Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Monday I felt like wearing a dress. Funny how some days you just don't feel like wearing pants of any kind! I opened up my closet and saw the cute dress hanging that I won last month when I entered a giveaway on Kristina's blog. She bought the dress brand new from Target and then used her mad sewing/design skills to Anthro-fy it up a bit, and then generously gave it away! I think she did a great job. The dress fit perfectly when I tried it on...perfect length even, which is usually the challenge with dresses, for me. A huge thank you to Kristina for this cute look today...I feel totally "girlie-girl" in it!!

-Converse One Star "Savannah" Dress-Target (c/o Kristina)
-Tank-J Crew Factory
-Cardigan-Old Navy (scored this for $6.00!!)
-Seychelles "Purr" Wedge
-Necklace-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Earrings-J Crew Factory

So did anyone watch the Bachelorette on Monday night? Ugh. I don't know what to think about this's not my fave. Just get to the top 2 already and pick one! And then there was the interview with Emily of "Brad and Emily". That was a waste of time! She said nothing we didn't already know. Another Bachelor relationship goes kaput. Shocker! =) Yet I continue to watch each season like something is going to be different this time around. Those ABC producers have me right where they want me!

And then there was the Anthro sale...yay! I picked up a few items and also re-bought a few things I have but had never worn that hit 2nd cuts. Sweet! Love a good surprise like that! I even picked up a few gifts....I have 4 sister-in-laws with birthdays in June-August so I've gotta get busy! A few will be getting belated gifts (sorry!!!) and a few MAY be on time. Hopefully.

Here's the two new items I picked up to hang in my closet:

Hace Sol Peasant Top

Atomical Tee

I am super excited for the Hace Sol Peasant Top as I've been waiting for that to go on sale for a while now, but the Atomical Tee I'm not as sure about. I liked it when I tried it on at the store but I want to see what it looks like in my own bathroom mirror. Sometimes I get a completely different picture when I look in my bathroom mirror at home. We'll see!

There were a few other things I was tempted by but ultimately,I decided to pass...for now. You never know what could happen when and if they make 2nd cuts though!!!

Did you get anything?? Take advantage of the free shipping promo one last time? I wish that was sticking around longer!

Well, I'm off to bed. Gotta get some sleep to be able to survive my crew of three tomorrow! Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Cute outfit, the color of your cardi is awesome! I totally agree about the bachelorette...after loving last season ( I ADORE Ali), I'm not so sure about this one. Ashley is so insecure it's ridiculous! I think it's so funny how Ben and Constantine practically look like twins...I still at times get them confused!!

  2. love this outfit jeni! i really love it. the bachelorette was putting me to sleep the other night, i was wanting to fast forward through the entire episode. she doesn't want a cocktail party because she has made up her mind then she regrets it afterwards, grr she is so frustrating! meg

  3. Awe, you look so sweet and girly in that pretty little dress! Love it. I was so bored during the Bachelorette, too! UGH. Let's just get to the final episode already, we all know it's going to be Ben and JP! I got the Anadyomene cardigan in white on sale :) Can't wait to get it!

  4. Super cute dress. Love the bright pop of color with the cardi. I didn't end up getting anything this week from the Anthro sale . . . my hubby is about ready to have a shopping intervention for me :)

  5. Oh, that peasant top is so cute. I love the sheer detail along the neckline.

    And hwat a beautiful dress from Kristina J. And it really does look like it fits you perfectly -- it was clearly meant to be!

  6. So cute! Love that combination fo colors. Red and turquoise look great together.

  7. Love the dress on you! What a great win :)