Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Season brings new clothes...

So this is my first blog post from my new laptop...I wasn't suppose to get it for a few weeks but my husband surprised me by picking it up on his way home from work last night instead...sneaky! I am loving it!! =) I still need to install Photo shop so I don't have any OOTD pictures to share tonight...I figured I'd do what I do best instead and browse online to find some of my favorite new arrivals from a few places....take a looksie:

Ruffled Wool-Blend Coat

Ok, this coat from Old Navy is gonna have to find it's way into my closet somehow this fall (maybe when it goes on a sale a little...pretty sure I can't swallow paying $90 for an Old Navy coat). I'm loving this...that cute little ruffle, the color, the length...LOVE!

Heather Traversa Cardigan

I first saw this online and thought it was really fun...a new twist on the cardigan. I walked through J Crew today and saw it in person and liked it just as much. It comes in quite a few colors, but this heathered gray was my favorite.

Loosely Looped Tee

I like both the color and the design of this top from Anthropologie and would love to try it on. It's super fall-ish!

Cream Confection Jacket

Oh Anthro, GORGEOUS! Enough said.

Solitary Hat

I am one of those people that wants to look good when I wear hats...I even actually wear them once in a while but I'll be honest, I don't have the best hat head. I might just keep pretending I do though and pick this up's just too cute to pass up!

Today I took a little trip to a few stores to spend some birthday money...I ended up picking up a few things at Loft since I also had some rewards cards to use:

Chiffon Overlay Tank

This has a bit of a bubble hem but totally does not bubble out in a bad way. It lays really well and is very flattering. The color is also much prettier in can be dressed up or down...perfect!

V-Neck Cardigan

I actually already own this sweater in the Autumn Yellow color but they were on sale for $25 today in-store (about $15 in the end after my rewards cards kicked in) and I've been on the lookout for a black longer cardigan. SOLD! I can't say enough great things about this sweater!

Shiri Suede Over the Knee boots (in brown)

I've had my eye on these boots for a few months now and finally decided to take the plunge and get them. When I went to check out I got a great surprise---they were having an in-store promo of 30% off that particular pair of boots. Sweet! After all was said and done I picked these up for less than half of the price they're listed for online.

So there are a few of my new arrivals me...I could have gone on and on! What are you in love with these days??


  1. I just saw the ON jacket tonite and put it on my sidebar. It's too cute!

  2. That ON jacket is way cute - I love cheery red coats! Glad you scored some great buys at Loft too - you can't beat their sales!

  3. I love the jacket but agree, way too much for old navy!!! Such cute fall items!

  4. Love the color of the jacket! Def pricey, but I'm sure it will go on sale. Those boots look really cute! Can't wait to see outfits with them :)

  5. I agree with Jan -- the red coat is simply stunning. The length looks like it will be so flattering with skinny jeans. Hopefully it will get a markdown soon. And what a great deal on those boots -- good bargain shopping!

  6. ooh the ruffle detail coat is perfect! Loving the red xxx

  7. I have all of those things on my wishlist right now. I love the red coat from old navy. Like you I can't stomach paying 90 bucks for an old navy coat. I hope I can snag it up on sale if I like the fit. It's such a cute coat. Looks like you got some super cute stuff for your birthday money. Love the boots! Can't wait to seem them in an outfit post.

  8. Great picks! I just had that ON ruffle coat on my You Look Familiar post yesterday. It's a close look-a-like to the J.Crew Ruffle-Front coat from a season or so ago.

    Congrats on the boots...they are fabulous! :)

  9. Gorgeous boots, and hooray for a great deal on them too. LOVE that coat. I have a long red coat, but this is too cute to pass up. FFM, was just thinking it was like that JCrew coat I missed out on. Hmm, I have my 40% off coupon for cardholders that maybe just have to go towards that little pretty. I think my DH would pass out if he knew I was considering adding another coat. Will have to donate one for sure. Thanks for the heads-up on it!

  10. Ohhhh. I want to go shopping sooo bad! Got a few (maybe more) things on-line yesterday, but it's just not the same. Miss you!