Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Theme Park Ready

Happy Wednesday! Half-way through the week...yay! I didn't have a single thing on the to-do list today so I decided we'd take a little trip to the Six Flags near our house and spend a few hours going on a few rides, looking at animals and watching the Dolphin show. We have season passes so it's nice to be able to just go when it's convenient and only for a few hours at a time knowing we'll be back. That's about all my littlest guy can handle anyhow. The park is by the bay so I always dress in layers when we head over just never know if it's gonna be warm or cold. I've been wanting to wear my new Field Game cardigan but it's just too darn hot here, so I thought this might be a good chance. I paired it with a green shirt...I'm trying to figure out what other shirts to pair this cardigan with that might look good...any ideas?

-Green button shirt-Down East Basics (Summer 2009)
-Field Game cardigan-Anthropologie (no longer available online)
-Weekend Jeans-Old Navy
-Gold Odell Flower Ballet flats-Target
-Gold small circle necklace-Shabby Apple (LOVE!!!)

I threw in a little more color with the red ring. I found this ring at Target for $ cute and super cheap. I also wore my gold flats to tie into the gold buttons on the cardigan.

Tonight I am off to the mall to pick up my watch that I finally had fixed (after sitting broken for 3 years), to return a few things to Old Navy that I decided against from a purchase in June and MOST importantly, to get some frozen yogurt for dessert. =) Can we just skip dinner and go right to dessert? My kids would say yes!!! Love me some fro-yo!!! I've become somewhat of an addict lately. There are worse things to be addicted to I guess.

Have a great night!


  1. I love the Field Game cardi with the green, you look really cute! Have fun tonight (I am also a frozen yogurt addict, namely Pinkberry!).

  2. I love the green with the Field Game Cardi! I just got the same cardi last week and am also trying to find pieces to put under it. I'm thinking greens, pinks, and oranges as the under layer. I also got a "Sand Dollar" colored ruffle top from Ann Taylor Loft today ($15!) that matches really well with it. I'll post that pairing soon! :)
    I've also developed a recent addition to fro-yo!!

  3. The field game looks great w/green. I agree to try orange, maybe even yellow or brown. Purple, too. Whichever look good w/your skin color.

  4. maybe the purple ruffle top from the previous OOTD might go with this cardi, that was the colour that sprung to mind immediately!

  5. Love the navy and green combo! I'll bet this cardi goes with more then you think. What a fun mom to take the kids to Six Flags, often!

  6. We are prepping for a six flag trip soon too! Chase has been measuring himself for almost a year waiting to get to the right height for the rides. Now he keeps picking out cereals with the free admission coupons.....I am getting the hint.

    I love the green with the navy but I am in total agreement with Jan, I'll bet you find this cardi will go with everything!

  7. Darling!!! I love it with the green!! That's so neat your hubby is doing his residency!!! That's impressive!! My husband is an orthodontist and we graduated dental school in '07. Is that when you guys finished? We went to dental school at NSU in Ft Lauderdale, where did you go?

  8. Oh he just finished his residency in November and started a practice. He also works part time.

  9. We also graduated dental school in '07...we were down at the University of Texas-San Antonio Health Sciences Center. How nice to be done with residency...I dream of the day! =) Oral Surgery is a's the one residency I had hoped he'd avoid--being 4 years long and all! All day it'll all be worth it (I sure hope!!)