Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twas the Night before the big Sale...

Let's hope it's a big sale, right?!!! Bring it on peeps!! I have been (im)patiently been waiting for a few things to hit sale the past few months so I'm holding out hope that maybe those things will be on the marked down list at midnight tonight...and PS, yes, I'll take an extra 25% off all sale items, thank you very much (already excited to get a PA on my First Light Skirt I picked up on sale last Monday)! =)

So what's a girl to do to pass time before the big sale goes live? Watch The Bachelorette, of course! I'm getting ready to settle in for the most dramatic episode EVER (according to the promos). Just thought I'd stop in and show you what I wore today before I do. Today is the LAST day I'm acknowledging bad weather. Tomorrow, it's spring/summer weather or bust. No joke. The sandals are coming out ya'll (that's the hard-core southern talk I picked up from living in TX for 4 years). While running on my treadmill this morning, watching The Today Show, the local weather lady promised me temperatures in the 70's and 80's by mid-week so I'm holding her to it. So here's the LAST cold weather look you'll see from me this season:

-Sweater-Forever 21
-Long-Sleeve Top-Old Navy
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Earrings-J Crew Factory
-Ring-Forever 21

I've worn this look before...I think I wore different boots last time though....and I have longer hair now so it's totally different this time. =)

Will you be sale shopping into the wee hours tonight? Are you hoping for anything in particular to hit sale? Do you get all excited the night before a big Anthro sale like a little kid gets excited on Christmas Eve? Or is that just me? heehee

Happy Shopping!


  1. I'm excited for the sale but also afraid that it's going to be a big letdown like the last few weeks. Love the layered short-sleeve sweater look! And here's hoping for some warm weather for you. Oh, and I'm just about to watch the Bachelorette too and hoping for some drama tonight...and hoping that Bentley goes home, he's such a jerk.

  2. My goodness is it still quite cold where you are Jenni? You're all wrapped up like I would be in winter!

  3. Ok, Bentley was so crude and harsh. Why did he have to be such a tool?!
    Hope the sale was a hit for you! :) I'm on a big-time shopping ban (due to hubby's job situation) so I'm living vicariously through you all and your deals :) hahaha

  4. so maybe i missed something but why is there such a big sale going on?!!?!? how did i miss this!? i would love to know the details! :)

  5. Jessica--your wish has been granted. The evil one has left!! =) And I was kinda disappointed with the sale. =(

    Louise--it has been SOOO cold! I usually don't like to make it a habit to wear boots and sweaters in June! Thankfully the sun is out today.

    Leah--Totally agree...he was terrible! Good luck with your ban...stay strong!

    Brittany--It's just the 3rd week of the Anthropologie "Tag Sale". To be honest I was not super impressed with many of the new sale items this morning. All apparel (not jewelry, bags or shoes) that is in the sale section is now 25% off the listed sale prices. NO code needed...it gets taken off at checkout.

  6. I looked last nite and waited till this morning. I got my few items just in time because things went quickly! We'll see what the weather holds. I almost put on a wool poncho today *lol* but the sun came out.

  7. hey! can i have your email address?

  8. Diana--I just left it on your blog. =)

  9. I'd give an arm and a leg to be wearing warm weather clothes and actually NEED it here! The heat is getting SO old!! You look gorgeous. Love the layered belted sweater over the lovely purple!