Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dressed for winter

Today I took my kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito with a friend and her two kids and we had a great time. The funny thing about the bay area is that you literally have to dress for winter in the's really cool down there on the bay, especially in the mornings. So when planning out what to wear this morning I took advantage of the cold weather to pull out a long-sleeve cardigan. I love this Banana Republic's pretty lightweight but still has enough weight to keep me warm when there's a breeze. It's an almost exact replica of the Space-dyed cardigan J Crew had this summer, but I got mine for about a third of the price of J Crew's. I paired it with a blouse I bought on my San Francisco getaway a few weekends ago specifically to wear with this cardigan (which I scored at 40% off thanks to a coupon Gigi sent me a few months back--thanks girlie!!) I have to say I would have liked to have worn a pair of cute skinny jeans with this instead of the bootcut jeans that I wore, but I need to go shopping for some as I had to get rid of my skinny jeans from last year. I bought them after having my baby...I've since lost my baby weight and now need new skinny jeans. Are there any favorite skinny jeans out there? I was looking at the new LOFT skinnies today...cute! I always have to get the "short" version of any jeans I want to wear flats with because I have shorter legs and a long torso. I'm 5'6" tall so it's not like I'm a short person...for some reason my height just came in my torso. Anyhow, I here's how I looked when I walked out the door...

-Lily White Ruffled Chiffon Top-Nordstrom (Anniversary sale item!!)
-Long Sleeve Cardigan-Banana Republic-(Spring 2010--no longer online)
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet (Fall 2008)
-Red flats-Target (Fall 2009)
-Necklace-Nordstrom (OLD--bought to go with my dress for Josh's graduation from dental school 3 years ago)
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole (via Macy's)

Tomorrow we have another busy day...gotta get my run in first thing before the kids wake up, and then we're going to the park in the morning, a doctor appointment for my one year old in the afternoon (well-baby check-up only), and then at some point I want to run to JoAnn to grab a few things...hope you all have a great day!!


  1. You look great! I love your new Anniversary Sale top - really pretty! My favorite skinny jeans are from Banana Republic - I especially love that they aren't whiskered :)

  2. I love your outfit! In Utah it's almost 100 ahhhh the heat is killing me! My favorite skinny jeans are True Religion skinny Lonestar. Or some Habituals I picked up a few years ago. I did just order those Citizens on the Anniversary sale and LOVE them I just need to get them hemmed (which is free) so I am headed to the store tonight to get that done!

  3. San Francisco dressing can be a bit backwards sometimes! That cardigan is super cute and does look a lot like the J.Crew one. I personally love J Brand skinny jeans, and usually you can find them at Nordstrom Rack for about $70, which is a super good deal!

  4. Ohh, I love that cardi and you are so right about it being almost an exact replica of J Crew's space dyed one. I love LOFT's new skinny jeans and Banana Republic's. I have also gotten some great one's at Kohls (Elle's are my favorite there).

    I am headed up to your area next month (my parents live inland in Gilroy) and the temp change between there and the bay is drastic!

  5. I love your outfit and I totally want that top now!! What size are you wearing, if you don't mind?

    And my fave skinnies are J Brand but you can find them on sale so don't pay full price as they're expensive. I got mine at Barneys on sale but I know Nordy's rack has them too.

  6. Jessica--the top is a size medium, but be's SUPER blousy in that size. A small would have been much better but I wanted a longer look so I went with the medium....that and because they were out of small in the store in this print. I will never wear it without a cardigan because of how flowy it is...but I love it none the less!! And for $21...not bad!! =)

  7. I really wanted that cardigan! So cute with that outfit :)