Wednesday, December 1, 2010

100th Post Giveaway--and my December Wishlist

Happy December everyone!!! I am so excited for the holidays this year and how fun that my 100th post would land on the first day of this holiday month!!! Today I have a fun giveaway to honor of my 100th post I have decided to giveaway a $25 gift card to my favorite store, Anthropologie! In addition, I'll throw in a few holiday goodies, since it is December after all.

To enter my giveaway you must do the following:

1. You must be a follower of this blog. If you aren't already simply click on the "follow" button on right side bar.

2. Leave a post in the comment section of this post telling me one item that is on your Christmas wish list this year. It can be anything...clothes, accessories, household items...anything. Please also include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

3. This contest runs from Wednesday, December 1, 2010 to Sunday night, December 5, 2010 at midnight, PST. A winner will be announced and contacted on December 6, 2010. A winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries.

4. Only one entry per person. Feel free to share this giveaway information with your friends in the blog community....the more the merrier!

5. Must be 18 years old or older to enter

*This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Anthropologie. The gift card is being bought and purchased by the owner of Found in My Closet

Let the entries begin! Since I"m asking you what's on your Christmas wish list, I figured I'd leave you with mine.

Here are the Anthro items that MAY be mine if they hit sale this month...12 items for the 12 days of Christmas! =)

1. Easy Keeper Skirt--this is at the top of my wish list...LOVE!!!

2. Volante Tee--love this in purple and tan but purple will win out on this one.

3. Anticipation Heels--will these EVER go on sale??

4.Refined Cord Shirtdress--a great winter piece that looks so cute with boots.

5. Winter Beauty Pullover--this will most definitely NOT hit sale yet but I love it!

6. Alluring Sway Skirt--a great basic to have!

7. Field Skirt--I LOVE this in gold...come on sale, hurry up!

8. Glowing Leaf Skirt--I have a few combinations in my head for this one.

9. Floral Frappe Top--like this in green...I don't have hardly any green in my closet.

10. Akome Top--A very cute print to throw underneath a cardi.

11. Sweeping Stitch Heels--SWOON!!! Gorgeous color and super fun design!

12. Leaving this one open...I'm debating over a few things for this last spot so if you have an idea of what I should slide into spot #12 I'd love to know! =)

So there you have ever growing wish list. December is the month I'm gonna be good. Hopefully not everything on this list hits sale in one week...that would be BAD! I certainly am not allowed to buy everything on this list...these are just my options.

Can't wait to hear about all the great things you have on your wish lists!


  1. Great giveaway- Congrats on the 100th post!!

    For Christmas, I want a tan pair of Heritage Ballet flats from Land's End Canvas. I have a feeling I got them!! haha!

  2. First time poster here. I love your blog! It is great to see all these stylish mom blogs!

    I really love that floral frappe top too. I would also love to get one of the scarf tees from Anthro too!

  3. I have been a long time follower- love your blog! Congrats on your 100th post! My wishlist is all Anthro which is tricky for my hubby since I like to hold out for a sale- I am especially waiting for the Jacinth Sweater Dress.

  4. Congrats - 100 posts - wow!

    The number one thing on my wishlist this year is a pair of Flannery flannel ballet flats from JCrew. I found a pair on ebay, and am trying to figure out how to convince my husband to buy them for me!

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post! As a fellow mom, I find your quest to be fashionable yet practical, all while not breaking the bank, very relatable.

    I am loving three of the skirts you listed! But my number one wishlist item is probably the Wightwick Manor Dress. I ordered it today, so if it fits me well it will be under my tree!

    Thank you for the generous giveaway, and thanks for the style inspiration!
    P.S. I am a follower.

  6. I'm a follower! :) Congrats on your 100th post -- amazing how fast they add up, hey? Yahoo, what a great giveaway! Most of my wishlisted items are at Anthro right now, top one being the Refind Cord Shirtdress in red. Love all of your picks so much! My email is mcullen7318 at

  7. I am a follower. I am not really sure what I want for Christmas this year. I would love to have the whole house painted (interior) since I just moved in last year and haven't done it yet.

    sgrudzien (at) att (dot) net

  8. Congrats on your 100th post. I am currently resisting the fur cable vest form LOFT.
    I am a follower and enjoy seeing your outfits for inspiration. Jennifer

  9. You know I'm a follower :) I'm hoping for some LOFT giftcards so I can shop!

  10. Yay for 100 posts! I love reading your blog since I can't be there to shop with you. My wish list item is a trip back home. Won't get it in time for Christmas so I'll have to settle for whatever the BX has in stock. LOL!
    PS- if you need to get rid of stuff in your closet to make room for the new things you can send it to me!

  11. Congrats on 100 posts! I've always loved your blog, you have such great style! Of course I'm a follower and I'm hoping for the frill force jacket for christmas so I NEED it to go on sale soon!

  12. Congrats on 100 posts and thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I don't own anything from Anthropologie, so I really hope that I win! On my wish list is a car cover....seriously. My car sits outside and I don't like scraping frost off the windshield in the morning. I am a blog follower and my email is applesandpencilskirts(at)yahoo(dot)com

  13. Congrats on this great milestone!!! I subscribe to your blog via my Google Reader. My Christmas list includes a lot of Anthro items, but the Darjeeling Skirt is definitely at the top of the list.

    My email is megmarie412 at gmail dot com.

    Congrats again!

  14. Congratulations! I read your blog every day! I just love your personality and cute outfits of course:)

    I would love the Easy Keeper skirt. It's so cute and so different and flattering! Come on sale!

  15. I'm a follower! :)
    One of the things on my wishlist is a dutch oven. rmkunkel at gmail dot com

  16. I'm a follower now =) Was already a faithful stalker if that makes you feel good.
    I hope I don't sound like a total brat by saying I really don't have anything on my Christmas list this year, but we've spent so much $ lately on the house and other random items! My husband got me a new phone and that is ENOUGH.

  17. I would like to have the entire Anthro store as my closet. Is that a wish too big?? :)

    Seriously, I'd like to have the Network Dress, the crinkled corona mary janes, or the hallowed halls oxfords.

  18. I'm a follower! Love your blog! You have such cute style. On my Christmas wishlist is a Michael Kors watch. I'm not counting on getting it but I have been wanting one for awhile! Great giveaway!

  19. I follow your blog via Bloglovin. You inspire me with your style. :)

    It is wishful thinking as both my husband and I are laid off right now...but I am hoping for a Loft giftward to do some clothes shopping. I am interviewing so I need to dress to impress!

    My email is mendylazo(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Yay for giveaways! I'm officially a follower, and there are always lots of things on my wishlist. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to pick up the Field Skirt in the khaki/light grey - its a perfect fall and winter skirt!

    my email: starnic22(at)yahoo

    fingers and toes crossed!

  21. I'm a follower and from one modest mom to another I love your clothes ;) On my wishlist is Anthropologie's Best of the Bunch it!!!

    My email is:

  22. I am already a follower!! Top of my wishlist is Volante tee and Anticipation heels!! Great giveaway I hope I win!!


  23. I was JUST on the Anthro website checking to see if the Easy Keeper went to sale yet. IT is at the top of my list too. Along with Voltane.
    Congrats on 100!

  24. Oops! Forgot my email, got so excited!

  25. Found your blog last week! Love it. I am followin..

    I have the from-the-poles jacket in Ivory under my tree... but would love a Anthro gift card..and I really want a Kitchenaid stand mixer!

    FUN giveaway!

  26. On my list is a Tortoise Jet Set Michael Kors watch.
    I'm a follower!


  27. Congrats on #100 my stylish friend!!! I think you should add the Filamentous Cardigan also. You looked totally cute in it, which I'm jealous of since it was so short on me.

    High on my wishlist is the Waving Grains Pumps. Loving the yellow. Or the Beneath the Surface Shell.

  28. Congrats on your 100th post and thanks for the fantastic giveaway! :)

    I am already a follower and one of the items on my Christmas wishlist is the Nanette Lepore *Scotland Yard* jacket.

    My email is:

  29. First time contacting and now a follower! Yours has quickly become my favorite blog.
    For Christmas, I really need nothing, but would LOVE the Volante tee.
    Congrats on the 100th post!

  30. Congratulations on your 100th post! What an accomplishment :) I love reading your blog every morning.
    I would like a Kate Spade purse for Christmas. My e-mail is
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  31. One of the things on my Christmas list is "The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia!


  32. Congratulations! I'm a follower! The winter makes me want to read, so I'd love a gift card to a bookstore!

  33. Congrats on your 100th post! Such a great giveaway.

    I asked for a new wallet from my boyfriend, and he decided he wanted to pick out the style himself. Fingers crossed!

    I'm a follower - @thekateecakes

  34. I'm a follower. Congrats on your 100th post. Love the blog.
    I have so many things on my wishlist right now, but if I had to pick the #1 to get first it is the Easy as Pie dress which just sold out online in my size. I was hoping to get it on sale.

  35. Congratulations on this milestone! Although I feel like I love everything in the store at the moment my top pick is the Seaside Fields Dress, especially now that it came out in the new colorway.

    I'm also a follower!

  36. Congrats on your 100th post! And I am a follower.
    The one thing I REALLY want for christmas are the anthro pebbled and primped boots...they just hit sale though so I might have to pick those up early.

  37. HI Jenni, I love the bow tied beauties from Anthro and am hoping to find them under my tree!! WOW!! 100 posts, how awesome. Thanks for doing the give a way.

  38. LOVE your blog and am of course a follower!! I am hoping for the Frill Force Jacket and the Winter Beauty Pullover in the brownish color ... oh love!

  39. I`m a follower! I`m wishing for a new phone for christmas...or maybe an engagement ring :)

  40. I'm a follower! I have the Deuxhill cowlneck on my Christmas wishlist. Congrats on the 100th post!

    mcmanda (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. I am Amy's sister!
    I am a fellow Air Force wife on ther other coast! I read your blog and love to see your outfits too. I am trying to track down a red polka cardigan like you have, any idea how I can find it, it is no longer online? I would love it and want a red Christmasy sweater!

  42. That field skirt is officially on my wish list....LOVE it! I also really need a pair of soccer cleats, but I might have to make those an early Christmas present because mine are literally falling apart. Yikes!

    Congrats on 100 followers!

  43. OK, how was I not a follower since I read your blog every day?? I am now! I really would love to find a Two-Wheeler Shirtdress or Purebred Tote somewhere in ebay land for Christmas!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  44. I'm a follower - I absolutely love your blog and love your style! For Christmas I really would like the Fancified Boatneck. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I am eyeing the Volante Top also! Love it!

    A new blender is on my Christmas wish list. I want an Oster Beehive Blender!

    gollyg8 @

  46. I want a new camera. (something tells me i got it. :)


    redchampagne (at) gmail .com

  47. Congrats Jenni on your 100th post! We look forward to seeing many many many more!

  48. Jenni - Congratulations on your 100th post! I look forward to blogging through the next year with you! Most of what you have on your wish-list is what I have on mine, as well. I will add that I also want the sold-out Craftsman Capelet and am stalking all the Anthro stores until I find it! :) For Christmas this year I want my children to have peace in their hearts during these tough financial times. AND for my husband to be healed (he has a degenerative bone disease that causes him a lot of pain). You can contact me at thanks for the opportunity to win! :) Happy Holidays!

  49. Congrats on 100!! I've been a follower for awhile.

    I'm dying for the double cloth lady day coat from J. Crew :)
    my email is
    thanks for doing this!

  50. Hi!

    Congrats on your 100th!
    I have been reading your blog for awhile and I like your combos and also finding out about the deals/sales you get!

    I am on my own shopping diet but I really want another pair of J.Crew toothpick cords in Grey! I have the soft ochre and they fit perfectly (after buying the wrong size 2 years in a row)


  51. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! I follow your blog. My wish list is a lot of things for our new house. Looking forward to another 100 posts.
    havenera at gmail dot com

  52. I enjoy reading your blog! I would love the alluring sway skirt.

    Denise (

  53. I love reading your blog everyday! I love that Easy Keeper Skirt, I actually think you should buy it NOW because it's perfect to wear during the holiday season. Mmmmhmmmm.

    I really want the Slinking Frills Pumps but I have no idea how I'd actually wear them. I always welcome jewelry and mini-vans too - ha!

    My email is

  54. Thanks for this generous giveaway! Of course I follow!

    I am jonesing for those gorgeous Raines Heels!!!!


  55. congrats on the hundred posts.
    i love reading your blog and get inspiration.
    my top item on my wishlist is a lulu frost bracelet from jcrew.
    my e-mail

  56. I'm a follower!
    My favorite store is Anthropologie too and I'm loving these cute heels: Seychelle's Glad Rags T-Straps!!
    oohmybento at gmail dot com

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  58. Congrats! I am already a follower. I think the Easy Keeper skirt is also on my wishlist. I also want a nice wool coat, like the Lady Day from J.Crew.

  59. At the top of my wishlist is a nice black pea coat from J.Crew, though I have a long wishlist at Anthropologie as well. (As always!!!)

    Thanks for hosting and Merry Christmas!!

    Angela L.

  60. I'm a follower! I have tons of Anthro stuff on my wishlist, but at the top is the gold Field Skirt.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I love the Volante tee, too.

    I am a follower :-).

    We often get one big ticket item for birthdays or a holiday and pulled the trigger on a treadmill a few days ago, so...done. Now let's just see if we use it.

    gigiofca at gmail

  63. Hi Jenni, I am a follower, and I would like to enter your giveaway. One of the items on my Xmas list is a Thermos Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler - 14 oz. I have one that I use everyday for almost 20 years and I love it. It's getting old and a little dirty looking. So I want a new one to replace this one. Over the years I have tried many other travel mugs, but I still prefer this one. It's the best.
    My email address:

  64. Oops! Didn't realize I was not a follower yet...I am now :) I would love a pair of camel or tan Frye boots for Christmas, but I am like you and have small calves so finding the right pair is work! Love your blog and the white coat you just posted from your date night!

  65. I'm a follower! :)
    One of the things on my wishlist is a Look About Blouse from Anthropologie.
    monikaik1976 at gmail dot com

  66. Hello...Congrats on your 100th! As far as what's on my shopping list...the Tweedy leaves dress (which I bought for myself when it went on sale but i'll pretend Santa delivered ;). I also want the timex military watch from J crew.

    I'm a follower hneumann at gmail dot com

  67. Yay for your 100th post!! :)
    I'm a follower and my Christmas list this year is a camera! (We cheated and got it a little early, haha!) :)

  68. Hi! Congrats on your 100th post! I just started following you last month, but I love your blog! :)
    On my Christmas list is the Soft Soaring Sweater from Anthro. So Cute!

  69. Hi I am def a follower. Congrats on your 100th post! I want a LV speedy 40 with my initials monogramed on it!

  70. My favorite pieces from here were the two pairs of gorgeous pumps, the two A-line skirt (love them both especially that rich mustard-colored one), the plaid skirt and the heather gray, ruffly tunic which looks so unique and unlike anything I own. =)