Friday, January 7, 2011

Day off

Hi everyone! Today was a very relaxing day...I left the house a total of one go get my hair done this morning. My mom was nice enough to come down and watch my little munchkins for me so I could get a highlight and small trim (still trying to grow my hair out...still taking forever). After I got home we decided we'd make it a day in and just hang out...every once in a while it's nice to take the day off and stay home. I ended up getting almost ALL my laundry done (yes, I'm still working on it from our trip)--even all my hand wash items. It's nice to have that finished.

I was playing around with Polyvore again (you are right, it's super addicting) and came up with another outfit to wear today...nothing earth shattering, just super comfy:

Here's how it translated into real life:

I changed a few things just because I couldn't find the exact items to use on Polyvore...that's super frustrating, by the way. I spend way too long looking for items and then end up having to use substitute pictures instead. All well. I ended up wearing a tank I had from Old Navy, my Lisa Leonard tiny initials necklace and a pair of earrings from Anthro. I pulled out my Anticipation Heels again because I LOVE them! Seriously, LOVE. Who cares if it was like 40 degrees when I left my house this morning to get my hair done....I still wore them. Had I gone out again later in the day I would have changed into boots probably was a little chilly. =)

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? We don't have much going on. All my kids want to do is go to a big empty parking lot to ride their new Razor scooters they got from grandma and grandpa for Christmas. They're sick of our tiny little neighborhood roads. I'm sure we can arrange that! My husband just called to tell me he wants to go on vacation again after being back to work only 4 days...poor guy. I know the feeling! But oh my gosh, if it means I have a week's worth of laundry to do all at once all over again when we get home I'm not so sure I'm game. Sheesh!

Hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. Oh those heels - I love them. they have looked so great with everything you paired them with. I love your whole look today. Casual, yet has pizazz!!

  2. I love that cardi - perfect to wrap yourself in for a day at home! Those Razors are fun, my oldest tears up the street in his - did your middle guy get one too? I wonder if my almost 5 year old is ready for his own...he does ride Harrison's sometimes and is fine, but I'm a worrier...

  3. Hi girl, your hair is so cute like that. Those heels are really cute, I missed out on those. I hear you about a vacation. Everytime I get back from one, I am ready to go again......thinking of Spring break now but no plans yet. Have a great weekend.

  4. Peggy--thanks!! =)

    Jan--My 4 year old got one too and he loves it! He was out in the driveway holding his own pretty good. You should totally hook your 5 year old up with one...he'd love it! I understand the worry too though...boys will be be boys! =)

    Molly--Thanks!! Hope you come up with something fun to do over Spring's always fun to have something to look forward to!!

  5. So cute!!! I have the same issue with polyvore never being able to find stuff!! Have fun taking the kids out and I love your hair it's so pretty!!!

  6. Love this sweater, Jenni! Your look like you have a glow today...just beautiful! I like seeing 'real' pics vs the polyvore. However, I haven't sat down and played with Polyvore yet so I shouldn't knock it :) I get addicted to stuff like that too!!!

  7. Polyvore is fun! I love how you paired the heels with that outfit...they really make the outfit special!