Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anthro Dressing Room Reviews: Vegas Edition (Part 1)

Hi there! So I FINALLY went through and edited all the pictures I took from my little 2 1/2 hour field trip to Anthropologie two weekends ago. I tried on lots of new items and fell in love with many. My wish list is insane right now! I did end up taking a handful of fun things home...only because I was on vacation and my husband loves me enough to tell me I should. I couldn't pass up the chance. =) So let's get right to it:

Oil Paints Cardigan ($118) and The Gathering Tank ($48)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cardigan! I love that it's 3/4 sleeve and the combination of colors it has. I am wearing it in size X-Small and it fit like a glove. This is high on my wish list for sale time as I feel the price tag is quite high right now. The Gathering Tank is another favorite from this is so cute! I found this top to run small...I usually wear size X-Small in Deletta tops but the X-Small was both too short and tight so I am wearing a size Small here. It fit great. The grey is wish listed for sale time.

The Gathering Tank ($48) in the green motif

So here it is again...size Small. I HAD to have this color, no's gorgeous! I knew it would sell out fast so it came home with me. Can't wait to wear it!

Cinchona Cardigan ($118) again with The Gathering Tank in green

This is another cardigan that I really loved. It looks SUPER cute with the green top underneath too! This cardigan does run SUPER big and I'm almost sized out in the X-Small but I would go with it. This is another that is on my wish list...I'll be waiting till it hits sale to add it to my closet.

Borrowed Boyfriend Cardi ($78) in the Turquoise motif and the Eastpointe Garden Top ($58) in the yellow motif

I have tried on this top before in size 2 but felt it was a little too flowy so I was hoping I could try on a size 0 to see the difference. This is indeed a size 0 and it fit much better...definitely the way to go for me. I thought it was cute paired with this size X-Small cardigan...I love turquoise and yellow together. This top came home with local store was sold out in my size so since I found one in Vegas I thought I'd grab it up while I could. The sweater, while very cute, is WAY overpriced for how sheer and lightweight it is. It's on my wish list for sale time.

Loop Stack Cardigan ($98) paired with The Gathering Tank in grey

I tried this on in a size Small and it was WAY too big. Unfortunately they didn't have an X-Small in the store to try. I like this cute's a little whimsical and would be fun to layer over a dress or just with jeans and a tank. Wish listed for sale time!

Drop Me A Line Tee ($88)

I grabbed this on the way to the dressing room at the last second...the color combination is what caught my eye. I'm still undecided about feels borderline too big but I don't know if that's just because it's longer than what I normally wear or what. This is an X-Small. I like it because it's unique...kind of a fun piece to have. You could layer it, belt it, wear it with boots or flats...lots of possibilities. For now it's wish listed...any opinions on this top based on these pictures would be appreciated!

Cherangani Henley ($78)

I tried this top on in size X-Small and from the moment I put it on it was a no. It fit fine but I just wasn't a fan of the print/pattern. Next!

Go For Baroque Peasant ($78) in the Blue motif

This top is pretty much the Bianka Blouse in new prints...very cute! I have no plans to buy another shirt like this so I'm just gonna say I liked it in size 0 (which is shown here) and it fits well. Very cute! This is a pass for me for now, but it's adorable for someone who missed out on the Bianka for sure!

Alrighty...I have some more reviews but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm off to bed.


  1. Thank you for the reviews. I like the Gathering Tank. I also like the Loop Stack cardigan -- wish it were lower priced.

  2. I love the oil paints cardigan and the gathering. They look great on you!

  3. I also love the Oil Paints Cardigan and The Gathering Tank! My 2nd FAV is Borrowed Boyfriend Cardi in the Turquoise motif and the Eastpointe Garden Top! Just my opinion here, but the Drop Me A Line Tee is different in an odd way. The fit and pattern.
    Fun reviews - thanks!!

  4. I feel like Anthro's patterns this season is not to my liking. It's a bit too much. I do think that the Drope Me A Line Tee is a little big and over whelming on you. Especially from the side.

  5. Oooh I love the Gathering Tank in the green, I had it in my cart but didn't submit the order quickly enough and it sold out - I should call stores for that one - such a pretty color! It looks great on you! I really love you in that first cardi too!

    My take on the Drop me a Line Tee - it looks much too big on you...BUT, selfishly, that could be a great maternity top for moi ;)

  6. Hi Jenni-
    Which Las Vegas Anthro did you go to? I will be at Green Valley Ranch (technically in Henderson) in a few weeks for my hubby's triathlon and know they have one there...

  7. Lady Cardigan--I hear ya! It seems like a lot of the sweaters lately have been over $100 so I guess we should consider the Loop Stack a steal! =)


    Leah and Cindi--I have to agree with you...the Drop me a Line Tee is a little odd. I also agree with Cindi--after looking at these pictures again I think it is too big on my frame...all well.

    Jan--you should totally find that green would be so cute on you! ANd yes...what a great maternity look the Drop me a Loine tee would be...on you though it might just be a dress! It wa super long! =)

    Megan--I went to the Anthro at the Forum Shops at Caesar's palace actually since we were staying on the strip. It was a pretty good one--well stocked overall and a really great, friendly and helpful staff!

  8. amaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!! youre sooooo cute!!!! I absolutely love anthro...but my wallet doesnt :) haha

  9. My favorites on you are the gathering tee and chincona. If you could only get the cinchona over the oil paints, I'd vote cinchona. I love the drop me a line tee on you. It's loose, but not sloppy. Stylish & I like the colors.

  10. I love the first cardi!! I love that cute top you took home!

  11. the green gathering tank is a superstar--glad you grabbed one, it looks fab on you. annnnd...pretty much all of these would be welcomed with open arms in my closet. (opinion: i think you're right that the one shirt, drop a line?, is a little too overwhelming for your teensy self.)
    looks like fun. was your husb there? what a good sport if he was. mine would've preferred to gouge himself in the eyes with the plastic price-tag-holder-on things than sit through a little slice of heaven like that. but i love him anyway!

  12. This post is making me want more printed prettiness in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Ashley--thanks! If onlyl money grew on trees, right?!!

    Gigi--Thanks! I appreciate your input! That Cinchona cardi is SOOO cute! =)

    Tricia--thanks, girl!

    Brittney--Thanks! And oh my gosh, no way would I bring my husband in with me to the dressing room...he'd be in such a hurry to get out! =) He was at a conference all day so I headed in fun! =)

    Kristen--I know, I always feel like I need more print!!!

  14. I totally fell in love with the Go for Baroque blouse today...and only tried it on because it was so cute on you! I missed out on the floral Bianka so it's perfect. Thanks for all the pics and reviews! Glad you had a good trip :)