Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Trip to J Crew

On Friday I headed out to J Crew to take a look at the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton in the Citron color (what looks to be a nice lemony-yellow in the product picture online). When I arrived at the store I found that the cute lemony-yellow skirt in the picture is actually really cute...but in a neonish-green sorta way. IT'S NOT YELLOW AT ALL! Shame on J Crew for that misleading picture. Even though the skirt wasn't exactly the color I was looking for, I still really liked it (just not for the wedding). Besides trying on the skirt, I grabbed a whole handful of things to try out. Here's a few reviews:

No. @ Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton (Citron color)-$98

This skirt, as mentioned above, has a lime greenish tone to it. You can't really tell that from the picture but it does. Trust me. It's really cute! It runs a little big...I tried on the 2 and it was way too big, so if I get it I would get a 0 (that's what I'm wearing here). The material is fabulous--great feel and very durable. I'm a fan!

Nickleby Bib Top (Dark Slade Color)-$79.50 (it was marked down to $39.99 in-store)

I tried both the 0 and the 2 in this top. While I liked the fit of the 0, I found the 2 to be a better match for me as it had a little more length (I'm wearing the 2 here). That being said, the 2 was a bit more blousey. I like the ruffle at the bottom and think the color is really pretty. I used this top to try on both the pencil skirts I brought in with me and with the No. 2 skirt it was fine (because it's thicker and you couldn't see the outline of the ruffles underneath) but with the Aurora Tweed pencil skirt you could see the outline of the ruffles because it wasn't a very thick skirt. I was tempted to bring this top home with me at the sale price, but just wasn't sold on the fit. If there's another drop in price I may reconsider.

Aurora Tweed Pencil Skirt (Smoldering Brick Color)-$118

The colors of this skirt are AMAZING! I really think it's a beautiful skirt, and I don't usually swoon over anything orange. The fit on this was pretty TTS...I tried a 0 and it fit but hugged a little too tight around my bum for my liking. The size 2 (which is what I'm wearing here) was a much better fit (even a little generous). The material of the skirt doesn't feel heavy at all which is perfect for spring. Being a tweed I am surprised! I will definitely be keeping this skirt on my radar and hope to score it if it's still around when/if it hits sale.

Bevin Blouse (White Ash color)-$88 (it was marked down to $49.99 in-store)

So this was the big surprise of the day...I had ALMOST included it on my wish list for February and then decided against it. When I saw it in the store I figured I'd give it a try. I tried on the 0 and the 2 and the 0 was plenty big. It is sooo cute! I love the cute scallops on the bottom and the fit...a bit blousey but fitted at the sleeves so it has a bit of a puff to them. I was VERY tempted to take this one home with me but am gonna hold out and see if it drops in price again. It' about sold out online I noticed so it may be hard to find. We'll see.

Scallop Lace Shell (Weathered Sage color)-$48

I tried this on with the cardigan I wore into the store because I forgot to grab another one. This tank was just ok for me...nothing too special. I like the contrast of colors in it, but I think the sage color is kind of drab. Unless it hits sale for an amazing price this is a pass.

And here's what I wore yesterday:

-Tank (blush color)-J Crew
-Neapolitan cardigan-J Crew
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Kenneth Cole Earrings-Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver

Gotta show some J Crew love when you visit J Crew, right?! =)

I just got home from "date night" with my husband and some friends. Us ladies went to Anthropologie for a bit where I was able to try on that mystery dress (yellow on top and yellow/silvery-grey and black floral print on bottom) everyone is buzzing about in Anthro blog land. I was hoping it would work for my wedding guest dress for next month since it has the exact color combination I'm looking for, and guess worked!!! It's GORGEOUS and I am so excited to have gotten it! I'll have pictures of it, as well as dressing room reviews of some other items on my next post. I'm just so over the moon excited to have finally found a dress for this wedding, and for settling on a dress that is so versatile! Endless possibilities, I tell ya. I see myself wearing this one year round. I hear this dress is flying off the racks all over...even my store only had about 4-5 left. It's pretty darn cute so if you're interested you may want to grab one up while you can!

It's late so I am headed for bed...hope you all had a great night!!


  1. Jenni, thank you for the reviews. I bought the bevin back in Dec. and love it. I really love the pencil skirts too. Glad you found your dress.

  2. Great reviews Jenni! I thought the same thing about the pencil -- the pic is so misleading. I love the neony greenness of it, but I'm betting others might be disappointed. Love that Bevin blouse on you and hope they restock (and go to sale!) Nickleby is really cute too! Hooray about that Anthro dress -- it will be perfect!! So glad you found it.

  3. Hi Jenni,

    I was disappointed in the color on the No 2 pencil skirt too! I was really looking forward to a lemony-yellow skirt. I imagined some really cute outfits involving blue;) It'll be a pass for me since I have a Factory pencil skirt in just about an identical color.

    You look fantastic in the tweed pencil. I'd like to try that one. My store didn't have it yet.

  4. Great reviews! I am somewhat disappointed that the citron skirt is not a lemony yellow. I am sure that it is still cute, but I was really hoping for a more true yellow. The Bevin blouse looks beautiful on you.

  5. I am thrilled for you that the search is over for the perfect dress to wear to the wedding - you will be gorgeous! I love that tweed pencil skirt, the fit looks great on you!

  6. Yeah on your dress find at Anthro for the wedding! I love your Neapolitan cardigan outfit - that was one of my Jcrew favs.

  7. I can't wait to see pictures of your new Anthro dress. I'm glad you found something you love to wear to the wedding. I'm also excited for your reviews.

  8. Love the Bevin blouse. I wish they had it in that color and my size online. :(

  9. You look great in the outfit you wore to the store! I also really like some of the pieces you reviewed, especially the Bevin blouse. So cute! I'll be looking out for it online - thanks for the review!

  10. I saw both of those skirts the other day at JCrew. I agree, the color of the skirt is totally different than the picture they show...but I did like it! I think the second orange skirt is awesome...if I wasn't on a no buy, I would pick that baby up!

  11. The nickleby looks really good tucked in. I really like the scalloped bottom on the Bevin& ended up getting it on sale. Sizes were running low.