Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All About Anthropologie

Happy Monday everyone! I'm not gonna lie, it was painful getting up this morning in the total dark to run on my treadmill before my kids woke up...painful! The morning after daylight savings time in the spring is always the worst! After a pretty good day I'm now sitting here having a date with my DVR watching the season finale of The Bachelor...and looking forward to the "After the Final Rose" episode as well. Can it get any better? =) Um, yes it could...if Anthro has a fabulous sale and I get a price adjustment on my Monthly Meet-Up Pullover! Crossing my fingers!

Here's what I wore to church yesterday...it was an outfit entirely made up of Anthro pieces--except for the jewelry (not sure I've ever done that before--maybe once or twice??):

-Floral Frappe Top-Anthropologie
-Easy Keeper Skirt-Anthropologie
-Slinking Frills Pumps-Anthropologie
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Ring-Forever 21

I've made a few purchases in the last few weeks I'm excited about. That being said, I decided to change my budget up a little this month. I knew I would take this budget business month by month when I started a few months ago. I knew some months would be better than others. This month...not so good. I've decided to go off a wish list for the rest of the month instead of solely going by a budget. I'm not doing this so I can go crazy and buy up everything I want or anything (well, maybe a little. Just Kidding...No!). After my Vegas trip I made a list of the things I really loved and wanted to add to my closet. It's a big list so I still have to be choosy. I'm trying to really choose pieces that I can create several outfits with and that can easily blend in with what I already own. I had initially intended to stick to my budget again this month but it's just one of those months...I'm failing miserably. I'll own up to it! Because of that, I'm switching to the "list" from here on out instead. If I can get a PA on the Monthly Meet-Up Pullover that'll help too so please go one sale!!! If it does go on sale I'll just use that money I get back and add it to my spending money this month. It's money already spent from February so if I get it back it's like free money to spend and go towards March right? Right. So basically this is one of those months where pretty things are making me feel happy. Hopefully next month I will do better. Ok, now that I got that out of the way (guilt-ridden and shamed) I can move on. =)

Here's what I've purchased in March so far:

BP "Berty" Sandals in Seafoam (Nordstrom)

I saw Kim post these on her blog (Anthroholic) last week and could not stop thinking about them for like 5 days straight. I was in love! At that point I just gave in and ordered them. I don't own shoes this color and I don't have any heels this height. My shoes are all either flats or 4" tall for the most part so these are a fun departure from the norm. They are super cute and versatile...they could go with skirts or jeans. I ordered a 1/2 size down (per the majority of the reviews) and they should fit perfect (I later tried on the black version in the store in a size 8 1/2 which I ordered and they fit great). I can't wait for them to arrive...any day now!

Xhilaration Sinead Peep-Toe Flats (Target)

I saw these when I was walking through Target one day and couldn't pass them up. I searched for a cute flat yellow shoe last summer and could never find the right shade of yellow so when I saw these, they had to be mine! For $19.99 they're a steal.

Maryam Tank (Anthropologie)

I have held out waiting for this thing to go on sale for forever and it's just not happening so before it is completely sold out everywhere (which it nearly already is) I tracked one down. I would be mad at myself if I didn't because it's a great layering piece and so versatile. I haven't even tried it on yet so who knows...I may not even like it...but if I do, it'll be a keeper.

J Crew Factory Printed Poplin Skirt--got this for 30% off.

I saw this reviewed on AppGal HERE and bolted to my factory outlets to try it on soon after. On me it ran big...I took it in a 0. I love it. It's the perfect spring/summer skirt to wear everyday or to dress it up a little to wear to church on Sunday.

And here's what's on my wish list for the rest of the month--of course I would only consider getting any of these if they went on sale:

The only other thing I would love to find is a great pair of really dark trouser jeans. I have a pair of trouser pants that I wore in Vegas but just didn't like the way they fit. They are too long and too lightweight...just not my favorites. I want a pair of actual denim trouser jeans this time around, not pants that look like trouser jeans.

Ok...there you have it. I'm super flawed, sorta obsessed with pretty things and love an Anthro sale. Guilty as charged. Hope you can forgive me! =)

Brad just dumped the "other girl"...sad.

I just read a few tips on what's on sale tonight...looks like a few things on my list might be!!! =)

Happy Sale Shopping (and budget busting--be careful).


  1. You look so polish with your all anthro outfit :-) Lucky to get the polka dot skirt. I put it on my shopping cart and hesitated about the size, then it is all gone! did you drive all the way to gilroy for it? You will love Maryam Tank because it is so much fun!

  2. Inkmark--thanks! No...we have an outlet mall 10 minutes from my house luckily so it's not far at all.

  3. I got the Easy Keeper skirt in the same colorway in NYC, but I am so unsure of it. I tried on the 4 & 6, and bought the size, but now at home it looks a little loose. I have always loved it, since the day it released. I don't know why I am so unsure of it.... Thinking of returning.

  4. Love your Easy Keeper outfit, the skirt is killer on you! And it looks like some of your wishlist items hit sale this morning - hooray!

  5. Those seafoam shoes are heaven! As is the polka dot skirt! Who doesn't love polka dots!


  6. modernmom--I tried the Easy Keeper on a few different times and had a change of heart about the size I got in the end. I went with a smaller size so the waistband didn't stick out so far...and it fits fine. Maybe try to track down the other size again and see how you feel about it then??

    Jan--thanks gilie! Yup, a good sale...a few things are on their way to me. =) DId you pick anything up?

    Shana-Exactly, right? I love a cute polka dot anything! =)

  7. You must have a closet too die for. You have so many great pieces. Can't wait to see how you style your wish list items. I've been pretty good lately. I cleaned my closets and sold a ton on Ebay. Now I have room for Summer stuff!! LOL!!

  8. I LOVE that polka dot skirt!!! a-ma-zing.


  9. YAY for the polka dot skirt! can't wait to see you in it. Love the Easy Keeper skirt on you. I wore mine yesterday and it always perks me up.