Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Round-up

What a fun weekend we've had! Friday night my husband and I went out with the other Oral Surgery residents to Ruth's Chris (YUM!!!) and then last night we went out with our good friends one last time before they PCS to of the worst parts of the military is losing friends to PCS's. Sad. All the fun this weekend gave me good reason to get all dressed up a few times which of course, I love to do!

First up though, here are a few items I mentioned before that I grabbed at my local J Crew Outlet last week...just in case anyone is wondering what they have there right now:

Lightweight heather-grey sweatshirt:

I'm in LOVE with this! It seems so simple but it's so comfortable and I can already tell I'll be reaching for it a lot. It's basically a fitted sweatshirt, which is sooo much more flattering than the typical kind.

Maya Twist cardigan (pretty much a replica of J Crew's retail version from last season):

I look so tired here because it was late when I snapped it...I was so ready for bed! I saw this cardigan in this color and a light-beigy/pink flesh color...I think there may have been another color too...can't remember. I went back and forth but decided this fit into my wardrobe better. I love the gather in the buttons on this looks so cute buttoned--which I hardly ever do with cardigans, oddly enough!

I actually wore it on our date Friday's the whole look:

-Maya Twist Cardigan-J Crew Outlet
-White Floral tank-Forever 21
-Cropped pants-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-BP Stella Wedge sandals-Nordstrom
-Crystal Milano Bracelet-J Crew
-Ring-Forever 21
-Necklace-gifted from my husband a few years ago-from Macy's

Onto Saturday...I lounged around all day and then finally changed into this when it was time to go:

-Floral print tank-Old Navy(this color sold out online-check in stores)
-Matchstick jeans-J Crew Outlet
-Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Sandals-Banana Republic Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Bracelet-Old Navy
-Necklace-Nordstrom (OLD)

Don't look at how awful my hair looks in this bangs were just falling in a pile and I'm not quite sure what's going on! This was the first time I'd pulled out my floral tank and I have to say it's a really fun top! I loved the colors and when paired with the white jeans the colors popped even more. I took this top in an XS but if you have anything up top, you're gonna want to go TTS for that (I go XS or Small in tops at Old Navy usually--for reference).

Lastly, today for church I finally got to wear my new Shabby Apple looks like a dress Anthro had this year except it has sleeves. I had to have the top altered because it was seriously made for large busted people...not me. I paired it with my new yellow Seychelles yellow pumps...but think I'll pair it with my red pumps next time to change it up...

-Sheep Meadow Dress-Shabby Apple (bought a $100 gift certificate for just $40 from for Shabby Apple which got me this dress at almost 60% off!!!)
-Seychelles Password Pumps-Nordstrom
-Uptown Bracelet-Twisted Silver--gifted from a friend
-Gold small circle necklace-Shabby Apple

I totally just forgot to put earrings on today...I seriously felt naked! I'm so used to wearing them. This dress is a fun one...hoping to get lots of use out of it before it gets too cold.

So that's my weekend in a fashion nutshell. I'm eagerly awaiting LOFT's sale to start you have your eye on anything in particular?? I'm also looking around for a good pair of brown riding boots for the fall/winter that won't break the bank.

A few random things...

I went into Old Navy to get a price adjustment on a few pairs of jeans I got my 6 year old a few days before (because now all the kids jeans are just $10) and as I walked into the store there was a giant table of women's skinny jeans also on sale for just $15 each. I HAD to try them on! I ended getting a few because A) they were actually pretty cute on and B) $15! Hello! I got them home and tried them on again...I think they're pretty decent jeans for $15 really...can't beat it. I ended up getting the regular length instead of short which surprised me. I think the pairs I bought were called "The Flirt Super Skinny" style...I'm not seeing them online. Maybe they're really just the "The Flirt Skinny" style and the sign on the table was wrong...who knows. I'm still waiting for my Banana Republic skinnies to arrive...I SOOO hope they fit good!

I got an email today from my parents who are vacationing in London right now...they told me they spent some time in Harrods yesterday and found some fun stuff...oh, how I wish!!! I hear that place is amazing!!! =)

Well, I'm off to watch some TV and fold some laundry before bed...I'll be up and at 'em early tomorrow morning. Monday mornings are running days for me.

Happy start of a new week!!


  1. Love the Crewlet Maya cardigan! Your Saturday outfit is SO fresh and summery... purple is a really great color on you :)

  2. I love that Maya cardi. I was at the crewlet a few weeks ago and didn't see that, darn! And you look so good in the shabby apple dress, I need to check out that groupon thing.

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  4. You just look so fabulous in everything you wear Jenni! I love the pic of you on Saturday in front of what I'm assuming is your front door. It reminds me of an old J.Crew photo...too cute! :)

  5. Love the Shabby Apple dress! I've splurged and purchased a few from them myself and just love them. It is kind of hard to tell how they are going to fit though, I agree.

  6. I love that dress on you! I think I may need to get it! All three outfits are fab!

  7. Such a cute weekend for you :) I esp like the 3rd & 4th looks.

  8. I NEED to get to Crewlet and check out those Maya Cardigans - what a terrific find, and so cute on you! I'd love to know what the price was for them? And your hair is so cute in a ponytail! You look wonderful in all your weekend outfits, I'm glad you scored some well-priced skinnies, too!

  9. Thanks for posting your finds. I love the Maya cardigan--I have one and this is one of the few that I wear buttoned too :)

  10. I am a new follower of your blog and just love it!!! Seriously you have the cutest style especially for Mom's! I am in love with the crewlet sweater and I need it!! I wish I had one closer .... can I ask how much it was? Thanks again for this blog, it is wonderful!

  11. That Shabby Apple dress looks gorgeous on you! I think I actually like the overall look better with the little fluttery sleeves.

  12. Ladies who asked about the Maya cardigan...I believe it was $59.50 but they were $10 off the night I was there so $49.50. A high price for the outlet, but still cheaper than the retail store!

  13. How did I miss that Maya cardigan at the crewlet? So cute. That Shabby Apple dress is so adorable as well! You look great in every picture!

  14. Hi Jenni, how are you?

    I love these outfits. Both tops are so pretty: The Old Navy Colorful Floral Tank as well as the Forever 21 White Floral Tank. I am especially in love with that awesome Shabby Apple Dress. WOW!! Love the little flirt 60's appeal, too. =)

    Please stop by my page and start following me as I follow you religously now!

    Take Care, Ada. =)