Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anthro Tag Sale Madness!!!

Anyone else lose a little sleep Monday night/Tuesday morning waiting up for Anthro to bring their sale online? No? Just me? =) Well, I did...and instead of sale prices promptly showing up at 12 midnight, it was 12:40am before the sale gods smiled upon us. Darn them anyways. I was waiting up to see if I could snag these pretty little things:

And snag them up I did!!! For a little over 50% off at that! I picked them up in two sizes since I'm unsure which will will of course be returned. I was also super excited to see the Peppered and Striped Skirt that I bought just a few days ago go on sale with an extra 25% off with the promo...woo hoo! I went to bed a happy girl. After all that excitement could it really get any better?? Um, YES!!! Yesterday was my day off from reality as my girlfriends and I headed out (no kids allowed) to our local Anthro to check out the sale in person. I had called ahead and had them put a few things on hold for me to try on but of course I managed to find a few additional things that tempted me as I walked around the store. I snapped a few pictures for reviews...a couple things are repeats as I wanted to try things to check sizes again. By the way, how is it that 2 1/2 hours pass like a flash when you're in Anthro with your girlfriends?

1. Can't find the name of either of these items...the sweater (Small) was on sale for $99.95 and the top (small) was on sale for $29.95. I liked them both but couldn't swallow the sweater price even with the 25% off...not in LOVE enough. I did bring this top home with me's a great layering piece and even a stand alone shirt as well. With the promo it was only $22.50...score!

2. Garden Rows Top (XS) and Delicate Drafts Cardigan (XS):
This tank was probably my favorite new find of the's been on my wish list ever since it came out but when I tried it on with this cardigan it was love. I had previously settled on a size small in this cardigan but am glad I tried it on again because I changed my mind...going for the XS now. It just fits better all around. The last time I tried it on it was just "meh" for me, but this time I really liked it. Funny how that happens! The tank fit perfectly and wasn't too low in the front which was a plus. They didn't have a small to compare but I would stick to am XS in this. Both these items are at the top of my wish list now.

3. Striped and Peppered Skirt (size 4) and Volante Tee (XS):
As I mentioned before I have already ordered this skirt and it's on it's way to me as we speak but I'd never actually tried it on so I decided to bring it in the dressing room to see what it looked like on...and I LOVE it! So glad I sprung for it...and even happier it's now on sale! It fit perfectly hitting at my knee (bottom of it even) which is how it's meant to hang from what I can tell from seeing it on other bloggers. In my head pairing this with the purple Volante tee looked so super person I'm not sure how it turned out. I actually don't mind the pairing but like my friend had mentioned, another color may look better...but I wouldn't discount this pairing altogether. What do you think? I decided to get this top at full's getting harder and harder to find and maybe...JUST MAYBE it will go on sale in the next 14 days?!!

4. Floral Frappe Top (XS) and Easy Keeper Skirt (wearing size 4 but ordered a size 2 from another store):
This is the first time I'd seen this top in person and I liked the rich green color even better in real life! It's a very flattering shirt...I immediately knew I wanted it. In fact, I may go back for the navy blue version when it hits sale! I had put this skirt on hold in a size 4 since that's what I tried on last time but this time around it just didn't fit right. It was much too big in just the waistband when I sat it high on my puckered out. I panicked because my store was out of size 2 but luckily I was able to find it at another store and do a charge send. I used my gift card to purchase both of these pieces...only had to pay an extra $17 to cover them both so I feel pretty good about that! =) Thank you to my in laws for my gift card!

5. Akome Top (size 0) and Sweater (??? name???)-size XS or small... I can't remember:
I have liked this top for a long time just from the pictures online but this was the first time I had tried it on. My normal size 2 in this top was super boxy and I was drowning in it. The size 0 fit much better but was far too short for my liking. Pass on this. The sweater was cute but there was just way too much of it for me and at $99.95 on sale it still seemed too steep. Pass.

So did I totally blow my December wish list rules? Well, here's a recap of what I picked up from the sale:

1. Striped and Peppered Skirt-from my wish list--bought on sale

2. Volante Tee-from my wish list--bought at full price--hoping for PA in the next 14 days. I can cancel this purchase out really though because my return just about covered the cost.

3. Floral Frappe Top-from my wish list--bought at full price--doubt I'll get a PA in the next 14 days---TOTALLY broke the rules on this one BUT I used a gift card to buy it so really, no rules broken.

4. Anticipation Heels-from my wish list--bought on sale

5. Easy Keeper Skirt-from my wish list--bought on sale--used a gift card to cover most of the cost.

6. No name Brown high-neck top--NOT from wish list--bought on super sale--broke the rules on this one but it was only $22.50! I don't feel too bad about this one.

7.Glowing Leaf Skirt-from my wish list--bought on sale--we'll see if I like this one in person...I've never seen it in real life before. I did a charge send for this so it should be here in a few days.

So I took out about half of my wish list with this sale...but the awesome thing is that I only spent about half as much as I would have because of sales, a return and my gift card. Since a few of the things I bought were charge sends it means some happy mail is on it's way to me!! I just hope everything arrives this week...I'm impatient. I don't feel too badly about what I purchased...I think I got some great deals and pretty much stuck to the plan...minus a few things that I of course found ways to justify. =)

Here's what I wore out on our shopping adventure:

-Polka Dot Tank-Loft
-Grosgrain Ribbon Cardigan-Loft
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Shiri Suede Over the Knee Heeled Boots-Loft
-Necklace-Tiffany (gift from my husband)
-Ring-Forever 21

So just three days before Christmas...are you ready?? I am putting some finishing touches on our friend/neighbor gifts...we'll be heading out today to deliver them. I'll post a quick picture of what I'm giving this year to post...they turned out cute! I have a few more gifts to wrap (forgot about a few things), sent out my last few Christmas cards this morning (had a few stragglers I was needing addresses for) and then I think I'll be ready (oh--still waiting for a few more things to arrive via UPS too...hope they make it)!

Hope you all have a great day...get wrapping!!!


  1. Hi! The "Easy Keeper Skirt" is very flattering and beautiful on you!!!! Thanks for the pictures, love them!!

  2. Hey Jenni! Looks like we got some of the same items from this AWESOME sale! :) You will love the Anticipation Heels. I ordered mine at full price a long time ago since they were selling out. I wear them at least 2-3 times per week. I love the Easy Keeper on you....can't wait to receive mine. I really like the Floral Frappe top with it in green and now have wish listed that shirt in all colors since it looks so great on you! The navy would look great too with that skirt. I also LOVE the Volante Tee in Purple with the Peppered and Stripe skirt. That whole outfit looks amazing! Such a great combination of colors and textures. I think I might even wear it like this since it's so eye catching. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. You picked up so many of the items that were on my wishlist. I'm so glad for you! I blinked and missed the tag sale amid the holiday madness. What a shame! I had so hoped for the Easy Keeper. And I'm stunned that you were able to find the Glowing Leaf -- I think that's been sold out online for weeks!

    The Volante looks great on you, even if it was a full-price purchase. And just a thought -- I wonder if the Volante tee might work with the Easy Keeper skirt? I've never seen the Volante IRL, but it could work nicely with the purple in the EK.

    BTW, I'm not sure what size shoe you wear, but if the Anticipation Heels that you're planning to return happen to be a size 8, I would love to buy them off of you : )

  4. HI Jenni, boy one has to move fast on that sale. I had to hurry and look at everything and check out before it was gone!! LOL!! Wish we had an Anthro here. Looks like you bought some neat things. I have the Volante in gray and love it. Thanks for the reviews. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. This was such a fun post - I loved your Anthro review. Sounds like you found some great purchases! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Hey what size did you get those heels in? I was looking EVERYWHERE for a 6 1/2 and never found it! If you have a 6 1/2 or 7 and are not going to keep it will you email me and I will paypal you the $$?! Let me know! I love all your sale picks!

  7. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing! I really love the entire Easy Keeper and Floral Frappe silhouette on you. I think I NEED this combo! ;) Gald you got some great deals! Cheers!

  8. Thanks ladies!
    Jamie and Tricia---sorry guys...I picked up an 8 1/2 and a 9 in the Anticipation Heels...I have big feet! =)

  9. So glad you made out so well at the Anthro sale! I havent had a chance to get over there yet :( Oh well, I'm not supposed to be buying anyway!

  10. You are making me want to kick myself in the behind for not getting the Easy Keeper skirt. It looks great with that top you paired it with.

    And I would totally put the purple Volante tee with the Striped and Peppered Skirt. I really like the heather purple with the grey and yellow. It's a great combo! The skirt fits you perfectly. Another great score!!

  11. great sale scores! And how fun you had a gift card. I love everything you got!

  12. Love, love and more love the Easy Keeper and Floral Frappe on you - totally gorgeous! Hooray for being able to sneak away for a couple of hours and enjoy girlfriend time and great shopping!

  13. Pamela--You should totally scout one out! It's a great skirt!!

  14. Such wonderful reviews Jenni! I absolutely love everything on you! And you did such a fantastic job in the fitting room styling each item - love how you've combined the pieces in each pic to come up with those fabulous outfits. Makes me want to jump in the car and head on to Anthro! I'll most likely do so on Friday, hopefully :)
    Thanks for sharing and for the inspirations!

  15. I love the striped and peppered skirt with the purply top- you look so good in that outfit, I love love it. I always thought that skirt would be too long on me so i never even tried it. I a little jealous you got the anticipation heels- those are the one thing I wish I got from the sale that I'm sure are long gone by now.
    happy holidays!

  16. Hi Jenni! Thanks so much for your response! No prob -- I think I might cross my fingers for an Anthro giftcard and pick them up after Xmas if I receive one : ).