Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taking inventory...on my mind

Do you ever stop and look at your closet and think to yourself you have nothing to wear? Why is that? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! Clearly I am not lacking in the clothing department, and have a million pieces to chose from, but still, I feel that way sometimes. What I need to do is take an evening and just play dress up with everything I own and come up with some fun outfits that I get excited about...and take pictures so I remember what I paired together. Kind of like Polyvore I suppose, except I can't for the life of me figure out how to use Polyvore. I've tried a few times and I just can't figure it out. I need a tutorial. Anyhow, in the mean time, I'm thinking "dress up" is the next best option to helping me get over my whole "I have nothing to wear" syndrome. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!

Today I mixed army green and pink...and here's how it turned out:

-Perfect-Fit Ruffled Scoopneck Tee-J Crew
-Skinny Cargos-Loft
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Ring-Forever 21

It was a super comfy outfit...I even laid down on the couch this afternoon while my older boys were watching a little TV and my youngest was napping in his crib, and I fell asleep myself for a bit! Comfy enough to sleep in!

I returned the Old Navy boots today and have been browsing online to see what I can find to replace them with...I've decided I really like the Sliver wedge look, which very few brands carry. I also looked a little more into the Steve Madden "Intyce" boots and they apparently have a very large shaft around the calves as well so there goes that idea. This hunt is to be continued...I guess it's a good thing the weather is still warm...don't need boots quite yet.

I'm off to bed...have a fabulous Thursday!!


  1. Love this color did great great in the sea of "nothing to wear"....:)

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  2. Hi Jenni! I know what you mean about having plenty of clothes but not knowing what to wear! One thing that's helped me is having my closet really organized, but yours is probably already organized! Polyvore has been the other great help! You can create lots of outfits from what you have or get inspiration and ideas from looking at other people's sets. There are lots of JCA's on there! I think PV has a tutorial on their website. If you want me to walk you through it or answer any questions, just let me know and I will email you! It really helps solve that don't-know-what-to-wear problem! And I have the same skinny leg problem, but I don't know of any boots with the kind of heel you're looking for that will work. I've found 2 boots that fit my calf--one is a black flat boot (1 in. heel) made by Timberland and the other is LOFT's suede OTK boot (which only comes halfway up my knee), but it has a heel. I have 2 synthetic boots that I really like, but they gap some. Not terribly, but more than it's "supposed" to. But it's either that or go bootless and that's not going to happen! LOL Good luck with your search--I know it's frustrating!

  3. Gosh, I have that problem SO often! I think my issue these days is the transitional weather. I do have plenty of clothes to wear, but nothing seems to be quite perfect enough for cold mornings and warmer days. Plus, my classroom is always FREEZING these days (they haven't turned off the AC)--so I definitely have that problem too!

    The ON boots you got look pretty much identical to the Indigo by Clarks Proctor boots I got. In fact, when I saw the Sliver boot, I had to do a double-take because the Clarks looked SO similar. I love mine...might be worth a shot for you, too!

  4. You are definitely not the only one with this 'problem'. I feel that way every few days when I am trying to figure out to wear. Blogging has made me want to shop more and wear new clothes more so I have to be careful! I agree though, I feel like every once in awhile I just need to go through and try things on together to see if I can create some new looks from the mass of clothes I already own! =)

  5. I think your idea of taking photos of potential outfits is a great one to see what you have in your closet. I used to feel that way all the time, but since following many different real-life fashion blogs, I've gotten inspiration to re-work my clothes in different ways.

    Good luck and cute outfit today :)

  6. Yes Jenni, I just got the sequins top last week at Kohls. It is super comfy and soft as well =)

  7. It seems like I look in my closet *every day* and feel like I have nothing to wear. Playing dress up is a great idea to give you some inspiration and keep you excited about what you already have. Good luck!

    ps - if you have any PV questions I would be happy to help! :)

  8. Love your blog! You are such an inspiration to me as a sahm! Do you have a DSW Shoes near you? They have a few different pairs of the wedge boots you are looking at, very cute!

  9. I have always had issues with boots calves measure 13in at the largest point. Someone just recommended me having the boots taken in by a shoe cobbler(they said they have done it for years). I just oredered a gorgeous pair of black riding boots from NM last call website for a steal-now I am waiting for them. if they are awesome but too big I plan to take them to be altered. I will let you know how it turns out!:)

  10. You look very cute, and I'm glad you were able to relax for a bit - what a treat! If I can figure out Polyvore, I know you can too! Hope you get to try some other boots soon and find the perfect ones!

  11. Collette--Thanks girl!!

    Amy-Thanks for the offer to help with Polyvore...if I actually take some tome to read some tutorials on it I'm sure that would help! If I actually take the time to figure it out and still need some help, I"ll let you know. THanks for the offer! ALso, I have the Siri Suede OTK boots from Loft and can't wait to wear them...I loved them from the first time I saw them in print ads.

    AppGal-I never even realized those Clark boots were sliver wedges! Are they big in the shaft of the calf area?? They really are identical to the ON boots!!

    Leah-Oh my gosh, I know what you mean. After I started reading blogs I would see all these things people were wearing and just HAVE to have them! So addicting! =)

    Andrea--THanks for the offer to help with PV too!! I'll let you know if I have any questions once I finally sit and try to figure it out again!

    Christine-We don't have any DSW's right by us but I've looked online and didn't see anything...maybe I missed something. I'll have to go back and look. Thanks for the info!! ANd you're so sweet--thanks for the compliment!

    Jenny-Hope the new boots you're waiting for are perfect! I had no idea you could actually have a cobbler alter a boot...that's crazy! GOod to know!

  12. Eek--thanks!!

    Leah--thanks for the heads up on the sequin top! I've been looking to add one to my closet but just never found one I loved.

  13. Yep--those are the same suede OTK boots from the LOFT that I have. Aren't they fab? I was so happy with how they fit. I can't wait to wear them, either! :)