Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Search for White Denim and an OOTD

Happy Tuesday everyone! I woke up to the sun shining into my room this morning so that alone puts me in a great mood! We're headed to my parent's house today to celebrate my dad's birthday. They only live about an hour away so it's not too far. I feel very fortunate to be able to live so close to them...we'll be moving next summer so we have to take advantage of it while we can!

On our way there this morning I'm planning on making a pit stop at Gap...it's the closest Gap to my house. Yesterday I wanted to wear my white boot cut jeans since it was so nice out and really felt like spring, but when I put them on I found they were too big for me. They were borderline big last season (I bought them during my post-pregnancy weight loss era after #3 came along) so I guess it's time to face the facts and find a new pair that actually fit since I'm back to my normal weight for good now. I saw a few pairs online at Gap that were cute but wanted to try them on first before ordering any.

I always worry about sheerness, length and of course overall fit when it comes to white denim. Hopefully they'll be fully stocked at the store so I can get a good overall idea of what they have to offer. I do have a pair of skinny/straight leg white denim from J Crew Outlet that I love but I have to roll them because they're a bit too long. I like them that way and still wear them but I would love a wider-leg pair that falls at the perfect spot without having to mess with them. Do you have a pair of white denim that you love? Please share!

Since I couldn't wear my white denim I had to come up with a different outfit instead...here's what I wore:

-Deco Page Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Pink Top-Roxy
-Cap-Sleeve undershirt-Shade Clothing
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-BP Berty Sandals-Nordstrom (LOVE!!!)
-Bangles-Forever 21

Ok, I'm off to get my day started. Hope you have a great one!!!


  1. is that the gap skinny boot? I wanted to try those on, but my local gap (which is HUGE) didn't have them! I ended up with the curvy fit white jeans - I really like them, but they are a touch sheer (nude undies are a must - I can see my light grey ones right through). Noramlly I like the Gap Sexy Boot, but I think that since the Curvy is looser through the thigh it's probably good since I've got the figure of a former figure skater (aka muscular things).

  2. Cute outfit, I love those shoes! Every time I try white jeans on I feel like they just don't look right on me. Maybe I'll have to give them another try.

  3. 7 for all mankind! they alter for free at nordstroms/macys on full price pants, and they always go on sale on the 7FAM website (sign up for emails and they send you a discount code)

  4. Love white denim but you are right it is very tough to find good options. I do love your ootd!

  5. Love white denim and did score a nice pair of bootleg cut at the BR Outlet in Vacaville last year. Good luck in your search!


  6. Darling outfit!!! I can't wait to see the white jeans you find! I have a bunch of 'fat clothes' too!:)

  7. You might try the J Crew bootcuts. I tried them in this post. Of course I'm much shorter than you, so I can't comment on length ;-)

  8. I love all of the detailing on your top and cardi!

  9. I wish I could provide some white denim advice but white bottom and I don't mix - I become a ketchup magnet!

    I can't wait to see you rock your new white denim though!

  10. I love white denim, I just ordered a maternity pair from ON, but that doesn't help...hope the Gap pair worked out perfectly! I LOVE this outfit, your new shoes look so pretty and I really, really want that cardigan...maybe Ebay will come through for me one day! Hope you had a great time celebrating with your dad :)

  11. Hi Jenni! I'm a new follower of your blog. You are super cute and I love your style:-)
    I have never tried white denim, but am deteremined to this spring, so I look forward to seeing what you get. I will probably start my search at GAP also.
    Love the skinnies you picked for today:-)

  12. Oh my...wasn't the weather perfect today?! You look so cute today. I love your outfit and its feminine touches. All of the colors and textures go so well together. I bought some white denim from Express last season and I love it. I fits perfect without any sheerness. They also carry short, regular and long lengths which I love. I hope you're enjoying your evening and I hope you had fun at your parents house (you passed right by me!) :)

  13. Ashley--I;m in agreement with you...the Curvy Jeans were my fave! I'll write more about them in my next post.

    Jess-YOu could TOTALLY pull off white jeans...in fact, you must! Try it! You'd be so cute in them!

    Tricia--thanks...ya, I have a pile of clothes to get rid of that were my post-pregnancy clothes...done having kids now so I can toss them I suppose!

    Amaranta-Thanks for the tip! I'll have to sign-up!

    Shana-Thanks! =)

    ElleMarie--I just tried that Banana store the other day but came up empty handed...boo! That outlet is so hit or miss for me for some reason. Sometimes I find great things and other times nothing.

    Gigi--thanks for the tip!


    Lisa--oh, I totally know what you mean...with three boys I am always s worried I'll get my white pants dirty but I love the way they look so I deal with it.

    Jan--thanks! =) I bet you'll be so cute in your maternity stuff! I found this cardigan on the EA trade market...you never know when one will pop up!

    Kara--nice to meet you! THanks for stopping by! I'll post about the Gap choices in my next post...maybe that'll help. Can't wait to wear some white...makes me feel like spring is here!

    Liz--YES! My kids were out riding their bikes and scooters and I loved the awesome weather! I hadn't thought to look at Express...good idea! I always just think of them as dressy pants but duh--they have jeans too! I thought of you as I drove through EDH! =)

  14. Such a bright springy look!


  15. So stinking but girl! I found some awesome flared white pants from Banana last year, you could check there if you haven't already ;)!

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