Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winding Roads

Hi everyone! How's your Wednesday going? Mine has been busy....I got up early to run, I went to the gym, got my older boys registered for swimming lessons in June right after school gets out, I took all three kiddos to get their dental check-ups and now I'm back home to work on some more laundry, homework and figure out what's for dinner. I'm thinking it's a breakfast for dinner kind of night.

Today I pulled out one of my first few Anthro purchases from last summer...the Winding Roads tank. I loved this tank the second I saw it and waited patiently for it to go on sale. This yellow tank has been a great purchase and has gotten great wear. Here's how I styled it today:

-Tank-Winding Roads Tank
-Cardigan-Old Navy
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-BP "Berty" Sandals-Nordstrom
-Bracelet-Stella and Dot
-Lucky Brand Necklace-Macy's

Have you looked on Anthropologie lately? I swear every time I get on there I add 5 new things to my wish many pretty things! Here's a few things that are catching my eye this week:

Loving this new color:

SOOOO cute!!!

Perfect summer top:

Anyone else excited about the possibility of a tag sale next week? Can't wait!!!!

Ok...I'm off to whip up some waffles...have a great night!


  1. You look lovely! Love those heels too!

  2. I wish now that i see that cardi on i would have bought it!! Love the springy colors!!!Funny you mentioned breakfast for supper....that is what we are having!! Eggs, bacon, and toast! I have to ask about the turquoise that your front door? Very pretty!

  3. Glad to know that I am not the only one that runs a "mommy taxi". I make my neighbors dizzy from all the back and forth my car does each day (-: To school, back, practices, back - haaaa. Love the cardi. It looks like an Anthro one. I am going to have to beef up my cardigans. You have such a great collection. I will take a look at Old Navy.

  4. Oops! Meant to put this comment on the Winding Roads post (-:

  5. I loved that tank-looks so cute!

  6. What is a tag is that different from a regular sale?

  7. Your waffles for dinner sound like a hit! Better than my bowl of cereal last night :) No, I am not kidding.

    I love the color of your sandals!!

  8. Jenny--thanks! Yes, that's my front door...I used to think it was kind of an odd color for a front door (we are just renting this house) but now I kind of like it for picture backgrounds! I also just realized I never answered your question about how the Forever 21 Maxi dresses fit...sorry! I am usually a size X-Small or Small in dresses and I took a Small in the F21 MAxis. I'm not ever sure they had X-Small to be honest. I am rarely an X-Small in F21 things because they make clothes with the teenage body in mind...the kind that haven't had kids yet! =) The Small in the Maxi dresses was perfect for me...but if I was a lot bigger in the chest I'm not sure how well it would have fit. The fabric is knit so it has some stretch but it may have been a little small for larger chested women. Hope that helps!

    Fatima--thanks! =)

    Carolyn--You're so nice...thanks! I have just that...a collection of cardigans. I don't collect knick-knacks...I collect cardigans and shoes! =)


    Ali--the tag sale is a semi-annual event at Anthro where a TON of things are marked down...and at the holiday tag sale there was an extra 25% off of anything on's Anthro's best sale time of he year!

    Leah--Thanks girlie! I can't tell you how many times I have had cereal for's a staple! =)

  9. Love the first shirt. You are right, great color!

  10. I love the yellow with that cardi - I will need to try a similar combo - you look so pretty! And bonus points for coordinating with your front door - what a cute backdrop!

  11. I love the winding roads tank and wish I had the yellow now that I see it on you! You look great! I am so happy to hear of other moms who do breakfast for dinner ... when my husband is traveling the kids and I love it! Feels like such a treat! Have a great day!

  12. Really love this looks so breezy and effortless, yet totally adorable!!

  13. Love this outfit on you! :) You look great. I wish I would have picked that Top up now!