Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthro Dressing Reviews and today's OOTD

So as I mentioned in my previous post I spent a good amount of time at Anthropologie on Black Friday trying on anything and everything! The one thing that I goofed up on and forgot to try was the Pilcro cords...I even had them in my dressing room! I totally spaced it and forgot to try them on and by the time I realized it I was already done and dressed. All well...maybe next time.

So here we go...

Volante Tee

I tried this on in both an X-Small and Small and the one that fit the best was the XS. That's what you see here in this picture. The Small was way too big at the waist. I love this in purple and actually really liked it in beige as well. I wasn't sure if I would like this top as the shoulder thing is a bit big, but it doesn't look too big once it's's actually really cute! This is a big two thumbs up for me and I'll be waiting patiently for it to hit sale...hopefully soon!

Winter Beauty Pullover

This was a top I hadn't really noticed online before but really loved when I put it on. I decided to go for the green color (Sky) in a small. The fit was good...not tight at all. I almost wish I would have tried on an XS just to compare, but should this hit sale, I would pick up the small. It's super pricey at full price so I will definitely be holding out for a sale on this one.

Refined Cord Shirtdress

I have seen so many bloggers post about this dress so I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When I put it on, I found's so cute! I tried both size 2 and 4 and found the 4 to fit me best. The 2 was very tight through the bodice and pulled at the top buttons (and for me, one who is not super blessed up there, that's saying something). The 4 fit perfectly in the top and was a tad bit longer which made the length hit right at the top part of my knee. I really loved the corduroy on this and overall was super impressed with this dress. I don't own any shirtdresses so I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I'm a fan! I've wish listed this in hopes that a sale will bring it closer to me soon!!

Alluring Sway Skirt

I've had this skirt on my wish list ever since I first saw it on the website and was pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVED it on! I was wondering if the side ruching would be too much but it's actually super flattering! I tried this on in a size 0 and it fit, but I think I would go up to a size 2 if I get would be a little more comfortable I think. I am a fan...wish listed!

Field Skirt--in gold and grey (paired with the new Bianka Blouse print)

What else can I say...LOVE!!! This skirt is essentially the Circle the Globe Skirt in corduroy...what's not to love? The fabric is super soft and not stiff at all like you might expect from corduroy. The gold is my favorite but I do love the dark grey as well. I took a size 2 in these--same as the Circle the Globe skirt. The length is about perfect...hits the top half of my knee. I'll be grabbing at least one of these when they hit sale FOR SURE!

As for the new colorway of the Bianka's not for me. It's super cute on the hanger but just too crazy on for my liking. I'm still super happy I picked up the Blue motif when I did.

Dancing Blooms Cardi

I saw this cardi online and couldn't decide whether it was a cute floral print, or if it looked more like wallpaper. Well, wall paper won out, unfortunately. It was not my favorite. I can't even remember if this was a small or XS--I think it was a small. I liked the fit but just could not deal with the print. Pass.

Easy Keeper Skirt

When I saw this skirt in the catalog the colors were what really caught my eye. They were striking! As soon as I spotted the skirt in the store I had the same reaction...the bold print really draws you in. I tried this on in a 4 and it was a good fit. I have had this sitting on my wish list for a while, not sure if I really would like it or not, but after trying it on it's gone up quite a few notches on my wish list. I just love the unique cut, the bold colors and the plaid print. It's at the top of my wish list for sure!

Delicate Drafts Cardigan

I am a cardigan fanatic so it's no surprise I fell for this one too. I love all the decorative details and the neutral grey color. It's called grey but in all honesty I think it has a hint of lavendar in it as well. It's a well made piece and can go with tons of things. I highly recommend it. It runs pretty TTS in my opinion...The small fit me best. It's on my wish I need it? Probably not. May wait for second cuts on this one.

Filamentous Cardigan (no longer online)

I adore this's perfection in my book! The scalloped bottom, the darker tie around the waist, the chunky's the perfect package. I tried this one on in a XS and it fit well. I felt it ran big so size down. It was long enough but not too long for friend who is a few inches taller than me felt it was too short on her so maybe anyone over my height (about 5' 6" tall) might not love the length...maybe. I have this wish listed...sitting tight till a sale rolls around. Even then, I might have to wait for 2nd cuts to be able to justify it..if it's still around!

Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat

I know I'm like the last blogger on the face of the planet to review this coat, but here ya go anyways! I liked the design of this coat from the hanger, and even on it's pretty cute (for reference, this is a small), but I cannot get past the fact that when you button the coat up, the weight of the buttons make the top part buckle down a bit and it looks sloppy. I just can't justify the money for something I'm not in love with. It's cute, but not for me. Pass!

Hiking Ruffles Cardigan

I was a little disappointed in this sweater...I had high hopes for it and in the end I wasn't blown away. I tried on both the XS and Small in Black and found I like the XS fit better (this is what I took pictures of)...the amount of ruffles on the small just seemed to take over. Even though they looked better on the XS, I'm not convinced this sweater is for me. Pass for now, and may reconsider if it hits sale.

Last but certainly not least, my lucky find of the day was the Circle the Globe skirt! I was just a little excited about my find you could say. I even pulled it out to wear to church today:

-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Breezy Polka Cardi-Anthropologie
-Circle the Globe Skirt-Anthropologie
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Necklace-Fossil via Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21

I love this comfortable and cute! Perfect combination! PS--my hair had a mind of it's own today. It would not do what I wanted to...please ignore! =)

Alright, that's all I have for you today...this week I'll be making my December sale wish list of what I'm allowed to buy...December is coming and it's time to shop my closet much much more! I'm off to bed's back to the grind tomorrow morning bright and early.

Happy start of the week everyone!


  1. Jenni, GREAT reviews and pics! You look amazing in every piece, I swear. What a score on the CTG skirt. I'm definitely wishlisting the Volante, Filamentous, Field Skirt and Cord Shirtdress. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the color combination in you cute! Thanks for the reviews!

  3. I love the Volante on you it's so pretty!! So many great finds I am impressed! I love your outfit for church and can't believe you found that skirt! YAY!

  4. Great reviews! Love the Circle the Globe on you! I have that same skirt! I didn't think about wearing it during cooler weather, but now you've given me some ideas!

  5. I love your reviews of everything, but my absolute favorite of all was the skirt you got! How adorable!! I bet you'll be able to wear it with a lot. Sounds like you had a great Black Friday!!!

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I have the volante tee and I love it. You look amazing in all those outfits. So cute. Thanks for the pics and info.

  7. Cute cute cute! What's not to love!?

  8. I love the Filamentous Cardigan, and am also patiently waiting for the Volante tee to go on sale! Love!

  9. Jenni - everything you tried looks fab- seriously! How do you do that?? My favs are the Alluring Sway and Easy Keeper. YOu must get them!!

  10. Love your church outfit, the breezy polkas cardi looks great with the teal! And I love the volante tee on you, it needs to go on sale already!

  11. I love seeing all your reviews - I cannot wait to get back to the store with more time to try things on! I love so much of what you tried on - the cord shirtdress, the Easy Keeper Skirt, the Delicate Drafts Cardi...okay, I'll stop before I pretty much list everything. Your cute figure is just fantastic in it all!

  12. i think your hair looks so great with the slight wave. lovely!