Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not just for Sundays

Just a few years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing a skirt or dress on a weekday...I always thought of my dressier clothes (especially dresses) as only being for church on Sundays. Now, of course, I say dresses and skirts are for all days of the week! I try to mix it up a little each week during the summer...jeans (cropped, white, skinny, etc), skirts, dresses, even leggings once in a while. Today I decided to pull out this cute dress I got from Shabby Apple over 3 years ago...and guess what?! This is the FIRST time I've worn it on a day other than a Sunday! For real! I know, I'm such a rebel and all. =) I loved wearing this knit dress today...it was so comfy and helped me keep cool in the heat.

-Dress-Shabby Apple
-Steve Madden "Fantasik" Wedge Sandals-Endless
-Necklace-Loft Outlet
-Ring-Banana Republic
-Bracelet-Stella & Dot

Some people may think wearing a dress in the middle of the week for no particular reason is overdoing it but I happen to love getting all dressed up for no apparent reason so it works for me (now don't think this happens every day...there are days I don't get out of my gym clothes till 4pm...not everyday is a dress up day, I assure you).

I'm off to bed...tomorrow is a big day in our house...#2 turns five years old! When I was tucking him into bed tonight I was telling him that he's going to be five when he wakes up tomorrow morning and he got the biggest smile on his face...so priceless. He's just a little excited!

Have a great day!


  1. Love it! It is rare that I DON'T wear dresses during the weekdays, especially during the school year and even in the summertime. I find throwing on an easy jersey dress so much better and simpler than trying to match a top to bottoms. I'm just lazy, I guess! :)

    And happy birthday to your little man :)

  2. Dresses are my favorites!! I wear a dress atleast 3 to 4 times a week!! You look great! Hope #2 is having a Happy Birthday!

  3. I think it's fantastic to get all dressed up for no reason. Staying cooped up with kiddos day in and day out takes its toll. A pretty dress make a world of difference!

  4. that is so funny! I wore a dress yesterday too & I really thought people thought I was crazy, but I actually loved it! I will do it more often I think.
    ALSO that is so cute about your little boy before going to bed. I swear, little kids really know how to melt our hearts! I can't believe that in a few years MY little girl will be 5. Time just goes by too fast!

  5. Your shabby apple dress looks so comfy. Love the pink with it, too.

  6. Jenni you look so cute dressed up in that dress!! I wore a skirt to park days in our ward today and people were asking me if I was going anywhere! Funny!!! Have a wonderful time with the birthday celebrations!

  7. I remember wanting to be one year older. Where did that go!*lol* So cute, I can see him getting tucked in and all excited to be a bigger boy in the morning. It's too bad we see dresses as dressy in our area. I think this is not the case in some other cities/states. I wish people put a little more effort into their looks.

    The heat. Ugh.

  8. Sure, you can wear dresses all the time :) Love the bold necklace!

  9. Yeah, I get ask quite a bit why I am so dressed up! :) It's all in what you get use to as well... they are definitely breezy for the summer months.
    Your Shabby Apple dress is adorable! Hope your little man had a great 5th Bday!!!

  10. Ohhh I want your shoes! I about croaked when I entered Marshalls last night and there they were - even cheaper than online - but not my size! wahhhh. They are so cute!

  11. I'm like AppGal -- I often throw on a dress because its simpler and easier than picking out a "real" outfit. So, I think I reach for dresses out of laziness as well!

    I really love this chocolate brown dress. It is simple but has beautiful details. And your necklace stands out against the solid backdrop

  12. I love this dress! You look so adorable! I feel the same way about dressing up during the week. Sometimes I do think it's over the top, but then I'm like who cares what other people think! :) Happy Birthday to your little man!