Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another hot day here in Nor Cal...another good day for a skirt and sandals! I picked up this cardigan on sale this summer from J Crew...I love that it goes with so many colors. I usually wear it with the, pink and cream. Today I paired it with a skirt I bought last summer for under $20 right after I had my youngest has a stretchy waist band so it was perfect back then, but still totally comfy now! I love to pair cheap and not as cheap items together...this outfit does just that:

(Not sure what's going on with the square my necklace created...hmmm)

-Shirt-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Neapolitan Cardigan-J Crew
-Mossimo Skirt-Target
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Kenneth Cole Earrings-Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver-gift from my friend Elise

My mom is coming down to visit tonight and spending the night with us so that'll be fun. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to stop into Old Navy with my 40% off coupons and rewards card in hand and purchase that cute Red front ruffle coat...hopefully they still have my size!! Not sure yet what I'll use the second coupon for...I was told the boots that I've been looking at may not be coming to the stores near me so I went ahead and ordered them online with the 20% off promo they're having right now and also got free shipping. There's just something about getting free shipping that makes my day. I'm anxiously awaiting to see if I actually like them. We shall see. If not, I'll simply return them.

Hope you're having a Happy Wednesday!!


  1. You always look so put together Jenni! Good luck getting the coat. It is such a pretty coat and it sounds like with your coupons and rewards card your gonna get it for next to nothing!

  2. You look great in this combo....old and new mixed together means the whole outfit can look totally new...and thats what you have done here...its great!!!

    Have a fun visit with your Mom and shopping!!!

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  3. Great outfit! I went into Old Navy to try the red coat yesterday and it didn't work for me. I was so disappointed. I really wanted it to work because I love it. It's such a cute coat.

  4. The neapolitan cardi is definitely on my list of "JC items that got away"... lol. It looks great on you! Fingers crossed that you find your coat and the boots are cute in person!

  5. I have that cardi too! I love it paired with navy! Have fun with your mom tonight and at Old Navy tomorrow!

  6. I love that cardi! I think it is so cute with your skirt! Have fun with your mom and shopping!

  7. I like how you've paired that tee with the neapolitan print. very nice! I really like that print, but I had missed out on that cardigan, so now I'm considering getting the short sleeve jacket if it ever pops back up in my size. :)