Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabulous Friday OOTD and my last few purchases

TGIF! I love the weekends...especially when I have some fun in store!! Today we were up and out of the house early appointment, followed by a trip to a local amusement park with friends. I planned on lots of walking so I made sure to dress the part. Today I'm wearing clothes that have all been purchased this year...almost all from the outlets that I live near. Both my tank and short sleeve open cardigan come from J Crew Outlet...a store I LOVE!!! You can always find cute things there, although I have to say, the prices aren't always as impressive as I would hope. Outlets seem to produce their own lines of clothes now instead of just assuming the extra inventory from the retail stores like they used to....hence the prices. I have to say though, most things I have picked up at the outlet have been less than I would have paid for in the retail store. This tank, for instance, was $19.99...I liked the neutral color and the fun pattern. I use it as a layer when I wear it, pairing it with a cardigan with color.

Floral Tank-J Crew Outlet
Open ruffle cardigan-J Crew Outlet
Jean shorts-Mossimo-Target
Wonder Tee-Downeast Basics
Flat Pewter Sandals-Gap Outlet
Necklace and Earrings-jewelry party
Chiffon Floral Ring-Forever 21
Bracelet-gifted from my grandma (my great-great aunt's old bracelet--it's OLD!)
Bracelet Watch-Gifted from my in laws for Christmas 2009

At the beginning of the week, before I started this blog, I got in my last few purchases before getting serious about shopping my closet much more. I had been looking all over for two strappy sandals and a short sleeved white cardigan. I have seriously tried on and browsed through a ton of each trying to find the perfect items. Finally, I found them both. I ended up seeing a pair of black sandals on Jan's blog (which by the way, is the cutest blog!) and decided they were the pair for me. What do ya think??

BP Stella Sandal

Thanks for the enabling Jan! I'm now (im)patiently waiting for these to arrive at my doorstep. Can't wait to wear them! When looking for a white cardigan, I knew I wanted an open cardigan style with short sleeves for summer. I also wanted it to be lightweight. I finally found a cardigan (25% off even) at Express that I'm happy with and excited to wear:

Flyaway Open Cardigan

I think it looks much better on than in this picture actually. I've always liked the way these flowy-open cardigans looked but never bought one for myself...better late than never I suppose!

I'm going out tomorrow night so I hope to come up with something cute from my closet for the occasion...maybe I'll tie in my new cardigan somehow. We'll see...stay tuned!! =)


  1. I love the J. Crew outlet, but I agree that the prices are surprisingly high. They do have a pretty good sale section, and I get all my jackies and basic tees and tanks there, they seem the same to me and they are cheaper. I also like getting things in slightly different colors and styles than the regular store. I'm getting the urge to go this weekend!

  2. You are so cute - thanks for the link to your blog and the shoe shout-out! I do love those black sandals - I have them all laid out to wear to church tomorrow! Just beware that the bottoms are SO SLIPPERY, you will need to add your own traction - but they're worth the effort!

    You are lucky to live close by to the J.Crew outlet - then you can check back often for the best deals! Love your OOTD - that is a great tee! Hope you have fun tonight - can't wait to see what you wore :)