Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anthro Dressing Room Reviews: Vegas Edition (Part 2)

Happy Saturday everyone! So I finally got around to getting the rest of these reviews put together..I'm clearly moving slow this week! =)


Ascending Roses Top (Now on sale for $29.95)

I had tried this top on before in a size small and found it to be too big in the bust so I finally came across an X-Small at this store. It fit great! The length was even pretty ok..not too short as I feared it might be. I picked it up on sale last week all excited to wear it, however when I got it on at home and looked at myself in the mirror in my bathroom I saw how truly see-through it was. I could totally see right through it and was not excited about that so it's going back. I was kinda bummed as I didn't feel it was see-through at all in the dressing room mirrors. I can't tell you how many times I have found the dressing room mirrors at Anthro to be misleading. I see one thing in their mirror and a totally different thing in my mirror at home. I think it has to do with the terrible lighting in their dressing rooms. All well. Next!

Time-For-Tea Shirt-Green motif ($58)

I tried this top on in an X-Small and found the fit to be quite off on me. The shoulders/arms were just too puffy for my liking and the whole top felt boxy. I know it doesn't look super boxy in the picture, but it was. Pass!

Falling Petals Top-Ivory motif ($68)

I don't know what it about flowy tops lately...I'm drawn to them for some reason but they just don't like me and my smaller frame very much. I should just turn my head when I see them from now on. Very few look good on me. I tried this on in an X-Small and found it to be HUGE! I mean, I know it's suppose to be kind of big with how it's designed, but it was just too much for me. I also found it to be too short in the front for my liking. Back to the rack.

Ackee Pencil Skirt-($138)

In the back of my head I've been thinking for a long while that I wanted to find a red skirt...I've just not come across anything I love yet. Finally, I saw this in the store and was a little curious! It's not a print I would typically see and fall in love with but I thought I'd give it a try anyways I tried on the size 2 and 4 and found the size 2 to fit perfectly, so I'd say this skirt fits TTS. I actually really love this's super cute paired with the grey Gathering Tank and I could also see it being very cute with yellow, navy, white and black. This is on my wish list until sale time.

Nana's Doily Top-($128)

I tried this top in a size 0 as I found it to run big. I like the idea of would be really cute with jeans, a long colorful necklace and a bright pair of sandals for spring but I think it's back to rack for now with the $128 price tag. I'll give it another look when it hits sale.

Eyes-Have-It Cardigan ($128)

I didn't like this cardigan on me at all. The colors looked awful on me, I wasn't crazy about the pattern once it was on...just an all around NO. The only thing I liked was the fit. This was an X-Small and it fit great. It'll be cute on many others...just not me.

Striped Borders Boyfriend Cardi- ($118)

This is a cute neutral sweater to have on hand, but nothing special. I tried it on in an X-Small and the size was good. It's certainly not worth $118 in my opinion. Pass for now.

Visionary Skirt-($98)

HOLY UNFLATTERING is all I have to say. Have I had three kids? UM, yes. Can you tell in this skirt? UM, YES! Hello hips! Wow. I have seen a few cute pleated skirts online at a few different sites and wondered how they would look on me so I thought I'd give this one a try. Now I know...NOT good. I tried this on in a size 2 and it just didn't look good. All well, you can't win them all. Pass!!!

Cultural Heritage Skirt-($128)

I'll end my reviews with this cute skirt that I totally loved! I tried this on in a size 2 and found it to be a perfect like a glove. I don't remember the skirt being too long but in this picture it looks it...I'll have to check on that I guess. I think it's just the angle I was shooting from that makes it look that way. It would be darling paired with pink, yellow and green. I LOVE that polka dot strip at the cute and unique. I am holding out for a sale on this one...wish listed!

So what do you think? Likes? Dislikes? Are you excited about any of these items?? Since I've done these reviews there's been a whole new batch of cute things show up online that I want to try on...the cycle never ends! I'm headed to my local Anthro this afternoon to make a few returns but I'll have my kids in tow so I'm not sure how much I'll get to accomplish while I'm there. I'm guessing not much. All well. At least I'll get to walk around and glance at all the pretty things! =)

Have a great day!


  1. First time commenting, but I came upon your blog a few months ago and love it because our frames are similar in size, so it's like you're trying the clothes on for me! lol. I love the ascending roses top on you- I must admit I've never thought much about it on line but I'm curious to see what it looks like in person now. Would it look awful to put a tank under it? Love the Ackee pencil skirt on you as well as the cultural heritage.. I too am waiting for sale time on these. I must say that I adore the eyes have it cardigan and am happy to hear that it wasn't too big. Bummer that you didn't like it, though!

  2. I love the skirts you like too! I tried on the Visionary- horrid! I hated it on me.
    Love all the reviews!

  3. I love seeing your reviews! Makes me want to get to a store and see all these goodies in person! The Ackee Skirt is my favorite on you from this round, I really love the color!

  4. The cultural heritage skirt is my fav.

    (For me, the flowy tops are too trendy to spend Anthro prices on. Plus, they look terrible on me.)

  5. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh... I need the doily top! It looks so cute on you. Hopefully it will go on sale soon! xoxo Kiki

  6. Vegas edition? Are you at the anthro in Caesars? I love that place! So handy, because I cannot stand to gamble, but do love to shop!!!!

  7. Yup! I was there a few weekends ago. The store was awesome and the staff was super helpful!

  8. My favorite is the red skirt. So cute.