Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Breakdown--and a few items for sale!

So as the end of the month nears it's time to fess up and tell whether or not I stuck to my plan of staying on a budget or not. Up until this morning I was under budget! After this morning I tipped the scales just a tad (darn restock of sale items at J Crew anyways!)'s how it all played out:

All in all after using coupons, rewards cards and scoring everything you see at a sale price, I was $10 over budget. I'm calling January a success regardless. I can handle $10 over. $50 over would have been a problem. This may sound dumb, but I'm really proud of myself for JUST ABOUT sticking to the budget I gave myself. Compared to my shopping habits in recent months, this month was definitely improvement. I plan on sticking to the same budget for the month of February. As spring lines start to pop up this budget is going to be harder and harder to stick to, I just know it. I'm gonna try my hardest to stick to the plan though...I really am.

I've had a giant pile of clothes to sell/giveaway/etc sitting in my room for a while now so I thought I'd offer a few of the items up here for sale. If there's no interest, no biggie. Just figured I'd give it a go.

Here's what I have for sale (Click on the Polyvore set to take you to the details of each item including sizes):

If you would like to purchase anything or have any questions feel free to email me at All sales are final. Items will be shipped via USPS.

Lastly, I'll leave you with what I'm wearing today:

The necklace I actually wore is from Fossil and my ring is from Forever 21.

I've been eyeing lots of new arrivals online all over the place this morning...working on my February wish list!!! Are you??


  1. Jenni - you did awesome on your budget!! Way to go! Only $10 over- you should be proud!! I'm on a no-spend now as I'm joining Kendi's 30 for 30 Feb. 1st. Hopefully it will keep me in check! I love every item you bought- all so unique and girly!

  2. Good job on staying in budget!!! I am LOVING everything you got! So quick question on the J Crew Cardi you got today ... that is the one I want, but I am wondering what size you got?? I am about the same size as you and they only have a XXsmall and medium .... I am afraid the XXsmall will be too small!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Jess-I got it in a size small. Sometimes I will go with XS in J Crew cardigans but the sleeves looked a little tight on the model so I went with a small for that reason alone, really.

  4. Awesome, thank you!! Now I just need it to popback in a Small! Also I just have to tell you how much I love your blog, seriously is the only one I check daily! I would love to see your Feb wish list too!!

  5. I'm loving the colors in your outfit today! Adorable!

  6. Good job Jenni. I am actually on a no spend and it's soooo hard!!! I made this far. I am like you, I love a good deal and coupons. J Crew had so many sale items go back on today. What gives? I love your sweater in today's pic, really cute.

  7. Wow Jenni, that's wonderful! Great job and congrats on being able to do that! I hope someday I can be in your shoes and proudly announce sticking to my budget :)
    You look super cute today! I remember I fell in love with that tee after seeing it styled last year in the Feb. catalog, but stalled for so long and of course missed out:(

  8. Great job. Hopefully you get to splurge a little when I come visit and we have a girls's shopping trip in SF!

  9. I was *this* close to caving to more J. Crew this morning when I saw the restock in the sale section...all the glorious colored cardis, it's so tempting! Way to go doing such a great job with your budget this month! And I love your OOTD the colors are so pretty!

  10. Jess-You are too kind! I hope a small pops back up for you!

    Tara and Molly-Thanks!! =)

    Fatima-Thanks! If you happen to live near a J Crew Outlet I noticed they are now selling a remake of the shirt I'm wearing's a tad different but pretty darn close!

    Amy--As long as you're here that first week I should have a stocked budget ready to spend! I may have to give myself a little more that month. =)

    Jan-Thanks! I know, there were SOOO many things restocked this morning! Things flew off the site fast though. Always so tempting!

  11. You did great staying on budget!!! You look so cute, I love how you put together all your outfits!

  12. Good for you! I have no budget right now, I just can't shop, LOL! I love your outfits and it's nice to see you on polyvore. Are you addicted yet???

  13. Jenni what a nice items it's really great your outfits is girly and awesome pose. lol

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