Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anthro hits and misses, a few OOTD's and monthly budget update

Hi all! I've been easing back into the daily routine this week. It's been super cold here as it's been all over the country. January came knocking in a serious way this year!! So Anthro had a bit if a sale this morning...did you bite?? I did not. Only one item off my wish list hit sale....the Winter Beauty Pullover. Even on sale it's still $70 so I think I'm gonna hold out and see if it'll get a second cut anytime soon. I was so disappointed to see that the Volante Tee and Floral Frappe Tee were STILL not on sale. When, oh when Anthro?? I stayed up late watching the Bachelor to pass the time--which by the way is so awesome this season---the backstabbing and cattiness is in full it. I was bummed to see nothing else I wanted went on sale so I decided to go ahead and turn my attention to something else I have had my mind on for a while now...these:

Seychelles Come Dancing Peep Toe pumps

These went on sale a few months back at Anthro and I was trying to be good by not buying them. I didn't really NEED them and had bought some other things that particular week, so I passed....and I have always kind of regretted it, especially after seeing how cute they were on my friend who has them. Then last Sunday when I was getting ready for church I started to think about what to wear...and I had decided upon the Glowing Leaf Skirt. I started to put my outfit together and realized I NEEDED those shoes to complete the look. NEEDED! After seeing them on Elizabeth here with the same basic outfit I had planned to wear I just couldn't get them out of my head. I ended up wearing something else that day. I'm such a girl. I decided to look them up and see if anyone even still sold them online and found them on Amazon for $35 and change...such an amazing deal! So at 12:30am this morning, I pulled the trigger. I will finally have these cute shoes that I have always regretted passing up.

On another Anthro note, I received both my Turquoise Sweeping Stitch Heels and Refined Cord Dress via UPS today from last week's sale orders. I am in LOVE with the heels...they are amazing! I can't wait to wear them. The dress on the other hand, wasn't such a success story. I am sorry to say it was just a few inches too short for my liking. I like dresses to hit right at my knee and this one just doesn't quite make it. I don't know why I didn't realize this when I previously tried it on before in the dressing room, but today, in the mirror at home and after walking around in it a bit, it was clearly too short for my liking. I'm super bummed but know that I would just be uncomfortable wearing it, so back it will go (unless the hem can be brought down somehow??) Sad. Me and my darn long torso anyways!!

Like I said before, the past few days have been super cold so I've been bundling up. Here's what I wore today:

-Open Cardigan-Gap Outlet
-Winding Roads Tank-Anthropologie
-Grey skinny Jeans-Loft
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie
-Rain boots-Gap Outlet
-Earrings/Ring-Pac Sun

It was suppose to rain, hence the rain boots, but it never did. All well...I was ready if it came!! And by the way, the cardigan and rain boots are both purple...not black as they appear.

And yesterday:

-Top-Steve and Barry's (from many years ago)
-Puffy Vest-American Eagle
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Boots-American Eagle
-Ring-American Eagle
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

I didn't realize it till right now but I was like a walking AE ad yesterday! Both the vest and the boots are from about 3 years ago but I still really love them both and they kept me warm.

Sorry about the picture quality in these pictures...the lighting in my house has been terrible with the overcast skies these past few days so that results in some very grainy pictures.

I'm doing good with my monthly budget so far...and now with the issue I'm having with the Refined Cord dress I may have a little more to play with than I anticipated if I end up returning it. We'll see. I did pick up a few tops at Old Navy the other day, but I used a coupon and a rewards card I had to cover the cost so it cost me nothing. Score! I picked these up:

Because I need another tiered top and purple tank. =)

I bought the top to go under my Breezy Polka cardigan and the tank to possibly pair with my Glowing Leaf or Peppered and Stripe skirt (it reminds me a bit of the Anthro Insouciant tank with the layered ruffles in different fabric). With the coupon I had I got them both for a combined total of less than $20 and then with the rewards card it was free so I figure I'm allowed to pick something out I don't really NEED if its free....just for fun.

This whole putting myself on a budget thing has been good for me. It's really forced me to be choosy about what I get. I know in reality I don't need a thing and could certainly survive without making wish lists and stalking Anthropologie every Monday night but luckily my husband understands that I love pretty things and shopping. As long as I stick to my budget it's a win-win. That being said, there will be the occasional situation where I will end up blowing the monthly budget (ie-buying an outfit for an upcoming family wedding) and it is what it is. Life happens! Which by the way, can I just tell you how impossible it is to find a dress in sunny yellow/gray/white?? (I know you're all thinking of the new cute yellow/cream striped dress at Anthro but it's gonna be too short on me, I already know). I'm on the hunt!!

Hope you all have a great night! I'm gonna sit and relax with my DVR tonight after the kids go to excited to have some of my TV shows back after the holiday break!


  1. great job sticking to the budget! I'm on a no buy. I just don't need a thing and I'm ALWAYS going to see things I like, love, think I need and can justify a purchase b/c it's so great, so cheap, from my wishlist, blah, blah. So I'm trying to just go cold turkey this month! I'll let you know how that turns out. I like your plan - stay in the budget and you and hubby are both happy! I tried on those teal pumps in the store and loved, loved, just didn't have the extra $$ to buy them. I can't wait to see you sport those babies! And those red ones above- what a steal - way to go searching for the ones you missed. I need to try an Amazon search on some of those unique styles. OK, I am seriously freezing! Just not used to this in the Bay Area! Sorry for the novel - night!

  2. Love the red shoes!! Great deal! Boo on not loving the refined cord dress, but it does mean you have more in your budget for something you love. As for yellow, gray and white dress -- is this for the wedding? Check out Boden's relaxed silk dress (I think that's what it's called) -- there's a print in those colors. :)

  3. Great deals on the Old Navy stuff!! WTG.
    You look cute & warm. ;)

  4. Oh, I''m so glad you were able to score those shoes, and at such a deal. They really WILL look perfect with the Glowing Leaf Skirt. Guess what? I was able to find the GL on Ebay, for $61. No one bid against me, which was quite miraculous! It's not nearly as great as the $50 sale price (or $35 red tag price),but I'll take it. And I bought it at the end of December, so it doesn't even cut into my January spending, haha (I'm on a similar NY's shopping diet as you!).

    Congrats on sticking to your resolutions so far!

  5. I agree, I think you needed those heels...they are adorable!

  6. Love the Old Navy stuff! Super cute! :) Oh and I can't wait until you receive those heels! You will love them with the Glowing Leaf Skirt. I love, love, love both your outfits! I can't believe how nice it actually is outside today. I'm glad it's going to be getting a little warmer with the cold weather we have been having. I love how cute and comfortable you look! I'm going to be doing the same thing...catching up on my DVR. :)

    PS - Thanks for linking me! ;)

  7. That is such a fantastic deal on the Seychelles and the color is so cute! I don't know, it sounds like the Sun Shade Dress is running on the long side, it might be worth a shot... Surely more yellow options will roll out soon as Spring clothes hit the shelves at stores - when is the wedding?

  8. OR - could you find a solid gray dress and wear that ON cardi you have - it's a big floral with all those wedding colors and looks like a ray of sunshine on you! That would be a back-up plan if you don't have tons of time...

  9. I've been looking at those heels for awhile too! I'm so excited you found them for such a STEAL! Let me know what you think of them, they are def adorable!

  10. Peggy-You can do it girl! No buy's are so hard for me...but you'll save a ton!! I was so hapy to se a warmer day today--how about you??

    shopwithm-I haven't checked Boden yet...I had to laugh when I got the catalog in the mail today right after I read your comment! I'll take a look!

    modernmom-thanks! I do love a good deal!!

    Jamie-Congrats in finding the Glowing Leaf Skirt! It'll look so cute on you!

    Tara--TOTALLY needed them! I'm glad my fellow bloggers get it! =)

    Elizabeth--I can't wait to get them! I just got my shipping notice!! =) Thanks for enabling! haha

    Jan-You know, I was going through the reviews on ANthro's site under that dress and noticed that it looked a little long on a 5'7" girl...I plan on making a trip to Anthro next week so I am gonna try it on for sure. And thanks for the reminder about that cardigan...I hadn't even thought of that! I love that you know my closet!! =)

    Hope-I'll let you friend has them and she likes them a lot. Every pair of Seychelles I've ever tried on have been super comfy so I'm sure these will follow suit!

  11. I tried on the Sun Shades Dress (white + yellow stripe at Anthro)and was pleasantly surprised by the length. 38 inches! I always wear to me knee as well and it was perfect. You may want to give it a try! Good luck.

  12. WoW! Can't believe you found that top at Old Navy. I just reviewed some Target outfits and hope you'll stop by and visit some time. I'm a newbie at this whole blogging business. :)
    p/s - I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks too. By far his best book for me is still A Walk To Remember.
    What's yours?