Sunday, November 21, 2010


So I have confessions to make...I totally failed this weekend with my shopping ban. It all started on Friday night when my girlfriend texted me about the Nordstrom Rack Groupon that was floating around ($25 for a $50 credit). After going back and forth we decided to get them and make sure we stopped by Nordstrom Rack on Black Friday so we can use the Groupons (they expire in December and we don't live close to one). Then I told her I thought I should re-adjust my shopping break rules and just give myself the weekend of Black Friday to shop some. After all, there are gonna be some awesome deals that I would be stupid to pass up! So I decided that if I do indeed find a few things (as opposed to my ONE thing I was allowing myself) that would be ok.

Then yesterday I went to the mall with my boys. I promised them a trip to the Lego store and then we stopped by to see Santa. I had heard that Gap was having a 45% off everything for Gap/Old Navy/Banana Rep cardholders so I figured I'd stop in and look around. I also wanted to try on their cords that I'd only seen online so far. I mainly wanted to know what the length was like on them (not a big surprise that they were WAY took long on like 4 inches...wish they'd sell petite sizes in the store). So I looked around and the silver Metallic City Flats caught my eye. I've wanted to get a pair of these for a while but every time I've gone to get a pair my size has ALWAYS been out for some reason. Today they were fully stocked. Of course. I also spotted the belt that Gap recently cancelled my order for. I was told they no longer had any in stock...that's funny because they had about 25 of them in that store! There I was standing there with the cute City Flats and the ruffle black belt I was so sad to lose out on before...I just couldn't pass them up. So up to the register I went. I'm sorry, but almost half off is too good to pass up (the flats were only $21 and the belt about $17). I could have done a lot more damage but the idea of the shopping break supposedly being in place prevented me from anything else.

We moved on down the way where I found my way into Loft. I wanted to see some of the new arrivals in real life. I found several things that I could have easily jumped on and brought home but I didn't. Well, I did, but not as much as I would have. The Friends and Family promo was still happening (today is the last day by the way) and I really liked a few items I found so again, I gave in. I'm a total disappointment, right! So bad. I got home and re-tried everything on just to make sure I really liked them all and yes, still love. You'll be seeing this, this and this in some upcoming outfits now I'm sure!

So that's why I'm busted. My friend pointed out that maybe I should have waited until December to start my shopping break. There wouldn't be as many tempting and amazing sales in December as there are in November! Plus there aren't usually too many new releases of items in the month of December...for the most part what's come out already is what's going to be out for a while. So here's my NEW shopping break rules:

For the rest of November (including Black Friday/Cyber Monday) try hard to keep my shopping in check. This should be a general rule of thumb anyways, right! And most importantly, don't go overboard. I think that having the shopping break rules yesterday at the mall actually helped me because had I not had them in the back of my mind (even though I totally broke them) I would have probably bought more. I didn't come home feeling bad about what I got really because I know I'll wear everything I got, a lot. If I find something for a great price that I love and know it might not be as good a deal anytime soon, I can consider it. Starting in December, go back to really trying to stick to my Anthro sale wish list. I'm not going to say NO shopping because I fear telling myself I can't do something makes me want to do it even more (hence the "break", not the "ban"). I think this all might be a little more attainable (I should have remembered what I learned in my Health classes in college when originally setting out on the shopping break--only make realistic goals!!!)

So there you have it. We all have our weaknesses...mine happens to be my love of finding a deal and cute things. I'm a total girl.

So this week we have NO SCHOOL!!! I'm sure most kids are out all week. I need to come up with some activities to do with my kids to keep us all busy. What are you doing? Anything fun? Traveling?

Hope you all have a great Sunday...enjoy!


  1. Jenni, love your Loft picks and I think the Gap has some super cute stuff this fall. I'll be home this week because my youngest gets her tonsils out tomorrow. Hopefully she'll feel better by Thurs. and can eat some turkey. The weather is going to be in the 70's so can't beat that. Have a wonderful Holiday.

  2. I *have* been out of the loop. I missed the Rack Groupon. That sounds amazing. I'm not judging you. I think if the very minimum a ban will do is reduce spending...that's a good thing. At least you're being very thoughtful about what you're buying. It gets all to tempting to shop because of promos or coupons. I get sucked in all the time ;-)

  3. A shopping ban is tough this time of year. There are so many great sales!

    I bought the polka dot top at Loft yesterday along with skinny jeans and the navy blue military jacket. Love!!

  4. Oh, don't feel bad. Just being more thoughtful about purchases and only buying things you will use a lot is a great start! I can't wait to see the ruffle belt from Gap. And how do those LOFT grosgrain cardis run - true to size?

  5. shopping bans are tough!! I have a lot of trouble keeping mine!! My kids arent off this week, but here are some suggestions- bowling, ice skating, Bounce-U (or similar place), museums, a movie,indoor rollerskating, Barnes n Noble to pick up a few new books or good old chuckie Cheese! Have fun!!

  6. I'm such a bad friend to suck you back into shopping!!! LOL but Black Friday will be a blast. I will try to keep you honest in December. I mean, that is what friends are for, right?

    Gigi, the groupon for the Rack is still going on through tonight. Try Chicago or look at the sidebar for SF. I think it ends Monday night.

  7. As with any diet you need to have cheat days. Go for it and have a great time this weekend!!! Miss you!

  8. Molly--Hope it all goes well and enjoy that great weather!!

    Gigi--TOTALLY! There are just so many great deals now...gotta pick and choose. ANd like Elise said, the Groupon deal is still going for Nordstrom Rack...pick one up! =)

    Stacey-great minda think alike!!! Isn't that top the cutest?? ANd's so hard NOT to shop!!!

    LC--I found the cardigan to be TTS...I usually get XS's in most Loft tops/sweaters and this was no exception.

    addicted to jcrew/annTaylor--great suggestions! We are headed to th bouncy house place tomorrow with friends so that's a start!

    Elise--I can't wait for Friday!!!!!! You will always be my bestest shopping buddy! =) FOr good and bad--haha!

    Amy--I miss you so much girl! Moment of silence will be had in honor of your absence on Friday!

  9. I tried a shopping ban back in Feb and it was silly because I ended up spending a ton in March. I've found that I limit my spending to a certain $ amount that I work with that better than just trying not to spend at all! Especially when they have all of these great deals floating around this time of year =)

  10. The dotted ruffle shell from Loft is soooo cute!! I would have broken my shopping ban for that too! Don't feel too bad, you could have done much worse! :) It is good that you are getting back on the wagon and have a plan for the rest of the year.

  11. Your shopping ban sounds as successful as mine!!! I wish we lived closer I just know we would be friends and maybe could keep each other on the wagon! I say start anew in December!

  12. Leah-That's what happened to me last time I did a ban so I am calling it a "break" from now on...makes me feel better! =) I definitely plan on setting up a monthly amount starting with the new year...mahybe that will help!

    Sarah--Thanks girlie...some things are just too good to pass up! =)

    Tricia--I totally wish we lived closer! THat'd be awesome! I don't have sisters so I always have to depend on my girlfriends for shop talk!