Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oldies But Goodies...mixed with some new

When I first started this blog I named if "Found in My Closet" because I wanted to find and use things from my closet that I already owned and bring them to life again. Every now and again I get a little carried away with my newest purchase or wish listing...ok, let's be honest...that happens quite often. However, the past two days I've actually gone digging a little and found a few things hanging that I haven't worn for a while and mixed them up with a few things that are a bit on the newer side. I love finding out that something I bought goes perfectly with something I already owned!

Exhibit A: Sunday's Church Outfit

I wore it buttoned like in the above picture, but I took this picture (below) with the cardigan open and don't know which I prefer...what do you think??

-Tweed Skirt-Express (purchased for me by my mom in 2004)
-Brown Cardigan-Express (again, purchased for me by my mom in 2004 on the same shopping trip)
-Perfect-fit Ruffled Scoopneck Tee-J Crew (on sale)
-Shiri Suede Over the Knee Boots-Loft (got on sale for OVER half off!)
-Earrings/Bracelet-American Eagle-OLD--from college
-Small Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Forever 21

I remember when I got this skirt I was in SHOCK at how much it cost. It was about $80. I was used to buying things at a much cheaper price. This was well before I really spent money on clothes for myself. I had flown home for Thanksgiving break and my mom had generously offered to take me shopping (since we were in dental school and broke). She, being the rockin' mom that she is, spoiled me rotten and told me that she'd be happy to buy the skirt for me as long as I thought I would get some good wear out of it. I should have guessed that it would become one of my most favorite pieces of clothing ever! It's stood the test of time. I haven't worn it for a while simply because it's more of a cold weather piece being tweed and all and because I think it looks best with layers on top. I'll definitely be pulling it out more in the coming months. When I brought the skirt out yesterday I looked over my shirts and saw the J Crew tee peeking out from under a pile and couldn't believe how perfectly it went with the colors of the tweed in the skirt! Totally meant to be. I get super giddy when I find a cute pairing that I hadn't realized I owned...I'm sorta silly that way I guess.

Exhibit B--Today's Outfit

-Butterfly Top-Forever 21 (about 2-3 years old)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Bow Cardigan-Loft (no longer online)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle (got these on sale for $29.95 a few months ago)
-Black Flats-Target
-Necklace-Pac Sun
-Bracelet-Given to me by my grandma--it was my great-great Aunt's bracelet back in the day

I bought this top for Easter Sunday a few years back and have honestly only worn it a handful of times since. I actually love the cute print. I think this top looks best layered with a cardigan on me. It's pretty flowey and layering it makes the blousiness less noticeable. I love the black stitching in the bow on the cardigan...it totally pulls the shirt and sweater together for me. I think this outfit probably would have looked better with some really cute heels but I was having a "I want to be comfortable day" today so flats it was.

So there you have it...a few things I "found in my closet".


  1. I like the cardi open in the 1st outfit. It highlights the brown trim of the skirt. Tres cute! :-)

  2. Love your outfits....classic and chic...that first outfit is very cool:)

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  3. Very cute!! Agree with Gigi, I like the cardi open - the line flows nicely. Love when I find a good match up with something already in my closet. You've inspired me to do some digging this week myself. :)

  4. I love the tweed skirt. It is great remixing items from your closet, but I think it takes time to look through what you have and try things on together. Sometimes that is why it feels easier (and more fun) to buy new =) I get ya!

  5. I love your tweed skirt it's too cute!! I have the green one they sold at the same time because I totally remember trying that skirt on!!

  6. Love your tweed skirt- I'm searching for one!! How sweet of your Ma! I like the cardigan open in the first pic. I love the print on that shirt too and think it looks super cute with the bow cardi.

  7. I totally remember that tweed skirt and it super cute! Like my sister I have the green one. And I love the cute butterfly top too!

  8. I love that Loft cardigan...I have been eyeing it up myself...and I think I like the cardi better open with the skirt :)


  9. Hey I just found your blog and I love it! I totally was thinking about naming my blog something like that originally... I think I was going to go with "Using my closet" or something like that and have the theme be about using what I already owned instead of buying new things (because I have way too many clothes). But I never did that... obviously. It's hard to not shop when you love shopping!! You are really cute and I especially love that yellow and blue outfit with the brown belt and skinny jeans. I might have to copy it...

    Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

  10. Oh whoops I saw that outfit on another post, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...!

    Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog