Monday, June 28, 2010

Wishlisting...aka pretend shopping

Although I'm trying hard to shop my closet more and shop less, I'm still allowed to look and wish! There are a TON of cute things out there that I'd love to own, but many are so unnecessary at the moment. Ok, all of them are really, but there are a certain few that I'd grab up if they went on sale for an impressive price. Here are some things that I've got my eye on:

Molded and Melded Tee--Anthropologie

I just love all the detail in this cute shirt. It comes in tons of colors...the green and red caught my eye.

Rise and Fall Cardigan-Anthropologie

I have loved this cardigan from the time I first saw's just so cute with the rainbow of colors and could go with a ton of things!

Curated Tee-Anthropologie

This is the cutest shirt and could carry over into multiple seasons. The stripes are very cute but the shirt also comes in a few solids as well.

Sunday Supper Shirt-Anthropologie

For some reason this shirt just needs to be in my closet I fear...I don't usually sport a ton of plaid but I just can't help myself with this one. So cute!

Field Game Cardigan-Anthropologie

This is something very different that anything I adding new styles to my morning choices...this would be fun to own.

Once and Always Tee-Anthropologie

I like this in the Ivory and Purple just looks like a great top that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Rah-Rah Rumba Skirt-Anthropologie

I tried this skirt on in the store about a month ago and fell in is absolutely one of the cutest things on and so flattering. I am tempted by the white but since I already own a tiered white skirt I'd go for the gray. Super fun!!

Spotted Cheetah Pencil Skirt-LOFT

I'm in love with this cute print...the subtleness of the animal print is what I'm drawn to the most, and the fact that I hear LOFT skirts are great. I've yet to grab one up!

Garment Dip Dyed Tee-LOFT

I like this as a lazy day option...I tried it on when I was at LOFT last time and thought it was pretty cute. If it goes on a fantastic sale I might get's not worth full price to me though.

Updated Favorite Ruffle Top-LOFT

Just cute all the curves in the design.

Breezy Linen Open Cardi-Banana Republic

This looks seriously dreadful in the picture, I know, but in real life I fell in love! I'm a little mad at myself for passing on it the other night when I went shopping with my friends. It's such a great staple to own and I may drag myself back to the store eventually to get it. It's on sale right now but I'm hoping it'll go down even more. We'll see. It also comes in white but I'm thinking I'd get it in black.

Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee-J Crew (black or neon rose--I can't decide)

I tried this on the other night in the black and it was GIANT on me in a small so definitely size down. I've had my eye on this from the moment it came out...for some reason I just love it. The clear sequins are so fun. I thought I wanted it in black but the neon rose is super cute too. Guess I won't have to worry about it for now...waiting for it to go to sale (please!)

Palisade Cardigan-J Crew

This just looks so comfy and!!!

I really could go on but I really shouldn't. You gotta draw the line somewhere!! =) So what are you coveting, I mean wishlisting at the moment?? Any plans to purchase a must have something soon??

No OOTD picture for you creative juices just weren't happening this morning and I threw on a super boring outfit--a pair of ROXY shorts (because it's suppose to be around 100 degrees here today) from 3 years ago that I've decided are just not my favorites anymore, and the Hand-cut Flower art tee from J Crew that I scored on sale for less than $15 a few months back:

Hopefully tomorrow I can be a little more exciting. Have a happy Monday all!


  1. wowzers- we have very similar taste! Love all these! I would love a Molded & Melded, Curated Tee and that spotted pencil skirt from the LOFT!

  2. oh my gosh! you have great taste! i love all the items you are wishing for from anthropologie!!

  3. love your picks.
    by the way the field game cardigan is on sale for 59.90.

  4. Oh, don't I know it! It may have already been purchased this morning! =)

  5. Great picks! I picked up the field game cardi yesterday. The Rise & Fall Cardigan is another one on my wish list. It just looks like it would make you happy the second you put it on, doesn't it?

  6. Hi Jenni! I tried on that plaid Sunday Supper shirt and it was cute....I think it runs really big though if I remember correctly.

  7. I love the curated tee too. Waiting for a sale though. Cute stuff!