Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lucky Find!!

For months I have checked Ebay and the trade market at Effortless Anthropologie for the Wind Rippled Tee in teal. I wasn't an Anthro shopper when this cute top came out but always admired it when I saw other bloggers wearing theirs...Jan comes to mind. I was determined to find one for myself. How hard could it be? Well, kinda hard I found out! This was a coveted item apparently! I FINALLY struck gold on the marketplace one week and for a rockin' deal I was able to pick up a brand new, never worn top in the size and color I wanted. I am so happy with this purchase...the color is perfect for fall and the detailing is so fun!

-Wind Rippled Top-Anthropologie
-Denim Skirt-Old Navy (circa 2006)
-Cardigan-Old Navy (picked this up for about $14 on a sale)
-Kachiri Boots (Taupe)-Target
-Knee-High Socks-Target
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bangles-Gap Outlet

I have become such a fan of these boots so far this fall...I really loved the color of them when I bought them and so far they have proven to go with so many things! They were definitely a good purchase for me.

So just a few more things...they're building a new Forever 21 at my local mall! So excited! The closest one now is about 25 minutes away so this will be great to pick up my $3 rings and whatnot!

I didn't pick anything up from the Anthro sale today...I was tempted but I held strong.

Wanna know what I did end up picking up yesterday (I'm a cheater, I know)?? I just couldn't help myself...I was afraid if I didn't get it now I might lose out on the opportunity (heaven forbid):

I feel justified because upon inspection of my collection of like 75 cardigans (for shame), I don't own a single red one (well, I actually ended up finding one red one but I don't count it because it's a shorty and I can't really wear it with much--in fact, I don't know that I've ever actually worn it--hmmm). Anyhow, the nice people at the Salt Lake City Anthro are shipping it to me, free of charge (super nice people) and it'll be here just in time to start sporting red for the holidays. I am a little worried about the sheerness of that polka dot ribbon on the shoulders...it'll be a cardigan I wear with caution around my kiddos for sure. I just think it is the cutest and can't wait to wear it!

This is my 89th post and I just saw I now have 75 followers...how fun! I think I'll be doing a fun little giveaway for my 100th post so stay tuned!

Right after I post this I'm going to go start THIS with my boys...I love this idea and think it's a great activity to do with them to help them think about what they're grateful for--me too! Becky Higgins is so creative--I love her ideas!

After that we're gonna make ice cream sandwiches with the chocolate chip cookies I just baked. Don't be too impressed--I used the frozen cookie dough from my son's fundraiser at school. =)

Hope you have a fabulous evening...I can't wait for Glee tonight with Gwyneth Paltrow...it looks soooo good! I also plan to surf the internet a little to find some neighbor/friend Christmas gift ideas...the Christmas season is right around the corner...gotta get ready!!!


  1. I'm glad you got the Breezy Polkas. It's such a unique but versatile piece, though I am also worried about how it will hold up. I "mostly" sat out yesterday's sale, though I did fine the Pony Prix tights in my size. At $10, I thought they were a good deal.

    Those boots look so comfy! I had never realized what great boots Target has until I joined the blogging community.

  2. Ooh, love it! I love my Breezy Polkas, and especially for the holidays. So funny b/c I thought the same thing to myself -- I had no red cardigans in my closet! So strange. I'm already wearing it all.the.time. Agree that the sheer shoulders are a bit of a worry, but at least it's not a huge area. Jamie -- I had to get those Pony tights too. ;)

  3. Nice success story, I am still trying to find a few items no longer on the website and this gives me hope ;)

  4. Holy moly CUTE GIRL - teal is hands down YOUR color - you look gorgeous, gorgeous in that top -I'm so glad you found it!

    And Breezy Polkas? Worth breaking the rules for!

  5. I am so glad you grabbed that top it looks fabulous on you!! I also got that cardi and can't wait to wear it!

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  7. Oh shoot...I meant to put Jan as my link...guess I didn't even know you had the Breezy Polka yet Tricia...I must have ESP or something! Haha

    Ok...got it changed.

    Jamie--you should really check Target out...some of the boots look kinda cheap, but the ones I got are awesome!

    ShopwithM-Funny how red escaped us both! =) Can't wait to get it and wear it!!

    Sarah--Keep at it! You never know what might pop up!

    Jan-Thanks so much! You're so sweet! And sorry for the mess-up on the link...I thought you looked so darn cute in the Breezy Polka cardi!! Totally worth the rule breaking, right! =)

    Tricia-THanks girl!! Can't wait to see how you style the cardi!!!

  8. Very cute...I have that shirt in red and gray, but haven't worn either for awhile...I need to get on that LOL! I really like that cardi...cute detailing on it!

  9. No way, you HAD to cheat- that is just too cute. I just posted about how I had a slip-up too. I had to replace a ruined shirt (wait, did I HAVE to do it before the ban is up? no. did I though? yes. ooooh shopping!).

    I totally in love with the color of your shirt right now.

  10. Now you have one more follower! (me!) I love that cardigan, but I just couldn't think of how to wear it, haha! Now that I see it on bloggers like Tara B from Little Girl Big Closet and Kim from Anthroholic, I'm like, "DUH, THAT'S how I could have worn it!" Oh well, I look forward to seeing it on you too!