Sunday, December 5, 2010

Date Night (Last Night)

I love going out with my husband...even after being together over 10 years I still get excited for date nights. It might also have a little something to do with the fact that the babysitter gives me a break from taking care of the bedtime routine that gets me excited (perhaps) but I really do love spending time with Josh. These days with the craziness of residency, date nights are few and far between sometimes so I really look forward to them. Last night we went out with some of our really good friends and had a great time...little bit of window shopping, great Italian food and some seriously amazing gelato. Perfection. I had a few returns to make at Gap so after I did that I popped into one of their dressing rooms to snap a few pictures of what I wore...I knew they had nice, big mirrors for picture taking.

-Printed Tank-J Crew Factory
-V-Neck Cardigan-Loft
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Necklace-Fossil via Macy's
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Ring-Forever 21

I pulled out one of my favorite coats to wear last night...I picked it up on sale at Macy's about a year ago. It feels very Anthro-like to me:

I just love the ruffle at the bottom of the coat. Last winter I really wanted a white or cream coat and when I saw this one I fell in love. I know it's not super practical to have a white/cream colored coat (especially with kids) and I don't wear it that often but I don't regret getting it at all. It's one of those things that I'll have for years.

I'm off to go get my crew ready for church. Don't forget that my $25 Anthropologie gift card giveaway ends tonight at midnight (PST). If you haven't already entered you can scroll to the top of my blog and find a link to the giveaway post. I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow here on my blog. Good luck!


  1. Your pic really brightened up my Blogger dashboard. I'll bet you turned some heads while you were out. I love white/ivory/creme coats, too. And yes, yours is very Anthro. I love taking pics in the fitting rooms. It's generally 10x better than what I capture at home.

  2. Love the colors of your outfit from last night and I adore your coat. Drool!

  3. I so adore your outfit, Jenni. So colorful. How funny my blog today talked about returning stuff to Gap too. What a coincidence. :) At first I thought your outfit was from Gap, and it was a dressing room review. I have to admit that I was really surprised, because IMO Gap has been really boring on their colors these days. Entering their store all you see is grey, black, and different shades of beige. So after I read your post, I understood. None of the pieces in the pictures were from Gap. :)
    I really love your cream coat. I want one too. :) What brand was it from Macy's may I ask?

  4. Date nights are so fun. I look forward to them as well. You look fabulous! I love the yellow cardigan with the reds in your shirt. I also really like your coat. I think it looks very anthro-like. I think when you love something as cute as that coat, practical can be thrown out the window every once in a while.

  5. You look so cute and flirty for your date night, I really love your hair curled too! That coat is GORGEOUS - I adore the ruffle detail - As long as white is machine washable....hey, sometimes I think I do better then when I wear black around my smudgy fingered little ones ;)

  6. You look so cute in yellow! And my hubby and I need to do more date nights but it's hard with a little one still nursing and living in a city where you don't know anyone. Hopefully sometime soon we can go on a date. And I love that white jacket, I totally would have thought it was from anthro, looks like something they'd sale for sure. ;)

  7. I love this bright, flirty, fun outfit for date night!!! The yellow cardigan is perfect with the warm colors of the top and the ruffle on your coat is perfection! I always say I can never have too many ruffles :)

  8. I love the silk streamers tank on you! The print mixed with that yellow cardi is too fabulous. I also bought the tank but in the purple/leopard color... and now I am second guessing my choice :)

  9. I'm always anxious about date nights too. They're always fun and exciting. Glad you had a wonderful time :). You looked fabulous! Love the vibrant colors!

  10. I love these color combinations and your coat.

  11. awww -- I love how excited you were for date night! BF and I have been together for almost 5+ years, and I still get excited to go out with him, too. Your cream/white coat DOES look Anthro-esque. The ruffled hem is just precious!

  12. Hey girl, how cute are you in that coat. I love, love the ruffle along the bottom. I also love your date outfit as well. I hope you have a wonderful time on your date!!!

  13. Love that coat! It really is Anthro-esque. Good find!

  14. Loving the bright yellow, and the coat is very Anthro.

    BTW I'm hosting a giveaway:

  15. I adore this coat, Jenni! For me it would not be practical, but oh how adorable it is on you =) I'm also really digging this bright yellow cardi with the red print tank.

  16. I still really LOVE date nights!! You look so pretty and I love the unexpected color pairing of red and yellow. That coat is amazing and totally Anthro-esque!!

  17. Gigi--Ya, I was a little bright! =) I think it had something to do with the lighting in the dressing room (and editing). =)


    Vicki--Thanks!! SOrry for the confusion! =) Gap is a little dreary this winter--not alot of color going on. Off the top of my head I can't remember the name of the brand of the coat (it's upstairs put away now) but I got it in the Juniors section if that helps.

    Lorraine--I totally agree with your "throw the rules out the window if you love it" sentiment...sometimes you just gotta go with what you love!

    Jan--thanks so much girlie! I've had fun curling my hair a little lately. ANd yes...sometimes I go with dark coors just because I know little dirty hands are going to be all over me!!!

    Jessica--I hope you guys are getting a little settles and find a place soon! Hopefully there are lots of YW in your new ward to babysit!! =)

    Erin--You really can never have too many ruffles, agreed! =)

    Andrea--I bet that tank will be really cute on you! I saw it in the store when I bought this one. I went for the bright because it looked better with my coloring.

    Fatima--thanks so much!

    Addicted to Jcrew/ann taylor-thanks! =)

    Jamie--COngrats on 5 years!!! Ya, the ruffle hem was what sealed the deal for me...swoon!!

    Molly--we had a great night out, thanks!! =)

    Sarah--thank you!!

    Miranda--I'll have to stop by and check out your giveaway!

    Leah--ya, practicality is not exactly what I was going for with this's a date night only type of piece. It's fun to pull out on special occasions. THanks for the compliment! =)

    Tricia-Talk about unexpected...I probably never would have thought to pair the tank and cardi together except that when I was trying the tank on at the store I happened to be wearing that cardi that day and threw it on over to see what it would look like with a cardi on over it. I walked out and the sales girl went nuts over the color combination. I filed the combination idea in my head! =) Thanks!

  18. Ooooo! I love the yellow with the red! I recently bought a red cami similar to yours, but I haven't worn it yet. I may try it with yellow-- it's so chic! :) Kiki

  19. if you don't mind my asking, what brand is the coat? it's adorable!