Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anthro Dressing Room Reviews--including THE DRESS!

Hi there! It's Monday!! Will there or won't there be a sale at Anthro tomorrow? Who knows. They are sneaky people over there at Anthro and like to change it up just to drive us all crazy it seems (like last week). Regardless, I still love that place. It's a love-hate. On Saturday I happened to LOVE them as I finally found the perfect dress to wear to the wedding I'm attending next month. It is GORGEOUS! But let's save the best for last shall we? I tried on quite a few items...most I took pictures of, a few I didn't. The BIGGEST disappointment of the night was the fact that the "A-Bit Unruly Top" didn't work for me at all. I have been lusting after this top since it hit the website and was so sure it would find it's way into my closet but after trying it on in both size x-small and small (the x-small fit me better) I found that the dip in the front was just too low and the arm holes were just too big for my liking. Major bummer. I will say I much preferred the newer green motif over the other two...it is such a cute color! Anyhow, I did go on to find a few winners that are for sure wish listed and some that I'm unsure of so any opinions are quite welcome on any of the items I review. Just a warning...some of the pictures turned out pretty fuzzy--I was literally trying things on so fast at the end as the store was closing so I got a little careless in the photo taking department--sorry! Here we go:

Happy Morning Sweater-$178

I have had this sweater on my wish list since it came out. There's just something about it that I love! Upon trying it on I fell in love even more! It's definitely made to be over sized so size down. I am wearing an X-Small here and it's the way I would go for sure. I love the bold print..the colors are perfect together! The only downside is that I feel like the buttons on the shoulders are a tad cheap looking...unfortunate. Would I pay $178 for this? HECK NO. Is it way over-priced? HECK YES. Will I be stalking it till it hits sale? Absolutely! =)

Kaleidolight Cardigan-$118

Before I left my house I looked in my closet to see what I was short on. Of course I have enough clothes to last a lifetime, but I wanted to see what I could improve upon. I decided I am lacking printed cardigans. I have boatloads of solid cardigans but printed...not a ton. I purposely brought this cardigan into the dressing room to see if maybe I could help fill that void in my closet. This was an X-small and was plenty big. It's an open cardigan so it's not as fitted as it could be. That being said, I liked the way it fit. I actually really like the big bold print...blue is a color I don't own a lot of (we're talking true bright blue, not navy) and I'm not really sure why that is. I think this cardigan could be paired with a variety of colors. Overall I liked it and added it to my wish list for serious consideration when it hits sale.

Ascending Roses Top-$58

I've seen this top on other bloggers and on the website and thought it was pretty cute so I added it to wish list online just in case it was a must need after I tried it on. Unfortunately, the smallest size the store had was a small and I found that it was too big. I would need an X-small if I were to get it. I liked the idea of the top and think the print is really cute, but overall I'm undecided. I'm not super busty on top so I don't know that this shirt is as flattering on me as it might be on someone else who's a little more "blessed" up there. I would have to try on the X-Small to make an educated decision on the matter (like this is some serious matter..haha). For now this remains an ????.

Knotted Scarves Tank-$78 with the Hiking Ruffles Cardigan (Ivory)-$78 (this is sold out online but still in stores)

I grabbed this tank on a whim...never really noticed it online before. I was kind of surprised that I liked it on, to be honest! I thought it looked much better on than it did on the hanger. I;m wearing it in an X-small and it fit perfectly. When I put the Hiking Ruffles Cardigan on over it I started to like it even more! Then I thought to myself how cute it would be, paired with my teal Sweeping Stitch heels! I've added this to my wish list and will watch for a first or second cut maybe...we'll see. As for the Hiking Ruffles cardigan...this came home with me in hopes that it will hit sale in the next two weeks so I can get a price adjustment. I have gone back and forth about how much I've liked this cardigan for a few months now but the other night I really grew fond of it. It's an X-small and fit like a glove. Since it's sold out online and getting harder to find I figured it couldn't hurt to bring it home and wait it out. Please go on sale soon!!

Resonance Cowlneck-$88

With the Hiking Ruffles Cardigan:

Striped version:

This top is a cute one...I am a fan of the red motif, but felt like the striped version was a little off. I'm wearing a size Small in the red which was also a better fit on me (striped was an X-Small). The red motif is a tad reddish-orange, not a true red. I like this alone and paired with a cardigan. The length is a bit long but I actually liked it like that. I have this on my wish list awaiting a sale price.

Eastpointe Garden Top-(Yellow Motif)-$58

This top is so cute...I love the color, the print and the way it looks with that ivory colored Hiking Ruffles cardigan. I tried this on in my normal size 2 and while it fit, I would like to try it on in a 0 just to see the difference. This top is wish listed until it sale as well...it would be the perfect spring top!

Springing Season Blouse-(Blue Motif)-$68

I tried this on in the green motif on a previous visit to Anthro but didn't fall head over heels so I thought I'd give the blue motif a chance. It's still not love. It's just ok for me. I'm wearing a size 2 and it's a good fit. I feel like the color blue could have been more vibrant or something...I don't know. I might give it a second look when it hits sale.

Gathering Blossoms Top-(Blue Motif)-$118

Apparently I was having a thing for blue the other night because I was very drawn to this top. I loved the vibrant color. I tried this on in my normal size 2 and the fit was true to size. I liked the top but the arm holes were just a tad too big for me. I'd feel the need to always wear a cardigan with the top to cover them up and by doing that you lose the cute overall look. Wish it would have worked, but unfortunately this is a pass.

And now...I've saved the best for last...THE DRESS! It's now online and has a name!

Blooming Goldenrod Dress-$138

By the way, I forgot to take off my necklace (that doesn't match at all) before I took these pictures...whoops!

Where do I begin? How about with the fact that I can't believe this went down to my knees!! It's listed as 38" long but must be a little longer. The colors are gorgeous and the print on the skirt is so cute. I love the sash (that is removable) as it adds some visual interest. It's not your run of the mill dress...it definitely looks unique. I usually wear either a size 2 or 4 in dresses and the size 4 was the better fit for me. The one place the size 4 was a bit big was the bust area...I'll be having the straps altered a little to fix that problem. I can't tell you how excited I am to wear this dress. The best part is that it's totally versatile and can be paired with tons of different colors...red, teal, black, yellow, purple...so many! I found a shorter black J Crew look alike cardigan at Target today that will look perfect with the dress for the wedding and plan on pairing it with my yellow Seychelles pumps. Any ideas on jewelry? That's the next thing to figure out. So there you have it...the search for the perfect wedding guest dress is over. Thank heavens!

So see anything you must have? Anything you're coveting at the moment? I'm planning on visiting the Anthropologie at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas when my husband and I go in a few weeks on a little getaway trip...he has a conference to attend part of the time we're there so I'll have plenty of time to get lost in the dressing room! Can't wait.

Till next time!


  1. Whoa...I was going to say how lovely the first sweater is on you but then I saw the price! RIDICULOUS!

  2. I love the striped sweater and that dress. It is totally rockin'! I have been following your dress dilemma, and that is the best choice so far! :)
    Thanks for all the reviews. Oh! And the Gathering Blossoms Top does look amazing on you. (Wear a tank under it!)

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that first sweater!! How I wish it wasn't $178...think I'll have to stalk that one for a second cut :) It's super cute and looks great on you!

  4. You found a total keeper for the wedding - that dress is perfect! And I love the first sweater, but major ouch on the price! I'm surprised by the Knotted Scarves tank too, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE it on you - the print looks so romantic and how gorgeous with the Hiking Ruffles. Hooray for picking up the sweater, it really is a great piece that will go with everything! Loved seeing this round of try-ons!

  5. I actually love the springing season blouse. Fun reviews...and yah you finally found a dress you are in love with for the wedding!! :)

  6. Ooh, the blooming goldenrod dress is gorgeous! But if it hits you below the knees, it's going to be calf-length on me, ack!

  7. Cindi and Erin--I know, right? I was SHOCKED to see the price. It's so cute though so of course I'm stalking it! =)

    modernmom--when that top hits sale I might have to think it over again because I LOVE the color and shirt overall. Tahnks for the tank tip!

    Jan--Thanks girlie! I know, I was so surprised by how much I liked the Knotted Scarves Tank. Actually going into the store can be so dangerous for my ever-growing wish list because things I never looked at online all of a sudden become "must haves"!!

    Leah--It is a really great top--especialy the color! And you have no idea how happy I am that the search is over! =)

    Lisa--In the picture it looks like the dres hits below my kne but it actually hits right at it. I tried on the size 2 and it was about a 1/2"-1" shorter...so depends on the size too. Give it a try!

  8. Glad you found your wedding guest dress, it looks great on you!! That dress is so pretty and very unique too!

  9. Yay for the famous yellow dress! I tried it on again and it just won't work for me. Glad it fits you so well!

  10. Love the reviews, everything looks smashing on you!!! I bought the Pom Shift dress for my HS reunion. Can you say LOVE! Love it all......just need a bigger wallet.

  11. That dress is so pretty on you I am so glad you finally found one because I totally understand the pressure of looking great at a siblings wedding!