Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Finds!

I love to see what other people are loving at the moment so here are a few things from my personal love list...welcome to "Friday Finds"!

Stroke of Midnight Dress

This lovely dress screams "Anthro" to me! This may or may not be on it's way to me (and I may or may not have even got it for 30% off with the code "PEOPLE"--which gives you 30% off all dresses and skirts through July 21st). Maybe. =)

Blinged out Nails--picture from Lyndar the Merciless (Found on Pinterest)

These are just so pretty! I saw a girl with nails like these last week when I was getting my hair done and after seeing them in real life I'm now ALMOST tempted to try it myself...even though I hardly ever paint my nails!

Chiseled Wedges

Oh my, these are pure eye candy! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Perhaps they'll go on sale in a few months in time for my birthday?? Perhaps.

Archer Farms Organic Raspberry Real Fruit Strips (Found at Target)

My friend Amy was in town visiting last month and she got me hooked on these. They are soooo good and are actually kind of good for you! They come in many flavors, but Raspberry is my favorite.

Project Runway-Season 9

It hasn't quite started yet but I'm including it on my list because I can't wait for season 9 to start!!! It was either this or list "The Bachelorette" as my summer TV go-to.(PS--where was the new "Bachelorette" episode last week---annoying!). Tune in July 28th to watch the new contestants "Make it Work" on Lifetime!

What have you found or loving right now that I must know about??? Do tell!


  1. that dress is amazing jenni and those nails are so pretty, take a picture if you do them yourself. have a great weekend! meg

  2. Wow, those nails look gorgeous! I also love the dress :) Great picks.

  3. That dress DOES look like an Anthro find! and the nails... I tried a similar look but my sparkle polish isn't the right consistency... will have to try again!

  4. Those nails are so fun! I too can't wait for Project Runway!

  5. Love those nails. I thought your new dress is Anthro. Totally. Hope it works well. I just tried the best mascara. I have to look for the packaging and add to my next blog post.

  6. Oooh, I like the blinged out nails!!!

  7. So, I tried those nails!!
    They aren't quite as perfect as those but I still love them! And they'll look perfect for a wedding I'm going to this weekend! Thanks for showing them :)

  8. Julie--I tried them last night too! Mine turned out just ok...I'm definitely no artist, that's for sure! Glad it worked out good for you! =)

  9. Project Runway! Can't wait!

  10. Those fruit strips are uh-maz-zing!!! Love them!