Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Shopping/Reviews

Happy Saturday! This morning my husband took our two older boys hiking so that left me and my little guy to figure out something to do. I remembered that I still had 2 more Loft rewards cards that actually expire tomorrow so I figured we'd head out to do a little browsing. It's so different shopping with only one kid in tow instead of all much easier! I tried on a hand full of things at Loft that I hadn't before and ended up picking out a few things to come home with me (all for 50% off after combining their 25% off sale and my rewards cards):

Ruffle Bib Button Front Top

I saw this pop up on the website a while back and thought it was pretty know me and ruffles...I love them! This could be cute dressed up or down...layered or alone. The sleeves are a bit slim but not too tight. It's a good basic to have on hand.

Pleated Top Sweater Dress

I had never noticed this dress before but it caught my eye today. I looked online to see pictures when I got home and they only have it in burgundy...not the charcoal color that I tried on. I actually didn't see the burgundy in the store. I wasn't sure I'd like this, but when I got it on I actually really loved the pleating detail on the made it more special I think. My dressing room was a little crowded with the stroller so I walked out to look in the big mirror and another lady was trying on the same dress...totally different body type than me and I thought it looked super cute on her. I won't be wearing this as a dress as it's a little short for me, but paired with skinny jeans and boots I think it'll look cute! I had to have it. =)

This top is no longer on the website, and I can't remember the name:

This is the first time I had seen this top in the lavender/purple color...previously all they had in the store was the teal/blue color which I decided I was not in love with when I tried it on. This color, however, was one I could get on board with. I usually don't like the way shirts that have bands on the bottom fit me, but this was not an elastic band...just a fixed band, and that made all the difference. I love that this can be worn alone or layered in the winter with a cardigan...and the cute! Needless to say, this was the final item that found it's way into my closet.

A tried on a few other things that were just ok and a few things that were total no's. You just never know how it's gonna go. I was really aiming to only spend just enough to use my rewards cards but I went a little over due to the dress being a bit pricey (after all the discounts though, it was just $36!) If I love it, I'm willing to budge, of course! =)

And here is what I wore to go shopping today (notice my son has had enough already and is bolting for the door)...

-Top-Roxy (OLD)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Ring-American Eagle

After Loft, we headed over to J Crew where I had my 25% off card in hand JUST IN CASE I found something cute. Remember the Traversa Cardigan?? Let me refresh your memory:

Originally I fell in love with the charcoal gray color but when I looked at them today (on sale PLUS 25% off with my red card) I decided that I liked the Orchid Shadow color better (purple color). I sized down on this...the small was a little baggy through the arms and looked kind of sloppy. The XS looked much better. I didn't see anything else that I loved there...there was a really cute tee that I liked but it'll have to wait for a sale...I don't ever pay full price for t-shirts at J Crew because they seem to hit the sale section so soon after they release lately.

After J Crew we stopped by Jamba Juice for a treat and then hit H & M. There were a few coats that were seriously so cute there, but after last week's coat purchases I'm the last person on earth that needs another coat, so we continued on. We went to Nordstrom next..I had a gift card my sis-in-law Erin gave me for my birthday burning a hole in my pocket so I figured I'd see what I could find. I really wanted to find a cute printed top of some sort...I feel like my closet lacks prints. I have some, but not a lot. I tried on a few that I thought were cute and ultimately came home with one that I thought would fit well into my thanks for the birthday present Erin! I tried finding it online but for some reason it's not listed and I didn't take a picture.....sorry! I'm sure you'll be seeing it in an OOTD soon.

We stopped by a few more stores on the way out just to browse...I was hoping to find some Christmas card picture outfits for my boys from Gymboree but everything looked the same as last year--just different colors--boring! So I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for those. After that we packed up and headed out. We made one last stop on the way home...REI. I had to take back a faulty Camelback that my husband bought for my son. It leaked everywhere! Hopefully this one will be better. I also had the sales guy swipe an REI gift card that I found in my car a while back and ALMOST threw away because I figured it was just an empty card that my boys had picked up while we were there at one time...good thing I kept it because there was $47 on it! What? I totally expected it to have zero! So I went and grabbed another Camelback for our middle son. Now they both have one and won't fight over one.

So that was my big shopping outing for the day. I got some awesome deals for sure. Now that I'm out of rewards cards and gift cards (I actually still have one left for Gap) I won't be shopping for a while (maybe an occasional Anthro sale purchase...can't count those out). I'm pretty much all stocked up for fall...if only it would ever arrive!!! The one thing that I still haven't found but would really like to get are a pair of black shoes/sandals/shooties to wear with skinny jeans...I looked around today but couldn't commit myself to anything...the hunt continues. Seems like there is always something on my wish list....more like several somethings! =) With Christmas around the corner though, it's all about the boys so I will be taking a back seat. I've already picked a few things up for them here and there but the real Christmas shopping is still to come.

We're headed to my parent's house for family dinner tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing Sunday. Hope you have one too! =)


  1. I love your little guy crawling under the door. My boys love doing that. They think it's a game. He's a cutie! Great reviews. I was curious about that first top after seeing it online. It's really cute. They all 3 look fab on you. Plus you are a wearing a super cute shopping outfit. Have fun at family dinner tomorrow.

  2. You got some fabulous deals lady...Im in love with the sweater cool with boots and tights!!!

    You did great..and your little guy is toooo cute!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  3. You are so pretty! I love that sweater dress on you, especially! And lol about your little escapee - once they are out of the stroller it's all over... I bought the same Traversa cardi - I can't wait to see how you wear yours, I thought it might be cute with the new Antrho Tria sweater skirt - unless it's ruffle overload...Anyway, glad you had such an awesome day of shopping - I need to get out sometime this week for sure and scope out some Fall goodies!

  4. Hi Jenni! Ditto what Jan said about you being so pretty! Your pics turned out great in this post, by the way! I am loving LOFT this year, so it's great to see some reviews! I love all 3 items on you! I LOVE that sweater dress! My store has it in both colors and I'd love it in the burgundy, but I already have a sweater dress (charcoal gray) and not sure if I can justify another one being a SAHM. Although I AM wearing more skirts and dresses these days... I'm hoping it goes on super sale they still have my size! The lavendar top looks great on you, too. I picked up a similar one at LOFT a few weeks ago. And I love your shopping outfit, too! Aren't those shoes great?! Love mine! How do you like the AE skinny jeans? I tried them on and liked them, but worry they'll stretch all out after 15 min of wearing them like a pair of shorts I got there this summer did. I can't even wear them anymore they stretched so bad! :P Thanks!

  5. You look great in everything you bought! My favorite item is the white ruffled top. I am such a sucker for white blouses... they are just the best!

    Also, your shopping outfit is fabulous. :)

  6. Lorraine--thanks! You know what I'm talking about when it comes to kids in the dressing room for sure! ALways an adventure.

    Collette--Thanks!! I'm excited for the sweater dress..I'm hoping it looks as cute with the boots as I'm imagining it in my head! =)

    Jan-You are too nice!! THanks for the sweet compliments. I think the Traversa cardi wuld be so cute with that skirt..I mean, is there ever too many ruffles? =) Can't wait to see you style it! We can be twinners!!

    Amy-Oh my gosh, you're so kind...thanks! I bet the burgandy sweater dress is really cute...wish I could have seen both but I'm happy with what I got. As for the AE jeans...I totally understand your dilemma! I have a pair of jeans from AE from last fall and they totally stretch out after I wear them for a few hours so I was super hesitant to buy another pair from there. I figured there was more stretch to the skinnies so I gave in, and I'm so glad I did! They hardly stretch thorughout the day at fact, you could totally wear them two days in a rown without worrying about them being too stretched out I'd say. It's like a completely different jean from the other pair I have. They have become a favorite of mine, and for only $29.95...can't beat that! I keep telling myself I should go get another pair!

    Andrea-Thanks girie!! I hear ya on being a sucker for certain things..I love me a great white shirt...throw in some ruffles and you've got me for sure!

  7. You got some great deals, lady! I'm majorly impressed. The lavender color is gorgeous on you. And the ruffles on the Traversa cardigan are to die for. They remind me a little of a ruffled blazer I bought recently from LOFT -- which is probably proof that I don't need the Traversa. But it is SO cute!

  8. Love the white ruffle blouse you tried on!