to pass the challenge onto you to learn more about how you can become an organ donor as well. If you are willing to become one, you can sign-up HERE. I signed up tonight to become a donor. It took only 5 minutes to complete the form. Also, if you are the praying kind, please say a small prayer for little Ruby Jane that she might be able to be matched for a liver soon and that she and her family might continue to have the strength to endure this huge trial they have been given. I know they would be ever so grateful.

Sorry to get so serious on ya...normally I keep this blog pretty light-hearted and fun but every once in a while the need arises to share something about the more important things in life. Clothes and shoes are fun but people are what truly matter in my life.

Thanks for stopping by...have a great start to your week!


  1. So sorry to hear about that little girl, such a heartbreaking situation :(

  2. it's so sad when children are sick...they never deserve it. hopefully she finds a liver soon!

    On a happier note, I LOVE those seychelles shoes you posted!

  3. I love that alstromeria top on you, it looked horrid on me! I have most of those shoes on my wishlist too!

    That is so sad it just breaks my heart!

  4. Oh how heartbreaking - little Ruby Jane is strong and will make it through this! We will pray for their family and hope they find a great match soon!

  5. Love the alstromeria with that cardi. I have both of these pieces so I'll for sure be copying you and pairing them together now!

    And I will keep that family in my prayers. I hope they find a match soon.

  6. you look great today! wow, that is such a hard story. I will pray for your friends

  7. Thinking of and praying for your friends! It seems like so many people are facing difficult things lately and it is so hard to understand...

  8. So sorry to hear about that littler girl... I will definitely be praying for her and her family.