Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Month and an OOTD

Happy February!! I'm excited for a new month. A new month means I get a fresh start on my budget which I've already happened to use a lot of today, the first day of the month. At least there's only 27 days left! Darn Anthro sale anyways. It's looking to be a big sale tomorrow so I had to pick and choose a few items I really wanted to add my to closet. I could have easily added a few more things to my order tonight, but I didn't. I'm happy with what I did pick up, however:

I will be returning my full-priced purple Volante Tee that still has the tags on it to just about cover the cost of re-buying that and adding the beige motif to my closet (can't beat two for the price of one). I was lucky to be able to find both in my size all over again today. I could not pick between these two colors...I love them both and see them having totally different functions in my wardrobe. What did come out of my February budget were the Fresh Perspective Cardigan and the Soldierly Sparkle Top. I've tried them both on in the past and have been stalking both recently so I can't wait to get my hands on them!

So today I went my closet! I pulled out some older pieces that needed a little love:

-Ruffle Neck Top-Forever 21 (Winter 2008)
-Wool Cardigan-Shade Clothing (Fall 2008)
-Black Rockstar Leggings-Old Navy (Fall 2010)
-Slouchy Boots-Kohl's (Winter 2009)
-Ruffle Belt-Gap (Fall 2010)
-Flower Hair Pin-J Crew Outlet
-Earrings-Forever 21

I love going through my closet and finding things I haven't worn for a while but still love...makes me feel like my purchase has been validated! =)

I think I'm off to bed. I know there will be lots of buzz with Anthro's sale come midnight but since I've already scored my items I think I'll catch a few extra zzzz's.

Happy Sale Shopping!!!


  1. Ooh great buys! I love Volante tee!!! It was on my wishlist for awhile. Sigh! I've been shopping in my closet for awhile! Doesn't it feel great when you forgot about a piece and you find it and it's like new? haha!

  2. You're such a smartie to just place an order and go to bed! I think I'm going to wait and see what I come across in the store. I'm hoping to pick up the Volante Tee - I've never tried it on but it looks great on everyone I've seen it on.

  3. The sale got me good this morning! I needed a couple of those pieces to take to Disney with me (Deuxhill and Soldierly Sparkle) so I'm glad we finally saw markdowns on some pieces that were holding out!

  4. Great buys!! I've been trying to shop my closet a lot too, b/c I'm just not ready to buy for spring when it's so cold out. And I'm done with winter!!

  5. I called Vegas today and got the Voltane and the Soldierly! :)

  6. Great picks that will be great for spring!

  7. I love rediscovering an old favorite in my closet and realizing the love affair never ended. Such a satisfying feeling!

  8. Hey Jenni. :) Thanks for commenting and being so supportive! I really appreciate it! :) You're awesome!! So this cardi is so freakn' CUTE! I don't think I ever saw this in stores. Was it at the Roseville store? What other colors did it come in? How much is it? Sorry for the 20 questions, it just looks so cute! I also picked up those two tops as well! I got the Soldierly top in the Moss and white but I might return one and get the pink! These are going to look so great on you and I can't wait to see how you style them. I still love your Peppered and Striped styling with the purple Volante Tee. I might just be wearing it like very soon! :) Hope you're enjoying your day!

  9. I love that all your sale buys fit beautifully into a soft and romantic color palette! I am really feeling the love for pale pink and blush shades lately and really wish I had thought to pick up the Fresh Perspective Cardi -- I'll have to check out my local store later and see!